Stats Revamp 1.3 - Sorcery Feedback!

Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Feb 10, 2017.

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  1. LeftToRight New Player

    The people who are saying "nerf pets"

    They really don't understand that without pets sorcery has no chance of being a good dps

    I advise the devs to listen to VioletSorceress you can tell she really knows what sorcery lacks at the moment
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  2. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Sorc was a top dog before pets were even a main focus. It will be alright.
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  3. MainMan52 Well-Known Player

    Shard of Life NEEDS the ability to stun again. All within the dominance rule of course. For solos and duos, it would help out tremendously.
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  4. LeftToRight New Player

  5. xD25x Dedicated Player

    You can't be serious.
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  6. Tilz Loyal Player

    Everyone should really stop and compare damage from testbuild to liveserver. That are 2 totally different things. :confused:

    A few things guys...

    As has already been stated... We already have this pet on live.
    Great at entry tier CR not great at top tier CR.
    If y'all are going to revamp... You need to fix the problem.

    Pet powers have never been a PFtT power set. If people want that they can choose from other powers.
    One thing for the revamp is the options to have every playstyle for every power. Also in WM times you didn't use the Pet.

    Same if people don't like combo powers Hard Light and Celestial are not for them... Are y'all going to destroy their combos damage to off set for PFtT so combos are only great at entry tried CR but weaker at top CR tier ? No.. No your not.

    Don't forget your feedback is from a very small sampling size of the community.

    Earth and Sorcery are pet powers plain and simple... Don't fix what's not broke... Fix what's broke.[/quote]
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  7. KellyCares New Player

    Still don't understand why you want to keep nerfing pets. It takes to spots on my load out to use it so it should be like haveing to powers slotted worth of damage. Running a pet as is limits your load out so it makes since that it is under performing in the raids. You nerfed the really only burst damage we had to a whimper and didn't give back anything yet in return. I'm not even sure i want to test this time around if you going to change powers and say your adding powers but there not in yet. Also i usually defend the devs but lets not get to excited about shards yet. They could add it back and it be a shadow of its former self. Look at poor fury. Once a heavyweight fighting now fighting in the lightweight division.

    Sorcery is lacking why?
    - fury misses some times
    - takes two load out spots to fun fury
    - they keep nerfing his damage
    - not a lot of burst damage powers (at all)

    p.s. who asked for Condemned to be change. One of the only powers i tested i liked. damade/power/cooldown was all good. Changed..
    I don't even know what i'm looking for when i test now. If i had tear ducts i would cry a few tears.. Man it seems like there trying but i just don't get it. Just pull a focus group of people aside spend on week on each power hit you damage threshold move to the next. Doesn't have to be perfect between powers just close. How many games have complete balance...none.. (Que sad song...:( )
  8. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Revert back condemn to the previous version. No one wants a single target weaksuce spammy DoT ability that cost 300 power at cast.
    For that matter i just can spam Vengence and have better results.

    *Now they are goin to nerf Vengence*
  9. Cold Fusion Well-Known Player

    I'm sure they can get the numbers working for good DPS without pets... But what's the point.

    The pets are the only thing that makes this power set interesting... Without them your just spamming red /purple lackluster powers..

    If you can't do the same damage with a pet that you can do without a pet. Then people just won't use pet's which is sad. This is also not balance.
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  10. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    They should set it to a Stat, did you even read the OP? If not I'll TL;DR it.

    The way they have it is if a Player is spec'd Good enough, fury will keep up with people using PFTT.
    But if a Player is Fully Maxed out, PFTT will out-perform fury.

    If they scale it to a Stat; it'd actually give players to work on something and not worrying about Fury Under-performing.

    All because they were CR based back then, doesn't mean they should Stay CR based now. Quite frankly If people are still using fury without having to spec-into any stats, that's unfair.

    And that goes against the whole concept of #Stats-matter.
  11. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    I honestly don't know why anyone would ever want cr to remain the stat that determines pet damage. Historically pets have been unbalanced. They were viable upon revamp then faded to nothing and now they are only on par for people who have low sp's and no mods? They are unbalanced because they aren't linked to any stat. Balance fury and crystal based on a prec+might stat and be done with it. If this isn't the time to fix this then I don't know what is. I agree #statsmatter!
  12. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    The one thing for fury that should return is hitting three times when he has power. Make it so he only uses his power when full but can attack a total of three times.
    That and have him spawn with full power again.
    If you're going to keep him CR based you need to treat him like a potent Dot.
    Sorcery pets lack on boss fights and it's because they have no sustainability. You guys nerfed Battle Drone it no longer powers AI and pets and took away movement Supercharges giving power so I can only Imagine what awaits Crystal.

    I see why Fury was nerfed.. Sorc was still wtfpwning all the other powers on test in raids and alerts.
    Literally sh*tting on everything else. However you need to let fury hit more often. If not, then Sorc is pretty much not gonna compete.

    Why hasn't Vengeance become a cone that leverages Bad karma? It makes the most sense ever to make it a cone attack.

    Why did you Nerf the hell out of Condemn?
    Condemn was fine. It needed no changes.. maybe a slight field expansion but that was it.

    Soul Well:
    Could you add back the buff it used to provide? Just make it a self buff.

    Baleful Transmogrification:
    Judging by Shin-O-B's post yesterday, you guys don't want SC's applying a PI or Consuming a Pi but that was already a thing before y'all came along.
    Baleful Transmorgrification, Entomb, Earthquake, Volcanic Calamity, Mass Hysteria, Asphyxiation Gas, Carnivorous Plants, Chaotic Growth, etc.. they all do the above-mentioned.

    Baleful is weak and pathetic for a dps SC. Good for healing but terribad for DPS. I would like to see this buffed up.. big time.

    Looking forward to Shard of Life and original transmutation again.

    Let soul siphon heal again please.
    I don't get this campaign of making healers pathetically restricted with their healing options. I thought battle healing was supposed to be a thing... if the same treatment awaits Nature and Celestial, then you guys will be hiding in a cave.. if Mepps hasn't already complained about Celestial... then I don't know what to tell you.
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  13. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Sok so after playing some more today here is some of what I saw.

    Karmic Suspension - the "lifting" aspect is very iffy, sometimes it works well, sometimes only for a second, and sometimes it doesn't lift at all.

    Watcher - When powering watcher, its power bar would wildly fluctuate even when there were no adds to damage or allies to heal. It is bothersome to enter a fight and notice that Watcher's power bar is empty before even doing anything. Why can't its bar stay at max when I just powered it and we aren't doing anything? (EDIT: Also having a dedicated move on my loadout just to power it when it's that iffy, makes me not want to even use would it be possible to move the powering mechanic to the button for summoning Watcher/Fury/Guardian in the first place?)

    Transmutation - I think what is missing from Transmute is that it can no longer break things. I remember that the ability to blow stuff up was removed after complaints of "fake DPS" but would it be possible for it to at least gain the ability to break encasements? Right now, it only does a single tick of damage and a single tick of healing.

    Shard of Life - First - THANK YOU for listening to the feedback and considering bringing it back.
    Now - How I feel it could fit into the game.
    Eons ago Shard was an AOE stun/HoT/DoT. It was a great move (honestly, it still is on live even without the stun) but with the removal of the stun it left Sorcery at a disadvantage from the other healer sets since (most of?) have aoe stuns (nature haa an aoe encasement). I would like Shard to get its stun back. Sorcery is really lacking in HoTs (imo) and if (like transmute on test atm) the damage is decreased whilst in healer mode it could be be a boon (of souls ;)) to sorcery healers.
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  14. Xibo Loyal Player

    In that case, they should change all pets (Snow Devil, Supressor Turret, even trinkets).

    As I've said before: Pets were CR based before AM and WM came to existence and doesn't affect in any way the Stats Matter concept and we're here to fix what's broken, not what is not broken. If the pet damage is broken we provide feedback against that, otherwise, is fine as it is.

    And neither it's unfair. If we think on Nature players, What we can do now on Nature? Get rid of the dots? And what about Celestial? Let's take away RcW too?
  15. testserverbat New Player

    Bring back the old damage that the sorcery pet used to bring thanks.
    Or simply scale it off might
  16. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Nature's damage Overtime for the most part is might-based, The only thing that isn't is the Pet; but I'd still have it scale over to might.

    And Celestial's RCW is 1 tick of Might then the rest is Precision.

    See the Difference? They require stats to make them stronger, Fury on the other hand doesn't.

    I'm still providing feedback to the pet. I'm not saying Remove Fury, I'm not saying Remove Nature's damage overtime, nor am I saying Remove Celestial's combos. I'm merely saying Scale the Pet to a Stat.

    Comparing Nature's dots and Celestial's combos to Sorcery's pet is Apples to Oranges, stop grasping on straws thank you.
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  17. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Ritualistic Word is ok as it is but t would be better if half of the Watcher's healing strength is moved to Offering. Back in the days before Ritualistic Words existed, Offering had a Healer role effect. If Offering gets its healing effect back that would make Guardian viable alert Pet for healers again. Right now Guardian doesnt fit anywhere and I dont think it should have a power return penalty.

    Also, I believe Soul Well would be better with higher power cost and stronger DPS and HoT effects.
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  18. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I am talking from the perspective of someone who played since launch. All powers except earth have been top DPS at one point or another pre GU36. That is the MMO cycle. So no...pets are not neededto be top. That is just the design decision the devs made for Sorc at the time.
  19. Xibo Loyal Player

    I'm not talking about this.

    DoT's = Nature (Might), Celestial = Combos (Precision), Sorcery = Pets (CR), That are their system and what you're proposing is an alternative to that system, I.e. Do damage without use Pets, DoTs or Combos. Change CR based pets to might or precision is the same to change Might DoTs to Precision DoTs, Celestial Precision Combos to Might and Sorcery Pet CR to Might.

    Let's imagine if Fury is Might based. A guy that has over 250 SP select all your SP on Might, use your Might Soda and bingo! Fury destroy everything on raids, duos, alerts and become the most OP power ever made and ppl begin to come here to the forums complaining about that. No, thank you!

    Fix that are broken and bugs. All pets CR based aren't a bug and aren't broken.
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  20. Lithiumz Well-Known Player

    Can we have one change to healer shields? Can you please make them a pick up? We've asked for this for years.
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