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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This thread is for feedback specifically related to the Electricity powerset in the stats revamp 1.3. This is not a place to express your opinions about each other, communication, the point of testing, the point of not testing, or the various endings of the world.

    Further derailments will be met with appropriate action.
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  2. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Please stop with the whole refresh/spread request. That would put Electric and Nature (Nature the most for the possiility of manage two hotbars) above all the other powersets on Boss fights, which now take at least 3-4 mins with several waves of adds; what you are asking its gonna create a real balance issue, and i think that most players are tired of endless cycles of adjustments because something got overlooked or buffed excessively.

    Aside that, take a humble pill and stop thinking that you can solve all the problems of DCUO, if Avair who is the lead system designer and his team are asking for ALL of us to help to get this right, because its a great effort, what does make you think that you can make it by yourself and "easy"???
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  3. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    It won't be OP, and this coming from the guy that said i wanted to make changes so i could exploit them later lol common man...Sure it will be good but dots should be good on bosses. If things are adjusted correctly there won't be any balance
    issues calm down. And as for the constant updates i can tell you theres going to be many more and not just cause of me but because things simply need to be changed when building from the ground up like we are here. I want this update to be successful so if it has to be changed a few times to get it right then so be it.

    And take a humble pill lol If you understand how the game works its easy to point out discrepancies. Theres many more things i would like to nit pick over but we can get there when we do real balance testing, right now i'd just like to get the base of how the powers work a bit more set in stone cause core mechanics are harder to work out then damage ranges. I've never lead the game in a wrong direction before and i don't intend to now. All my feedback is for the good of the game whether some people like/understand it or not. And i never said i'd like to do this alone just with select people so we get correct feedback, why do all you guys always twist my words lol

    Well i'm not saying anymore off topic stuff cause it looks like Mepps is ready to swing the ban hammer so i'll catch you guys on the next round of testing, but for now i'm off to tinker more with atomic :D
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  4. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Hybrid loadout:
    Electrogenesis, Arc Lightning, Voltaic Bolt, Electrocute, Tesla Ball, Megavolt (Supercharge)

    Spec: (Might VIII and Health/Power VIII Mods)
    20% Crit Attack Chance
    40% Crit Attack Damage
    23926 Power (w/ 119 Skill Points in the Power Stat Innate)
    9058 Might
    8910 Precision

    So this loadout you've seen before in Iceberg testing but now finally had a chance to see it did in Olympus Raid. Still CR166 during this testing.

    So with regards to my rotation, I use EG first because its 12 Secs ticks and a 12 sec cooldown and so I use Arc Lightning next and EG allows me to keep time on how long the Electrified PI is on the target. Pretty much, if EG off of Cooldown, enemies dont have the PI anymore. Now when going through the attacks and rotations, (I think I mentioned this before, can't recall) that Electrogenesis will reset the Combo meter due to it's long animation and the fact its first DoT doesnt start instantly on the cast but like half a second or second after.

    Below you will find the Damage I did to the Bosses and a Breakdown by time as well. I was a bit impressed that using Megavolt SC 3 times was almost comparable damage to Tesla Ball but TB always won out. But in using the Megavolt SC, I was able to cast it 3 times when the SC was filled enough and when it was off of Cooldown. When using my weapon I was doing my own thing really, in a later video I did use Solar Flame a lot more and I see why folks were using it.

    The loadout was fine but I felt like i could do more so i did record using a different loadout that will be posted later. This Hybrid build was to give me an idea on the DoT usage mixed with Weapons since I feel using a DoT loadout will be a perfect use for a Hybrid build. I've used this rotation/loadout many of times I don't really have anything else to say on them.

    Athena Boss FIght:

    Hecate Boss Fight:

    Zeus Boss Fight:

    Breakdown by time (Boss fights only):

    I will say the dips in damage do bother me ever so slightly but it might be an issue with Adds coming out so damage was splitting the timing of reapplying the PI which is my best guess. I may have to reapply it before the 12 seconds are up to allow for an overlap which after casting Cooldowns should be back up. Arc Lightning having only a 3 sec cooldown can allow for this so I'll have to try it out.
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  5. krytine Loyal Player

    Thank you for your input. I personally dont think i would like the refresh option. I have seen to many players with am just spam away a couple of powers and never do pick ups or anything but stand there and spam. Now i am not sure about the whole exploit thing but i believe more so that the refresh is a lazy thing and no i am not calling you lazy just the style play of a refresh.
    Again i have agreed with several of your ideas and trix ideas so i guess i am cuaght in the middle and yes i have tested electric mostly the healing side i just dont enjoy the boring dps side in the game unless my league mates need me to
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  6. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    YOUR SUMMARY:(from what i gathered)

    So instead of Bringing a FULL DOT loadout up to balance wit FULL BURST loadout, youre saying switch loadout rotations for each situation..Ok. Copy smh.. I guess we will agree to disagree..
    You bring up the 100k boss scenario which is good one, but Once again using and throwing out final numbers but not necessarily puttin these number into perspective or without CONTEXT. That is dangerious to throw out final numbers in regards of testing. Be very careful as you can make it seem more powerful or mislead whats really happening. You didnt necessarily factor in cast/animation times per move, within this 20second time frame.


    I stand firm to my suggestions pertaining to whats on test:(based on my experience as ELEC dps)

    1.Cooldowns for TESLA and VOLTAIC BOLT are STILL TOO LONG. AND NO, IM NOT referring to REFRESHING NEITHER! smh

    2.Reducing TESLA to 3seconds(while not REDUCING its dmg bcuz ONCE AGAIN ITS A DOT)
    REDUCING VOLTAIC BOLT to 6 seconds(while maintaining its 12 seconds ticks, similar to live)

    2a.ONCE AGAIN, this is NOT FOR 1 button refreshing purposes.. This is for the ability to cast DOTS on Newer enemies that may come out, vs BURST loadouts that have access to FULL damage every rotation..


    1. I want balance, YOU SAY, use a different move/rotation/loadout..
    2. I want shorter cooldowns to SPREAD(NOT REFRESH) DOTS on newer enemies that come into the picture, YOU SAY, you dont want DOTS to become weaker? Apparently, thats the pattern of the devs BALANCE? Technically, the DEVS shouldnt be scaling the damage based off cooldowns/power cost like its BURST, its DAMAGE OVER TIME.
    3. I say bring back shockwave to ELECTRIFIED or Align with ELECTRIFIED/POLARIZE PI, YOU SAY, its broken.


    I guess honestly the devs are just gonna have to choose which side they are on, bcuz one side of the electric players say DOTS and cooldowns need to improve, the other side thinks its FINE or OP.. Im gettin extremely tired of this process, ive waited extremely long, going on 3 years, for a SOLID ELECTRIC update. My ELECTRIC power has NEVER EVER been FOTM, nor broken. All i ask is for my power to be Competitive at damage and REASONABLE cooldowns. Seems like its too much to ask, like pulling a nail out, stuck in concrete.. I ONLY HAVE THE BEST INTEREST for this power, and I MEAN NO DISRESPECT TO any you great testers and DEVELOPERS..
  7. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I can see on one side how you might think its lazy but its about efficiency, setup times and balancing dots vs burst. You are still just as active with a refresh but your time is now spend doing more burst then setups.

    And the lazy scoreboard dps guys that don't pick up thats not cause of how any power works thats cause they are just bad players lol. Nobody likes those guys :D

    Thanks for a constructive response, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and i don't frown upon that whether i agree or disagree.

    Edit: if we got some cooldown reductions on the dot powers that would greatly help. Then we'd be able to apply dots when needed (new adds joined a fight or moving from adds to adds) and it would also help keep dots up on boss fights 24/7 (similar to how swarm works, 15 sec up time but 12 second cooldown so it can be always up, but take that method and apply it to the 12 second time of elecs dots with say a 6 or 8 second cooldown.) with no down time and that would ease the need for a refresh but egen and v-bot would have to have their damage adjusted a bit to make that work but it could work. Either way i'd be happy cause i just want a true dot build to be just as good as a one dot and more burst focused loadout.
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  8. Karasawa Loyal Player

    I did factor in cast/animation time as a rough estimate. If you'd like to get exact times for me with a stopwatch or video editing software then we can really iron out this hypothetical with more exact estimates. Or if you feel like context is missing then add a new context and create a new hypothetical for the exact situation you want.

    Also, I'm not sure why you seem unhappy with the results when it just shows that dots are good in boss fights. That's a good thing isn't it? True, dots aren't so good against low-health mobs, but you already knew that so what's the problem?

    As for your other points;
    1. I do want balance, yes. I want the tools to do good damage in any situation. Electricity once lacked those tools but no more.
    2. I don't care if they lower the cooldowns as long as they don't nerf the abilities in some other way as compensation.
    3. I don't have an opinion on Shockwave.
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  9. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Ok then on that stance, then i agree wholeheartedly with you.. 100%..

    Have u tested the other powers? Trust me, ELEC DOTS, is still at the bottom..
  10. Ant Tao Well-Known Player

    I agree on the cooldown reductions. Dot cooldowns should follow the model of troll Pot rather than burst cooldowns.
    For example, one move casts pot. You can use the move again, but it is a useless waste of power if the pot is already ticking. Apply this logic to the dot dps. Lowering dot cooldowns will not make the powers op if the damage already ticks at a steady rate. It smoothens the transition from one group of adds to the other without having a limited rotation due to cooldowns. The majority of factors that resulted in electric's poor setup time in live has been addressed with this update. However, ignoring add damage/transitions between add groups and only focusing on boss damage is also a key factor that has plagued this power throughout its history.
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  11. Karasawa Loyal Player

    There's a guide for Mental and Sorcery as well. Mental's dots aren't as good so it seems like it would have to output a lot more power to get equivalent damage in a boss fight. Sorcery hurts my brain to think about because you have to account for Fury's damage output as well as your own. My gut tells me Sorc would be good in a single target scenario though.
  12. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Mental and Sorcery's dots say hi.
    They aren't too hot. Electric's dots actually make them look pathetic.

    Edit: Karasawa beat me to it.
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  13. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Hi :D

    Those powers are a bit different then electric though. Mental is more bust with a accent of a dot and sorc has fury, but with that said i really want to see sorc have a viable playstyle without the stinking fury lol. More dot and burst based.
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  14. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Understood and made very clear.. however they have sister abilities.
    Rant time:
    Mental just doesn't play right with that burst and accented dot style. It's just clunky and doesn't flow well at all.
    Especially when Mass Terror is 1/3 the strength of pyrokinesis which is almost below psychic prison in potential.
    I miss the days of the Pi based dots for mental. The PI web worked so well with it and made that dot option available.

    I long to see Sorcery independent of Fury. My goodness I like the pets but I wanna be able to do equivalent damage without the damn pet.
    Fury still OP.

    For comparison sake I'll make another thread compared with the sister abilities compared cause Mental has an aura ability and Sorc has two of them as well as fractured burst and fields.
    That'll open up some constructive conversation and won't clutter up this thread.

    -Prophetic Warrior
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  15. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Make sure yall are going in over there, The same way we are going in over here..
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  16. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    We will ;)
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  17. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Oh i agree, both powers need some attention. Both are pretty blah at the moment.
  18. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Nice work trex..Im curious as to how i can get these charts displayed for me.. I also trying to get a screen recorder app so i can show side by side, loadouts.. Then eventually showing charts like this, to analyze data on an in depth level
  19. Trexlight Loyal Player

    As i said before in previous posts, You just upload your combat log to the site, select your character's name and then hit the checkbox "by Target" and then select the boss(es) you want to see the damage or heals and more on there.

    After each run/test, be sure to rename your log to match that Test run so you dont have overlapping information.
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  20. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    thanks man keep up the good work
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