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  1. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Roundup
    Here is a list of all of the current and possible bugs related to Gadgets:

    Battle Display
    Battle Display's buff is not being shown under "Current Effects" when the power is active.

    Visual FX glitch:

    EMP Pulse
    Clipping EMP Pulse with Stealth causes multiple problems:
    1. You are immediately taken out of Stealth
    2. It can bug your EMP Pulse and prevent it from going into cooldown.
    3. The first time you use EMP on an enemy, the damage is calculated without regards to the debuff. The debuff is applied after the damage calculation. Should the debuff be applied before the damage is calculated?

    Fear Gas
    1. Possible issue with the small damage ticks not being applied:
    2. Now that Fear Gas is a channeled power, shouldn't it be supported by the Empowered Channeling Home Turf mod?

    Neural Neutralizer
    Clipping Neural Neutralizer with Stealth causes multiple problems:
    1. You are immediately taken out of Stealth
    2. It can bug your Neural Neutralizer and prevent it from going into cooldown.

    Self-Destruct Signal
    The description should include the [Retains Stealth] note.

    Stasis Field
    Multiple Problems:
    1. Different roles see different numbers of damage ticks:
    2. Napalm Grenade, Thermite Mine, and Sticky Bomb do not cause extra "detonation damage" on Stasis Field unlike Self-Destruct Signal. Is that intended?
    3. Sticky Bomb does not play well with encasements at all. You lose a lot of damage:

    1. Gauss Grenade, Paralyzing Dart, Sticky Bomb, Taser Pull, and movement mode powers are not causing Stealth's extra damage tick to proc:
    2. The UI thinks you can slot certain powers for Stealth when you can't:

    Suppressor Turret
    When Suppressor Turret blows up, its last attack can damage/stun the player:

    Taser Pull
    Supposed to cost 300 power, but costs 100 power:

    Thermite Mine
    The visual FX is very misleading:
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  2. Penryn Loyal Player

    Is Fear Gas supposed to work this way now?

    Without the PI being setup, you see eight small damage ticks after the two big ticks. The eight small ticks add up to 2776 damage.

    With the PI, you see three big damage ticks. In this particular example, the big tick was 2595.

    So not setting up the PI yielded more damage. How does that make sense?
  3. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    There are two issues when clipping EMP Pulse with Stealth:
    1. You're immediately knocked out of Stealth, even if you have Improved Stealth equipped.
    2. If you clip too quickly, your EMP Pulse will bug and won't go into cooldown.

    Here is a demonstration:
  4. TheDark Devoted Player

    I'll put some time in for testing the new build tonight.

    For feedback on the following by Shin-O-B
    This feedback is my own experience with the DoT & Burst mechanics in the game. I haven't read anyone mentioned this in any of the threads so far. Having Fear Gas and CryoFoam both become DoTs, and allowing their respective DoT ticks to stack on a target, allows for a DoT build that can be successful with burst damage thrown in. That burst damage can come from powers or from weapon combos. In a hybrid build of DoTs and weapon use (weapon use with burst attacks from weapon combos and some Burst attacks with powers that clip those weapon combos) will be successful. With Damage over time in the background and burst combos being registered at the time same time, D.P.S. is literally improved. I'll emphasize the balance needed on weapons for that though.

    Having a mix of DoT powers and burst powers in a Play From Tray (PFT) build will be low to moderately successful depending on the rate of burst damage used. DoT Ticks run a certain number of ticks and restarting them doesn't allow for their full effect to go into play. It's like a weaker burst power spread out over time instead of a initial hit.

    On live, note that the practical combos that deal the most damage come from 3 burst powers in the 3PI set up, or 2 burst powers and 1 DoT for 3PI. That one DoT registers rapid Ticks and provides a burst initial hit which makes it successful (aside from the animation cancel stuff).

    Having Stasis Field (a mandatory power due to the supercharge build) be a single target DoT power in damage role, along with Fear Gas, then CryoFoam, grants all DoTs to stack on NPCs with large health pools. Large health pools that allow the player to benefit from the full damage registering (assuming they perform other burst combos along with it).

    1 - Stasis Field being mandatory for the supercharge build and single target makes it undesirable in a "judge everything by the scorecard" scenario (which is the community standard) where there are multiple targets. It doesn't matter how much damage is being done to one specific target. What matters is having multitarget powers (powers that hit atleast 2 targets) register on the scorecard because they double the damage recorded on the board. If there are 6 NPCs, yes less damage is dealt to each. But that does not matter. A total damage range of 2 targets is dealt and registered on the scorecard due to how splitting works. The scorecard doesn't offer enough detail in damage. Just throwing this out there because SF is used and it's a single target DoT.

    I would prefer it be mutlitarget but if the damage is adjusted so that it deals a total net of 2 targets work of damage (the max range of damage even with split damage) then it's ok. Otherwise it's weak. Granted the Supercharge builder has to be weak but I'm hoping their damage across all supercharge builders are standardized. I'm not 100% if all of them are single target (so the issue is minor) or if there is a mix of single target and multi target SC builders with varying ranges.

    2 - stacking 3 DoTs may deal "good" damage for players, and may appear good on a sparring target, solo instance, even a duo. But a PFT build with 3 stacking DoTs and minor burst use will fall flat on the scorecard in a 8 man group where you have compet ent & aggressive DPS players. That's along with NPCs having too low health which are trash mobs. Burst damage & power availability with a PFT is superior to damage leaning towards DoTs. DoTs & Burst is good when balanced in hybrid, but burst is still superior in PFT. That's a general rule which may be alter in future test builds.

    3 - the 4 powers listed by Shin O B would be practical if each dealt different damage. If they all deal the same damage range, then they are redundant. If they deal different damage, have different power costs, range (not so much but still), cool downs, execution time, then they allow for optional and practical use. Powers can be altered during each micro event.

    Ultimately, the DoTs option should be balanced with burst. But if burst is going to be favored, there has to be true variance in the burst powers to allow for what SHin-O-B is aiming for. Having cheaper power cost burst powers with 2 DoTs and 1 high power cost burst would probably work. You can't lean towards 2 cheap DoT ticks, 1 or 2 high burst powers and be success in a "scorecard judgement" (again, that IS the standard measure in raids) against aggressive & good players unless you did a hybrid or some other option where there is spammable burst type of damage (weapon or power). This is based on strict power use with no outside buffs/tools/ head starts on targets.

    Honestly, having Foam stay burst and CField stay DoT with a large AoE 360 degree, which i think is now the same size as CFoam, wouldn't be a bad thing. A negative would be the fact the player has to physically put the CField DoT on a target with a lunge as opposed to an immediate registration of damage from far range on CFoam. I guess you have to look at it from the PI web set up. X powers deal burst (multi or single) and X powers deal DoT (mostly multi except for SF), now just look at how much more DoTs you have that allow other burst powers to benefit from frostbite.

    lol what i'm getting at is practical damage. damage that registers quick on the board. Not just what "feels" right or similar to what is on Live.
  5. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    Related to:

    There are two issues when clipping Neural Neuralizer with Stealth:
    1. You're immediately knocked out of Stealth, even if you have Improved Stealth equipped.
    2. If you clip too quickly, your Neural Neutralizer will bug and won't go into cooldown.

    Here is a demonstration with me being knocked out of Stealth:
  6. Penryn Loyal Player

    I'm not seeing why anyone would opt to use Implosion Mine over EMP Pulse for general gameplay. They both have the same cooldown, power cost, and damage range. However, EMP Pulse is the superior power.

    Let's compare the two:
    1. Both are vulnerable to interrupt. However, EMP does its damage at the beginning of the cast. You have to do the full cast to summon Implosion Mine.
    2. While both have the same range, you have to use Self-Destruct Signal to make good use of Implosion Mine. The auto-detonate range on Implosion Mine is rather low. If the mob doesn't get within range, you've wasted 300 base power. Don't forget the extra power you have to consume to use Self-Destruct Signal.
    3. EMP does more damage than Implosion Mine.

    Concerning Thermite Mine, I'm finding it hard to make good use of it due its low range. Since the auto-detonate range is only about a step closer than the maximum detonation range, Self-Destruct Signal isn't working well in general gameplay. You basically have to be at melee range to deploy it. Looking at is cumulative damage, Thermite Mine does as much damage as Paralyzing Dart. The only advantage Thermite Mine has over Paralyzing Dart is that it setups the Burning PI.
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  7. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    The same thing happens with EMP as well so it probably has something to do with the damage being delayed mechanics wise and not registering instantly.
  8. Beta Cell New Player

    As usual, your spot on analysis makes any post I could make on the subject redundant.
    I agree 200% with this post. Devs, please continue to listen to Penryn and fix this.
  9. Beta Cell New Player

    Some times I try to use taser pull from stealth but the power doesn't activate and I simply exit stealth instead. It still seems to consume power though. Am I the only one seeing this?
  10. TheDark Devoted Player

    Stasis Field in Controller role is delivering a flat amount of constant damage which is the same thing it was doing in Damage role a couple builds ago. That was then adjusted to give damage role ticks a range of damage. Is it intended for Controller DoT ticks to not have a range of damage? I am aware the number of ticks & number of targets is different depending on role.

    Also I noticed when I jump cancel FG, all damage continues. I'm also starting to favor Cryofoam as a burst Frost bite option considering the damage, rapid tick speed and increased 360 degree AOE to 12 meters on CryoField. Aside from the high power costs, it's actually not bad minus what I mentioned before about the execute time. That can be solved with aggressive player strats.

    I added my info on the powers here mostly so I can go back and edit changes. I wasn't able to go through all of them. I think Penryn will post a shorter version of his own numbers here.
  11. Penryn Loyal Player

    Testing out crowd control effects, I keep seeing really weird stuff happening. Here is an example with a Gorgon:

    At 4 and 22 seconds, I use EMP Pulse to stun the Gorgon. The stun from EMP is usually in the 1 to 3 second range. In this video though, it looks like the control effect expires, the Gorgon starts to do a skull effect, and then breaks out.

    When you see stuff like that, you are left wondering "What's going on here?"
  12. Penryn Loyal Player

    Info Dump

    The following posts lists the base damage numbers for all Gadgets Powers. This is intended to be an informational post to help out people testing Gadgets.

    These value damage values were calculated without power interactions being setup - with the exception of Fear Gas. To see how to apply these values, scroll to the bottom of the post.

    Credit goes to Shiny Mackerel for supplying the PvE Enemy Defense Debuff and TheDark for helping out to test.

    Base Damage Listing
    Low Power Cost
    • Cuff'Em: 78-86
    • Distract: N/A
    • Paralyzing Dart: 40-44
    • Self-Destruct Signal: No Data
    • Taser Pull: 90-100
    • Thermite Mine: Five ticks of 8-9

    Medium Power Cost
    • Cryo-Foam: 60-66
    • Defibrillator: N/A
    • Fear Gas (No PI): Two 24-27 ticks and Eight 3-4 ticks
    • Fear Gas (with PI): Two 24-27 ticks and One 26-29 tick
    • Gauss Grenade: 56-62
    • Napalm Grenade: Six ticks of 9-10
    • Neural Neutralizer: 30-33
    • Photon Blast (above 35%): Four ticks of 19-21
    • Photon Blast (below 35%): Four ticks of 39-43
    • Stasis Field (Controller): Six ticks of 5.8
    • Stealth Proc: 72-80

    High Power Cost
    • Battle Display: 33% Precision and 33% Weapon DPS Buff
    • Cryo-Field: Seventeen ticks of 8-9 (Sometimes 18 ticks)
    • EMP Pulse: 91-99
    • Holographic Decoy: No Data
    • Implosion Mine: 81-89
    • Sticky Bomb: 62-69
    • Surprise Attack: 116-127
    • Vortex Cannon: 73-80

    Highest-Power Cost
    • Suppressor Turret: Scales with CR

    • Asphyxiation Gas: Need to redo this
    • Battle Drone: Scales with CR
    • Bunker Buster: Twenty ticks of 28-31

    How to Use These Numbers
    The base damage formula is as follows:
    Damage = (Base_Damage_Range / 100) * Might * Applied Damage

    Before I proceed, let's go over a couple of things:
    • Why are the base damage values being divided by 100? The base damage values are being represented here as integers for ease of reading. They are probably stored as decimal values in-game. It is easier to read "88" instead of "0.88".
    • Applied damage consists of things like debuffs and NPC damage mitigation. The typical NPC damage mitigation number is 20%. That means if you have a power that does 10,000 damage, it will hit a NPC for 8,000 damage. When plugged into the formula, that will translate into 0.80. This number was discovered by Shiny Mackerel. If a defense debuff is applied, the NPC damage mitigation number drops to 10% and the applied damage becomes 0.90.

    Let's work through an example of how to apply the formula by using Gauss Grenade. Gauss Grenade has a range of 56 to 62. To get your "real-world" damage number, you have to do two calculations. For the sake of this example, let's suppose your Might stat is 8536.

    Let's start by calculating the lower damage range:
    Lower damage range = (56 / 100) * 8536 * (1 - 0.20)
    Lower damage range = 3824

    Now for the upper range
    Upper damage range = (62 / 100) * 8536 * (1 - 0.20)
    Upper damage range = 4234

    That gives an expected damage range of 3824 to 4234

    How does that match up with reality? I spent 10 minutes running around Typhon's Monster Invasion zone. From that, I saw a recorded damage range of 3834 to 4211. That matches up pretty well with our expected range. I'd have to gather hundreds of data samples to get the true range.

    That all works for the simplest case where a player is playing in Controller role. The calculations become a bit more interesting when you throw in power interaction buffs, home turf mods, Damage role buff, debuffs, and crit bonuses. The base damage values will remain the same though.

    Words of Warning and Miscellaneous Things
    • I make no guarantees that the base damage values are 100% correct. I tried to gather at least 100 data samples for each power, but that isn't enough to guarantee that I saw the lowest/highest possible damage values for each power. Rounding errors are probably present too.
    • EMP Pulse is a bit weird. The first time you cast it on an enemy in Controller role, the damage calculation is applied before the debuff is applied. Any followup EMPs on the same enemy will take the debuff into effect before calculating the damage.
    • Any power interaction consuming power should receive a 10% damage buff if the power interaction is setup. The exception to that appears to be Fear Gas.
    • Why does Holographic Decoy have "No Data"? Well, you can blow it up with Self-Destruct Signal and you'll see three damage ticks. I suspect these are tied to CR, but haven't done enough testing.
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  13. Rubsarb New Player

    If fear gas is considered a "channeled power", then why wasn't this move included in the hand mod? From my understanding, fear gas was always a PI applicator (applies a dot, along with power interactions). IF this is truly a channeled power, shouldn't it hit for much larger numbers?
  14. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Shiny Mackerel is the man.
  15. Penryn Loyal Player

    They probably forgot to update the mod. It wouldn't be the first time with StatsRevamp. Distract was only added to the Regenerative Shielding mod list in the latest build.

    I support adding Fear Gas to the Empower Channeling mod list.
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  16. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Good post except for this little mistake. The formula should read

    Damage = (Base_Damage_Range / 100) * Might * (1 - Damage Mitigation)

    since 20% mitigation will result in a factor of 0.8 and 10% mitigation results in a factor of 0.9. Penetrating Strikes should bring mitigation down to 8% for a factor of 0.92. Just for the sake of completeness, we can also use these numbers to calculate the effectiveness of Defense Debuffs and Penetrating Strikes:

    Def Debuff: 20%-10% = 10% mitigation
    0.9/0.8 = 1.125 (12.5% damage increase)

    Pen Strikes: 20%-2% = 18% mitigation
    0.82/0.8 = 1.025 (2.5% damage increase)

    Def Debuff and Pen Strikes: 20%-10%-2% = 8% mitigation
    0.92/0.8 = 1.15 (15% damage increase)

    What follows is that Penetrating Strikes is once again mathematically stronger than Core Strength which increases damage by a flat 2% I think.
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  17. Penryn Loyal Player

    You can see where I did the subtraction in the Gauss Grenade example. I left it as "Damage Mitigation" for the purposes of the initial equation listing so the equation would be easier to read. Another way to write it would be:
    Damage = (Base_Damage_Range / 100) * Might * (Applied Damage)
    with Applied Damage being (1 - Enemy Damage Mitigation)

    I'll update my post to make that clearer.
  18. Penryn Loyal Player

    Here are some thoughts on various things based on play-testing:

    Crowd Control
    Crowd Control seems to be less effective now than it previously was. There are a lot of places where I see "weird things" or NPCs break out almost immediately. It seems like the NPCs quickly develop immunity/resistance to all of the crowd control powers on your loadout.

    The range increase has helped resolve some of the positioning issues compared to the 7m version.

    Fear Gas
    As far as I can tell, you're better off not setting up the power interaction for Fear Gas. You'll do more damage with the small ticks. That doesn't seem right. As for its conversion to a mobile channeled power, can you consider adding Fear Gas to the "Empowered Channeling" list? I still found it to be awkward to use in solo content when I was trying to setup the Dazed power interaction.

    This seems worth using now. The previous version was dividing power resulting in very low amounts of power being returned to the group. The new version has resulted in at least a 10x increase in power output per cast.

    Implosion Mine
    I'm not seeing why anyone would use this power. Read here for a full description:

    The only potential uses for it are:
    1. You can use it while EMP is on cooldown
    2. It can be deployed from Stealth.

    Sticky Bomb
    I'm not seeing the point in using Sticky Bomb anymore.

    Prior to the latest hotfix, Sticky Bomb was doing as much damage as Vortex Cannon and EMP Pulse. Now it is the weakest of the high-cost power consumers. It barely does more damage than Napalm and Gauss Grenade. This change makes the Burning power interaction not seem worth it. The AoE range on Sticky Bomb is still terrible and you'll only hit NPCs that are in very close proximity to your target. If you're in a melee situation with mobs surrounding you, Sticky Bomb will only hit a small number of them.

    For general purpose gameplay, I think you'd be better off throwing using Napalm Grenade twice in a row. The damage from it can stack and it also acts as an encasement buster like Sticky Bomb.

    Stasis Field
    I don't know what to make of this power. The way the DoT ticks work varies greatly between roles. Damage role gives you 15 ticks on single target. Controller role gives a few ticks as an AoE.

    With regards to encasement breaking damage, I'm finding it hard to put this to good use in reality. When I run my tests, I only see encasement-breaking damage when using Self-Destruct Signal. In large-group content, a Damage-role player won't have enough Dominance to setup an encasement. Also, setting up the encasement is pretty hit or miss with the way crowd control works now. You're only guaranteed to encase the enemy on the very first cast and that sometimes last for ~1 second. After the first cast, the NPCs quickly develop crowd-control immunity. With only 6 loadout spots and a very situational encasement ability, I don't think it is worth slotting Self-Destruct Signal to make use of the encasement-breaking damage.

    Suppressor Turret
    This thing is the worst power in the game. Let me enumerate why:
    • 500 base power cost, 15 second duration, 30 second cooldown. Compare that to Ice's Snow Devil. It has a 300 base power cost, 12 second cooldown, and you can have two of them out at one time.
    • If you get interrupted while summoning Suppress Turret, you have to wait the full 30 seconds for it to come off cooldown.
    • While Suppressor Turret out, it supposedly inhibits power regeneration according to the in-game description.
    • The previous lead designer mentioned that Suppressor Turret was primarily designed to be a PI applicator. Suppressor Turret has always been an extremely unreliable PI applicator. You never know what attack it is going to use and you certainly can't count on it setting up the PI for your particular loadout. It doesn't even setup anything for the Dazed for Frostbite power interactions.
    • It can damage/stun/electrify the player when it blows up.

    Taser Pull
    I know the power cost is bugged, but I'm not sure what to make of the intended changes. My expectation is that a high-cost damaging power would be a PI consumer instead of an applicator. That is the way of the rest of the Gadgets powerset currently works. For single-target situations where you might use this, you aren't going to get the 10% PI bonus that a consumer would. The previous high-cost single-target Gadgets power - Paralyzing Dart - was a PI consumer.

    Thermite Mine
    It is nice that the cast time has been reduced. I still find it a bit hard to use though. You have to get in melee range to use it. It is very difficult to use in solo mobbing situations because you are vulnerable to interrupt for the duration of the cast.

    Vortex Cannon
    Vortex Cannon's damage output was lowered compared to the previous build, but not quite as drastically compared to Sticky Bomb. Still, it is the second weakest hard-hitting PI consumer and I did notice the damage difference in content. Is this a balancing concession because of its lack of a vulnerability state?
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  19. Penryn Loyal Player

    To answer the question from the previous topic:
    Can we have more details about the proposed changes to Sticky Bomb? With the way it is currently setup, it would have poor AoE range for a PI applicator. The only other Burning PI applicator is Thermite Mine and it has melee-area range. I'm not seeing that as much of an improvement. Napalm Grenade has a more generous AoE and does about as much damage as Sticky Bomb does right now.

    Would making Cryo-Foam into a DoT cause the power to be vulnerable to interrupt? I wouldn't want that change. Gadgets already has too many "Vulnerable to Interrupt" powers.
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  20. TheDark Devoted Player

    Here's more info on Stasis from what we're seeing. It's taken from my thread.

    Stasis Field
    Cool Down 6 seconds
    Power Cost 200
    Dazes enemies
    Instant Damage with no delay
    Damage Over Time
    Far range
    25 meter distance
    Defense Debuff 10%
    Single Target in Damage Role
    15 ticks
    (-10% 535.5 – 597.6)
    Base 8-9
    8.5 (9) average
    120 total low – 135 total high
    128 total average damage on 1 target
    Multi Target in Controller role
    About a 12 meter radius AoE
    6 ticks
    Flat 446 damage (which may be a bug)
    Base 5.8 (6) per tick
    36 damage total on 1 target
    72 total on 2 or more targets
    1 tick registers first in multi target situation (Troll Stance). So the primary target receives 6 ticks. Then 5 ticks register on the surrounding targets. In a group of 3 targets, there is a total of 16 ticks.

    Self Destruct on encasements & NPCs near it
    Base 52-57
    54.5 (55) average
    Multi Target Self Destruct deals 2 ticks of damage per target. (example, in a group of 3 targets, a total of 6 ticks were dealt. 2 per target which then was followed by 6 DoT ticks.)

    I think what the devs did is that they kept the DoTs in Controller role limited and minor in damage so that when a player used Self Destruct on encased targets, and NPCs nearby, that burst damage (initiated by Self Destruct) would be considered as part of the Stasis Field Damage in Controller role.

    If you add the base average from Self Destruct burst attack which is 55 but multiply it by 2 ( a multi target situation), you get 110. Also, in a multi target situation you deal an average of 72 damage in total from the DoT Ticks. So in total with SF DoTs and Self Destruct burst combo, you'd deal a base average of 182 damage. That's greater than the 128 base average of Stasis Field in damage role on single target.

    So perhaps it's designed around the fact you have to "combo" it. I think the turn off is that we're looking at SF as a by itself DoT damage in Controller role. I like the idea above. Self Destructs power cost is low if I remember correctly. But I'm open to alterations in SF DoTs. Maybe a slight boost in damage with an actual damage range of a high and low hit? You're more likely to benefit from the encasments in raid content with high will power NPCs. A dps wouldn't be able to encase but last I saw a dps can blow up the encasement of another gadget controller.

    If players are curious of the PI damage on some of the powers, atleast the ones I was able to get to, and you don't want to punch in 10% more which is the PI buff, they're in link.

    Fear Gas
    Cool Down 2 seconds
    Power Cost 200
    Inflicts Dazing PI
    Burning or Electrified enemies take additional damage
    1 second mobile Channeling
    Far Range
    24 Meter Distance
    About 12 meter radius 360 degree AoE
    Damage Over Time
    No PI
    10 ticks
    First 2 ticks are minor burst type damage
    Base 24-27
    24*2= 48 low 27*2= 54 high
    51 total average on the first 2 minor burst hits
    The proceeding 8 ticks are DoT tick
    Base 3-4
    3*8= 24 low 4 * 8= 32 high
    28 total average on the 8 ticks of DoT
    Total for Fear Gas with NO PI
    72 total low & 86 total high
    79 total average (no PI)
    With PI
    3 ticks of minor Burst Damage
    1755 – 1951
    Base 26-29
    26*3= 78 total low & 87 total high
    83 average
    The third tick deals a knock down effect.
    Prematurely jump canceling allows for full damage to register.

    For Fear Gas, the base averages put its damage with a PI active just slightly above no PI FG damage. It's not in the 10% PI bonus range which should be around 86 based on the samples I got. A slight buff in FG final burst tick out of the 3 ticks will be needed. That last tick grants a knock down and should reward the player with slightly more damage for completing the channeling.

    This also leads to mention that I do think the PI buffs overall of 10% is too minor. On live it's 50%. Has consideration gone into making it 20 or even 25%? There should always be a reward for taking advantage of Power Interactions. That's something I've emphasized with Gadgets over the years.
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