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  1. Shin-O-B Developer

    Please use this thread for feedback specific to Gadgets powers.

    For general combat feedback (not specific to Gadgets), please use this updated overview thread instead.

    Here are some of the non-power cost changes related to Gadgets in this update:
    • Gadgets Powers
      • Ability unlock order has been rearranged
      • Suppressor Turret - This pet is now immortal and unattackable after spawn, and lives for a limited duration
      • Battle Drone - This pet is now unattackable after spawn
      • Cryo-Foam - The Cryo-Foam ability returns! Now deals burst damage instead of damage over time
      • Holographic Decoy - The duration and cooldown has been rebalanced; No longer generates Supercharge
      • Stasis Field - Now generates Supercharge on use
      • Defibrillator - The cooldown has been reduced and output has been adjusted for this Power Heal
      • Stealth - The form no longer grants a passive Critical Hit bonus, as this bonus is now innate to Cuff 'Em and Surprise Attack
      • Thermite Mine - This is now available outside Stealth
      • Implosion Mine - This is now available outside Stealth
      • Updated Power Interactions across the board (Removed Terror and created more synergy)
  2. Penryn Loyal Player

    A cheat sheet I put together:

    Several of the PI applicators are bugged and applying the wrong PIs. See this post for current Gadgets bugs:

    This list is based on the way it is supposed to work based on descriptions.

    Inflicts Burning
    • Napalm Grenade
    • Thermite Mine
    Uses Burning
    • Cryo-Foam
    • Fear Gas
    • Photon Blast
    • Sticky Bomb

    Inflicts Electricity
    • Gauss Grenade
    • Taser Pull
    Uses Electricity
    • Cryo-Foam
    • EMP Pulse
    • Fear Gas
    • Implosion Mine

    Inflicts Dazing
    • Cuff'em
    • Fear Gas
    • Holographic Decoy
    • Neural Neutralizer
    Uses Dazing
    • Gauss Grenade
    • Napalm Grenade
    • Paralyzing Dart
    • Surprise Attack
    • Vortex Cannon

    Inflicts Frostbite
    • Cryo-foam
    Uses Frostbite
    • Cryo-Field
    • Gauss Grenade
    • Napalm Grenade
    • Photon Blast

    Inflicts Crushing
    • Stasis Field

    Damage Debuff
    • Paralyzing Dart
    • Vortex Cannon

    Defense Debuff
    • EMP Pulse
    • Stasis Field

    Healing Debuff
    • Cryo-Field
    • Sticky Bomb
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  3. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    I do not like EMP and Cryo-field being debuffs. Reminds me of Whipthrash days for HL in Nexus/Dox. No reason to take it off Gauss Grenade and Cryofoam.

    EDIT: Wasn't decoy's original cooldown having it disappear slightly after halfway on cooldown, not slightly before?
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  4. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    I agree with this.

    EMP feels awkward. I'm using it at mid-range without any intention of it hitting anybody. It doesn't feel right and it doesn't serve me any other purpose. My only other option is to use Stasis Field, which is awkward due to the encasing mechanics, which are more annoying than helpful to the group.

    Would definitely like to see this reverted.
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  5. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Question: Why does Suppressor Turret Have a 500 power cost? That's literally above the"High" mark according to Avair's post.

    Bug report:
    • Fear gas is still inflicting Terror. I see Orange circles above the enemies head, and I hear the sound effects.
    • Cyro-Foam still says it inflicts Damage Over Time in the description.
    Power regeneration is still on the sucky side, I have 73 spec'd into power and still can't maintain a rotation.
    The 3 second cooldown for Cyro-foam is overkill and makes playing from the tray feel clunky.
    Sticky bomb does better damage then EMP pulse and has a lower cooldown(0.5 seconds for sticky bomb, and EMP has 3 seconds) So EMP pulse is kinda useless.
    Fear gas is weird, if you jump cancel it you get no damage over time and it does mediocre damage for the risk you take.
    I wish the Damage Over time for cyro-foam would come back, it's not the same.

    Overall: It's better, but far from ideal in my book.
  6. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Debuff Potency
    To my delight, the patch notes contained information about debuff potency being increased. I feel that debuffing (and group buffing) is the way by which the Controller role can be redefined and find a new place in the group dynamic.

    As I've said before, I feel like Controllers should be treated similar to how characters such as Oracle, Felicity Smoak in Arrow, Batman and other "normal" superheroes/villains are treated in the comic books. They use their skills to find weaknesses to exploit in the enemies defences (Defence Debuff), look for ways to disable weaponry and offensive capabilities of the enemies (Damage debuffs) and build gadgets/devices/form strategies that make the group stronger (Group Buffs).

    This brings me to today's update which saw a flat buff to debuffs. I did some rough testing where I basically set my combat log to record intervals of damage out at 10 seconds and then tried doing 10 seconds worth of damage without a debuff applied, then 10 seconds of damage, using the same weapons combos, without a debuff.

    The results I got back basically suggested that there was a bigger difference, every time I did a rotation with the debuff activated. I didn't really notice the difference, whilst I was playing, though. But like I say, the testing wasn't tight. This seems like a good foundation from which to build on. What I'd like to see next regarding debuff potency is:

    1) Dominance influencing the debuff percentile - The more dominance you have, the more defence/damage/healing you take off the enemy who has your debuff applied to them. This would create a conflict of interest for controllers, who must decide if they want to invest in Power, Vitalization, Precision or Dominance, with each one offering their own unique perk to the role. This would create a similar conflict of interest that you're looking to achieve with DPS and how they have to decide what stats to invest in depending on what play style they want to use.

    2) Stackable debuffs - I still feel redundant as a Controller. Even more so now that self power replenishment has been improved for DPS. This will inevitably lead to the second controller being permanently banished from the group and possibly even see exclusion of the Controller role entirely. One way to counteract this is by allowing Controllers to stack their debuffs. Groups won't be as quick to turn down a second controller in their group run, if they know that the power of 2 Controllers debuffs combined offers an advantage to the group's strength.
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  7. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Reports

    Inflicts the Terror power interaction. The description says it inflicts Dazed.

    Doesn't seem to be applying the Frostbite power interaction. I'm not seeing any special FX on the enemies when I use it. Also, I'm not seeing a 10% boost from any Frostbitten PI consumers.

    Fear Gas
    Inflicts the Terror power interaction. The description says it inflicts Dazed.

    Holographic Decoy
    inflicts the Terror power interaction. The description says it inflicts Dazed.

    Self-Destruct Signal
    There are a lot of issues here:

    Stasis Field
    The Supercharge Generator component does not work properly in Damage role:

    Sticky Bomb
    Can inflict the Dazing power interaction on NPCs around the primary target. That is probably a hold-over from the previous version of the power.

    Suppressor Turret
    Suppressor Turret currently has an unlimited duration. You get an immortal pet that remains until you explicitly destroy it.

    Surprise Attack
    The in-game power description mentions that it uses 300 power. I did not observe any power cost when trying to use it.
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  8. Penryn Loyal Player

    What happened to Paralyzing Dart? In the previous test period, Paralyzing Dart was Gadgets hardest-hitting single-target power with a high power cost to match. Now it has the lowest power cos (100), a quick cooldown, and does less than half the damage. There was no mentions of any changes to Dart in the patch notes.
  9. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    173 Troll. Vit/Pow 8 mods. 167 Skill Points in Vit and Full Crits.
    Power cost of my teammates was between high 3000's to 8000 depending on ability and their cr.


    That is all.
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  10. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    I agree. It almost seems like the change was more based on the idea of role play than game play. From a story stand point, Cryo-field would halt a body's ability to heal itself (i.e. cryogenic freezing); but the power in the game isn't a good fit for debuffing a boss.

    I appreciate their attention to story logic; but at the end of the day as a player, all we're interested in is a flash and a sparkle with damage numbers and a red icon on the enemy. They could call the power "Bob" as long as it works well for its use (like gauss and foam do on their debuffs).
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  11. TheDark Devoted Player

    Quick Feedback.
    Showing the cool downs, power cost and power cost scaling is a major bonus. Not only do I not have to do that anymore, but it's in the game where it's able to be seen by larger amounts of players. Only A minority visit the forums for info like that. The color coded thread is also useful and convenient because I don't have to do that anymore. :D

    One thing I would like to see though is exact range on some abilities. Not only does this remove something for me to do... but it's direct info that helps players know the distance on powers. Especially if sparring targets are not around, or if players are out doing something and don't know the range of a power in an instance.

    has the same cool down as it does on live with 30 seconds.
    However, the Decoy itself will remain out for 13 seconds on Test.
    On live, the Decoy is out for 16 seconds.

    The Decoy continues to Taunt every 5 seconds on both Live and Test. On Test, it will taunt 1 target for a total of 3 times. When you first spawn it, 2 seconds in it will Taunt. then 5 seconds after on second 7 it will taunt again. 5 seconds after on second 12 it will taunt again but that taunt will stick around for 1 second seeing as how the Decoy despawns after 13 seconds.

    Feedback on Decoy is that, again, it's a selling point in Gadgets Controlling. Exaggerated scenarios do not apply to the Decoy unless you're running stupid easy content or content a group is way overgeared for. I suggest giving the Decoy atleast 15 seconds where it's out. That should be at the halfway mark. This allows the 3rd taunt from it to have more usage with an added 2 seconds. It's still a minimal amount of time for it's final taunt but it's much better than a 1 second taunt before it disappears. This is assuming a 17 second window of the decoy being out is completely out of the question.

    I like that the animation has returned to what is seen on live. It's much better.
    The damage now registers 1 second after animation cast which is slightly faster than what is on live.
    It's max range is about 12 to 13 meters for damage and the stun.

    The defense debuff registers at far range underneath the targets name tag. I can run a test to see if the debuff effect actually applies but i need to run Desecrated Cathedral and use Vortex Cannon on the James to confirm. Depends if I can grab people and my schedule. If the effect applies, then it doesn't matter if a midrange or far range power is used. It's alot easier to just have Gauss as a far range debuff. I prefer Gauss over Stasis Field for that ranged debuff because encasements are still ANNOYING unless I can blow them up with my own powers.

    But if they are stay as is, keep EMP as the defense debuff. Experience teaches that one must lunge in with hold melee or square then immediately clip with the debuff you're going to use like CryoField or EMP before you're character physically touches the NPC. As long as the range of the power's AoE hits the target you're fine. It's not difficult to do. Overall it's just slightly more effort. I used to melee troll, with success, way before AMs so just having an actualy reason to get close again is somewhat engaging.

    Enemies standing infront of my target register the debuff still.

    Same 6 second cool down. I'm still fond of the animation. It works well and it's Batman like.
    The Area of Effect is still 360 degrees. The radius is about 8 meters so it's more of a melee ability. Here I can do the same where I lunge in and clip with CryoField since any power, offensive or not, can clip weapon attacks. When dealing with certain bosses, players will need more intel/skill on applying a buff like this because of its 6 second cool down and the need to watch out for enemy AOE attacks. they'll be a need to move in on cone AoE attacks.

    I'll reply with more depending on my schedule.
  12. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    PftT still doesn't seem to work for me. It's better, but still restrictive. What do you consider a good allocation? I really would like to know a "general" spec for it. As "hybrid" is still way more viable right now.
    What's the point of making fear gas lose damage if you jump cancel it? It's a terrible power now and having to wait to get the full damage is downright slow. Also, if you are trying to make it a multitarget version of Photon, don't. Please.
    Thank you for returning EMP's animation. That fist pound was horrendous. I think the range and damage on it "feels" right.
    Gauss is fixed. Yay! But as Pen pointed out, there is some bugs with Cryo-Foam.
    Please buff Cryo-Field. It's range and damage is terrible compared to EMP. It's like you stripped the DoT it had, but didn't buff the burst. Since it's a very close range burst attack, it should be rewarded for it's risk.
    Pdart... What? Why? Please return it to a multitarget hit and make the damage greater. It was good for trolls as well as range dps.
    Cryo-Foam doesn't feel right. It should have a dot to it. That or remove the channel and make it a fast cast or a grenade lob. It just kind of feels too long and the cooldown on it isn't worth it's damage.
    PLEASE REARRANGE THE DEBUFFS! EMP should never be a debuf unless it can AOE debuf.
    Stasis Field needs to have it's encasement removed. Please. It blocks damage and sends enemies flying. It has a really long cooldown and it's DoT isn't so great. Plus, you put the SC generator on it. That's ridiculous.
    Stealth no longer crits anything that you activate from it's tray? :( That kind of sucks, tbh.
    There really isn't a whole lot of "range" options that are great.

    In the end, it feels like Gadgets is getting the short end of the stick. Before GU36, it was a fast paced powerset that dealt with high clipping short animation attacks. That changed after the update. Now it is even slower and I can see this powerset being ignored in content that you can't get close in.

    OH! And please lower cooldowns. If I run out of power spamming EMP or cryofoam back to back, I should be working on my spec.
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  13. TheDark Devoted Player

    I definitely like the synergy now with the Power Interactions compared to Stats Revamp 1.2. Before it was just limited and unattractive.

    Surprise Attack
    Surprise Attack no longer has the Batman Style animation. I know that animation length didn't fit but it still looked better compared to the original and now current animation for it.

    Paralyzing Dart
    Note. In the past PDart was able to be used from within Stealth and still retained stealth. Is it still possible to retain Stealth after PDart use now? The reason it was removed in the first place was because Paralyzing Dart was becoming a high offensive Advanced Mechanic ability. AM's are now deceased.

    Gauss Grenade
    Gauss Grenade doesn't apply additional PI damage with Frostbite. Not with CryoFoam or CryoField.
    With 10, 290 might and NO Pi, Gauss will deal a range of 5540 to 6121.
    With Dazed Pi, Gauss deals 5953 to 6675.
    With Frostbite, Gauss deals 5540 to 6121 (same as no PI).

    Fear Gas INTO Gauss Grenade
    Doing this power combination in rotation leads to double burst damage for Gauss Grenade. By itself, Gauss deals 1 tick of damage. All other burst attacks that interact with other Powers deal 1 tick that's boosted.

    Fear Gas
    With 10,290 might and no Pi, Fear Gas deals 10 ticks of damage now. Minimum hit of 906 and Maximum hit of 992 per tick. That's a total range of 9060 to 9920.

    The average is 9490 over 2 seconds of channeling.

    With the same might and with Burning or Electrified effects on a target, you'll deal 7 DoT ticks that are boosted in damage plus the burst tick (I mentioned it in previous threads. It's like the old Explosive damage except it happens at the end and does slightly more damage.)
    Minimum hit is 1002 and maximum hit is 1083 per tick. That's a total range of 7014 to 7581.

    Also, if you completely channel Fear Gas for its 2 second duration, you'll deal the burst damage at the end which applies a knockback effect. The minimum hit is 3534 and maximum hit is 3733 per hit.

    In total with DoTs and the ending burst tick on Fear Gas with Burning or Electrified effects, the minimum is 10,548 to a max of 11,314. The average is 10,931 for 2 seconds of channeling damage.

    To look at it another way with 10,290 might,
    Gauss will deal an average of 6314 with a PI active. That is dealt over 1 second.
    Again, Fear Gas with Burning or Electrified will average 10,931 damage over 2 seconds of channeling.
    I didn't write done the power cost and cool down. That is what a player should look at when comparing Fear Gas' usage & practicality. Just look at each tier of damage (mainly power costs) on powers. Especially burst.

    Another example is with Vortex Cannon which if I remember right it's a higher tier power than Gauss.
    It deals an average 7,539 damage with no Pi and an average of 8,391 damage with a Pi over 1 second.

    BUG: Sometimes the burst damage at the end of the 2 second channeling does not always register. Granted if a NPC lunges you or if you're pushed back the channeling stops and that also stops your damage. But if no control effect is inflicted on me there are still few occasions where my burst didn't register at all. Most of the time it did register.

    With channeling, jump canceling at any point cancels the remaining DoT ticks and prevent the burst hit if a player is using a PI on Fear Gas.

    Also, there is an overall slight reduction in damage on some powers even with P.I. compared to last phase. I understand why though and it's logical. It's the adjustments to PFT (Play From Tray) power restore. I read the other thread where it's described and noticed some players don't understand it. It's basically by increasing the resource of power (or power restored), you are able to more frequently cast abilties to deal damage even if they deal less damage. By lowering the damage slightly and increasing power restore (or power availability) you're able to balance out a damage net range that the team is probably aiming for.
  14. TheDark Devoted Player

    Shields Testing

    Overall Distract and Neural Neutralizer received about a 70 to 71% strength increase.
    In Stats Revamp Phase 1.2 I had 5692 Dom and 7955 Resto.
    In this stats Revamp Phase 1.3, I have 5705 Dom and 7946 Resto.

    Distract will absorb 4292 damage (before it was 2504) and Neural Neutralizer will absorb 8,262 (before it was 4862).
    These shields are still weak compared to what they are on live.

    Is it possible to share the formula for Controller shield strength? Before it was 100% resto + 100% dom + 10 = total
    What is it now?

    Damage Debuff is doubled. That means it went from a 7% damage reduction to 14% damage reduction. It should still continue to remove specific boss or NPC damage buffs from very few special attacks in game.The devs should utilize this more than just DC alert and PB raid.

    The defense Debuff was also doubled. That means it went from a reduction in defense of 33% on NPCs to 66% defense reduction. IF a majority of NPCs still have 15% defense, that means that damage mitigation went from 5% to 10% penetration.

    On Live cast the defense debuff and you go from 15% defense on a NPC to 10% defense on a NPC. That's 5% we penetrate.
    On Test it should now be 15% defense on most NPCs to 5% defense on NPCs when you throw a defense debuff. That's 10% penetration.

    A dev still needs to confirm 15% defense is on most NPCs and if possible any additional stats rearrangements with the debuffs.

    When will this phase of testing be done? This is all the time I could put in until next weekend. I'll try to get info on Debuff registration distance sooner but that will be it.
  15. Penryn Loyal Player

    Can you elaborate on this statement? As far as I can tell, the Critical hit rate for Cuff'em and Surprise Attack seems to be about the same as any other attack.

    I gathered 15 to 20 data samples for each power. I had 20 SP invested in Crit Attack Chance which gave me a 250 Critical Ability Attack Chance. Here are the results:

    Surprise Attack
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Total: 6 of 20 attacks were critical hits

    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Regular Damage
    Total: 3 of 15 attacks were critical hits

    This is in-line with what I've been seeing while running content.

    In the previous version of StatsRevamp, I was working in Surprise Attack as a regular part of my attack rotation because it was almost always guaranteed to be a crit. With crit results like this, it doesn't seem to be worth using. You have to close to point-blank range to use Surprise Attack and you can only use it once every 18 seconds. Now it barely does more damage than most of your regular heavy hitters.

    My previous thinking was that Stealth was intended to be one of Gadgets main gimmicks in its skirmishing playstyle. This change makes me want to swap it out of my loadout.
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  16. Penryn Loyal Player

    I made my first attempt at being a solo Controller in a 5/1/1/1 group under StatsRevamp 1.3 rules today. I ran T8 Olympus raid with a PUG group. For my first run in this format, I decided to stick to a more traditional loadout focused on crowd control, debuffing, and power return. Keeping that in mind, I tried the following loadout:

    Fear Gas - Ranged AoE Stun and DoT.
    Stasis Field - Defense Debuff and SC Generator
    Paralyzing Dart - Damage debuff and single target stun. Has low power cost and cooldown
    Holographic Decoy - In case the tank died - which happened several times
    Defibrillator - Power dump
    Battle Drone - Power regen supercharge

    I also tried using Cryo-Field, but eventually dropped it for various reasons.

    Going into the instance, my main goals were as follows:
    * Use Stasis Field as much as possible to build Supercharge
    * See how often I could deploy Battle Drone
    * Use Defibrillator as much as possible
    * Test out different crowd control effects to observe duration and NPC breakout behavior

    Here are some observations:
    Crowd Control
    I started off the instance wondering why none of my crowd control effects were working. After a couple of mob groups, I saw the Dominance requirement was fairly high. Swapping one piece of gear took me over the Dominance threshold. After that, crowd control effects were of limited use. Our tank was using a lot of Chronometric Emitters and the mob groups were breaking out of them. That rendered my crowd control attempts useless. Outside of the tank being koed and using Holographic Decoy, there didn't seem to be any moments where using crowd-control appeared to be helping the group.

    This power didn't work very well in Olympus because the area of effect is too small. While running other content, I found it worked best in small hallways or if you place the field on top of a NPC spawn point. If you are playing in an instance with large rooms/hallways, it just doesn't have the range. It would be nice if the range was expanded a bit.

    It looks like Defibrillator now works like the way it does on Live. It divides a power of pool of power among the three players with the lowest power. The amount of power each player receives is based on the party size. With one other player in the party, Defibrillator returns ~890 power to that one person. In a full raid party, three people receive 270 to 300 power each per cast. By the time you get to T8, power costs are very high and receiving 300 power from power dump doesn't seem overly useful.

    Power Consumption
    The DPS consumed a prodigious amount of power during the instance and it didn't seem like I had any tools to help effectively restore it. At 15712 Vitalization, my power over time was returning 435 to 470 power per non-crit tick. Power Dump was returning less than 300 power individually to three players per cast. Battle Drone was averaging about 275 power per tick per player. That added up to 3300 total power for each player per Battle Drone cast. I asked the players what their power pool stats were. The ones that answered all said 20,000+. Considering all of that, a solo Controller can only help out a little bit when the group starts to run low on power. The tools available at your disposal only act as a partial boost to the player's ability to regen power. About the best you can do is call down a Supply Drop and hope everyone runs through it.

    Stasis Field
    Stasis Field works "ok" as a supercharge generator in large group content because the NPCs will break out of it right away. It is more annoying to use in solo content since it will encase the enemy for several seconds.

    Overall Experience
    Playing a solo Controller in group content isn't much fun. It is hard to fit any real damage in between your attempts to build up supercharge and mashing power dump as quickly as possible. Your ability to regen power is very limited. You'll have to rely on your teammates to rotate Supply Drops during tough fights to keep up their power bars. Your teammates may complain you are doing a very poor job, but that can't be helped.
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  17. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    If Controller role is supposed to ever be fixed, CC consumables have to go, and all those broken Nature and Quantum powers ignoring the Dom check need to be fixed. It's ridiculous that every single troll story ends with "and then the Tank used Chrono Emitters so my presence in the group would have been utterly unnecessary if it wasn't for pot and power dumps".

    If Controllers are supposed to be desired for their CONTROLLING then we can't have several ways to replace them with other roles. Tanks, Healers and DPS have no business stunning enemies or doing any other type of CC that's not a Tank pull or knockback/up, especially not without passing the Dom check.
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  18. Penryn Loyal Player

    I did politely ask the tank to stop using Chronometric Emitters. To his credit, he did stop using them in the last hallway and I was able to crowd control a couple of groups. It didn't help very much - if at all. I did observe that I could crowd control the lower ranked mobs for a few seconds. My crowd control seemed to be more effective than what Chronometric Emitter provided.

    I don't blame the tank for using the consumables. You can't always rely on the Controller to stun enemies. Also, Gadgets stuns are rather subtle and a tank may not notice the stuns amid the usual DPS visual FX storm. Chronometric Emitters are very easy to notice.

    I do agree with your points. Perhaps a better middle-ground is that Controller stuns have priority over consumable stuns?
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  19. TheDark Devoted Player

    They should just restore PoT to how it is on live. This innate passive PoT just for being in the role doesn't work well and it's boring. There should atleast be a mechanic that requires awareness/skill to achieve an additional Defib boosted power heal or PoT buff. Something like the Double Tick where there is a back to back burst power heal. Currently, the power restored from those abilties is low. If there was a group that was really conservative with power and actually rotated supply drops and/or power supercharges then it would appear as if the current form works. The thing is it requires more work from the team than just one controller.

    Infact, aside from speccing stats and building supercharge often in order to use it, there is no skill or major engaging factor in regards to power healing for a Controller. Atleast the Double Tick did that. It would be interesting in they just added a mechanic for Power healing that required some skill in order to return larger chunks of power especially if they're going to keep the power heal values and formulas for the current Instant Power Heal and PoT.

    Otherwise just increase the amount of power restored through innate PoT and Defib (the 1.5 cool down is much better). Even by doing that power healing will still be boring but that's where the window will open for CCing (if NPCs are controllable) and damage from the Controller. But it should not be a struggle with limited power tools from a Controller to power a team especially if the Controller is advanced in experience. What's on test throws out experience and power heal technique and relies more on group effort. Have a good group that manages power well and the controller will look like a pro even if they look and are terrible in a power spamming group.

    Stasis Field
    As for Stasis Field as the Supercharge builder. Just like the feedback was with Thought Bubble being the supercharge generator and its encasements causing problems, the feedback will not change just because it's Gadgets now. As a Controller, even a dps, it's annoying to encase targets. Yes might burst damage will bypass the encasement and hit the target inside, but it also sends those targets flying out of range. If Gadgets is a skirmish powerset, why the bloody hell would it be ok to send my targets flying away only to have them go out of my midrange AoE and miss my damage? That's literally D.P.S. loss just having to lunge at them. In Controller role, the NPCs are placed in an object. Tanks cannot taunt through objects.

    Feedback on Fear Gas from another thread
    "For Fear Gas, if they doubled (possibly tripled) the damage from the Burst tick at the end of the channeling on a target that has the proper PI on it, they I would probably use it. But right now on test, your D.P.S. is better off using 2 Vortex cannons or powers with similar damage range. If I was **** on power costs and I wanted to save then yea i would use Fear Gas but other than that no. If they do double or triple the damage on the ending channeling burst tick then the power cost should probably go up too."
  20. Rubsarb New Player

    From a 5 year gadget player, why on earth are there constant changes to fear gas? Pre gu36, you can completely jump cancel the animation. Now, on live, you can after enduring some animation time. On tedt, you have to channel it. The reason gadget was fast faced is because of FEAR GAS. You mentioned time and time again that you are moving in the direction of fast paced. Stop changing whst makes gadgets fast paced. No matter what you do to gadgets, if you change fear gas to what is is now, it'll never feel fast paced. It'll become nothing more than 12345 without the AM damage
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