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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Feb 10, 2017.

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  1. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I agree the dot damage needs to be adjusted but thats easy stuff we can do after we get the core mechanics of the power working well. The change to v-bolt makes it more usable and after the damage gets dialed in it will be much better then it previously was with a 12 second cooldown.

    What the devs need to consider is the rules they have going for cooldown vs power cost vs dps are going to need to be bent with some dot abilities for them to function correctly.

    I can't say much on the other changes like to tesla cause i haven't put enough time in with them yet but i'm def not liking the new tesla so far. Did anyone even ask for a change to it, i thought it was doing ok???
  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    You want healing buffs because people can't beat Elite content, but then acknowledge that it's not the healer alone that beats Elite content. You must realize you are asking for healing changes when Controller and Tank roles are still being worked on. Also Crowd Control. The devs are not going to move one role out of sync without considering the other support roles. DPS likewise are having to learn new rotations so damage may not always be where it should be. It's not going to be easy for people to do right off the bat.
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  3. Lithiumz Well-Known Player

    Can we have one change to healer shields? Can you please make them a pick up? We've asked for this for years.
  4. Karasawa Loyal Player

    So I retested all the damage values and had to redo my stat points after the update. I now have 9994 Might instead of 10,012. A lot of the abilities seem to have got slight buffs/nerfs but I listed the more significant changes below.

    Here are the links to my previous summaries:

    Tesla Ball (69 samples)
    6s CD / 200 power
    CC: Stun
    Targets: 1-8 (does *NOT* split damage)
    Range: Long
    Shape: Sphere AoE
    Effect: 6 dot tick field
    Old Damage: 2207-2466 (2337 average) (7010 average x3)
    New Damage: 968-1053 (1011 average) (6063 average x6)

    Tesla Ball got nerfed in a few ways. First, the damage was lowered by about 13.5% for some reason. Second, on a single target this ability used to do all its damage over 4 seconds and then just float in the air for another 2 seconds before dissipating. Now it does all of its damage over 6 seconds, which is technically a nerf since there's more time in which an enemy could leave Tesla Ball's range before it inflicts all of its damage. While I was open to the idea of more damage ticks being added to this ability, I now feel that the previous version of Tesla Ball was superior.

    Overcharge (38/35 samples)
    0.017s CD / 200 power
    CC: None (initial) / Knock Down (explosion)
    Targets: 1 (initial) / 1-8 (splits after 3) (explosion)
    Range: Long
    Shape: Ray (initial) / Sphere AoE (explosion)
    Effect: Explodes after [2 range taps] or [1 range tap & 1 damaging ability] or [2 damaging abilities] for double damage
    Old Damage: [3002-3346 (3174 average)] + [3002-3346 (3174 explosion)] = 6348 total
    New Damage: [3170-3490 (3330 average)] + [2380-2613 (2497 explosion)] = 5827 total

    Overcharge got a slight nerf. The explosion damage went down by about 21% while the initial tick stayed about the same or was slightly buffed. Altogether it does about 8% less.

    Voltaic Bolt (20/123 samples)
    3s CD / 300 power
    CC: None
    Targets: 1-8 (splits after 3)
    Range: Long
    Shape: Sphere AoE
    Effect: 1 burst + 12 dot ticks
    Old Damage: [5203-5627 (5415 average)] + [264-352 (3696 average x12)] = 9111 total
    New Damage: [2660-2987 (2824 average)] + [527 every time (6324 average x12)] = 9148 total

    Voltaic Bolt's initial burst got significantly reduced, though the total damage actually stayed about the same.

    Ionic Drain (127/139 samples)
    [Vulnerable to Interrupt]
    4.4s CD / 200 power
    CC: None
    Targets: 1
    Range: Long
    Shape: Ray
    Effect: 7 tick finisher
    Old Damage: 888-1057 (973 average) (6808 average x7) (13,916 average under 35%)
    New Damage: 992-1230 (1111 average) (7777 average x7) (15981 average under 35%)

    Ionic Drain got about a 14% buff.

    Static Push (93 samples)
    6s CD / 200 power
    CC: Knock Down
    Targets: 1-8 (splits after 3)
    Range: Mid
    Shape: Wide-Width Cone
    Effect: Grants 75 + 13 Supercharge with each cast (out of 2000)
    Old Damage: 616 damage every time
    New Damage: 2737-2987 (2862 average)

    Static Push (and all the SC generators I assume) got a huge damage buff. It does about 465% more damage (which is still relatively low).

    Electrostatic Bomb (112 samples)
    3s CD / 300 power
    CC: Knock Down
    Targets: 1-8 (splits after 3)
    Range: Long
    Shape: Sphere AoE
    Effect: 3 tick fractured burst
    Old Damage: 2576-2816 (2696 average) (8088 average x3)
    New Damage: 2464-2723 (2594 average) (7781 average x3)

    Electrostatic Bomb got a slight nerf in damage.

    Electrogenesis (52 samples)
    12s CD / 200 power
    CC: None
    Targets: 1-8 / 1-16 (rarely)
    Range: Long
    Shape: 360 AoE
    Effect: 12 dot tick aura on 2 closest enemies
    Old Damage: 704 damage every time (8448 average x12)
    New Damage: 704-791 (748 average) (8970 average x 12)

    Electrogenesis got a slight buff in damage.
    Megavolt (20/210 samples)
    [Vulnerable to Interrupt]
    50% SC
    CC: Stun + Knock Down
    Targets: 1-8
    Range: Long
    Shape: Sphere AoE
    Effect: 1 burst + 11 dot ticks
    Old Damage: 2121-2366 (2244 average) (26,922 average x12)
    New Damage: [8644-9467 (9056 average)] + [1055-1143 (12,089 average x11)] = 21,145 total

    Megavolt got a noticeable nerf in overall damage in return for a large initial tick of damage.

    I'll give some of my thoughts on the changes tomorrow. Too sleepy atm.
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  5. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Except none of those roles impact how my abilities work, which is my point, healing abilities do less things and are weak regardless of how the other roles perform.
  6. krytine Loyal Player

    With stats matter we were promised more options that is not the case for the healer side. We basically have a cookie cutter loadout as electric. We lost a good burst heal abd descent hots and dots but we no longer have electrified interaction on the healer side. We long lost our stacking ablity and we continue to loose viable powers in healer role but hey lets only test the dps side hey by the way why not just reduce it to 6 heals that will work. I have been an electric heal ever since electric was released. But i am seeing i might not ever play it again when this crap hits live. I loved being a healer only less people wanted to play this and by how this is going less will want to play as a healer.

    1. Shields need to be put up to 8 seconds atleast
    2. Options for healing and damage in healer role
    3. Different or more straight forward healing for electric

    If they contiue to limit electric healing you will not find many of them but the devs have shown that they dont really care to preserve the uniqueness of an individual power when it comes to support. So very soon this will be dps universe
  7. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    I gave up on the healer side they keep taking away the Battle Healing aspect. Electric had potential with it.
    Battle healing doesn't mean decreased healing or sacrificed resto as some believe. You can have high resto and might or precision. You just won't spec into power much.

    I do not like that Electroburst does no damage in healer role.
    I hate that Tesla Ball doesn't give an hot along side it's dot in healer role.
    And I'm very upset shields are not a priority. They should be a priority. That is team survivability that's being hampered due to it, and I'm talking about in Elite Content. You simply can't expect to balance out the roles and not test their synergy in the most difficult of content.
    I can tell you right off the bat, Darkseid's War Room Factory Regular and Elite, Throne of the Dead Regular and Elite, Prison Break Regular and Elite, Blackest Day Regular and Elite, Happiness Home Elite, and God of Monsters Elite are going to be ridiculously difficult due to the healers lack of strength.
    Hell we saw the EO feat was a struggle at 180 CR... with all those damn stats.
    Even the lack of being able to effectively and efficiently battle heal is going to cripple the rate of completion.
    Controllers are the strongest of the roles right now.
    Tanks are second strongest (Atomic being highly debatable) and Healers are helplessly weak and pathetic.

    Pure healing is straight power resto and dominance.
    You need dominance to perform your role of healing at maximum potential now. Just resto ain't cutting I'm
    The proof is in the crits and shields.
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  8. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I got a bunch of info coming up but I'll say some things first.

    Tesla ball is real awkward right now, a 6 second cooldown doesn't really fit in a rotation well cause it conflicts with timings and you have to leave something hanging and sacrifice dps. 6 seconds just doesn't work for a fluid rotation. Maybe for a PftT style it might fit in but not if you play a hybrid style.

    The electrified side needs a good burst damage power. I find myself just using ebom or shock regardless of what pi I'm using.

    The above statement leads me to another thing I have brought up in the past. The pi damage is so low that you can swap in moves that don't even work with that pi and still do almost equal or better depending on what power your using. I think we need to up the pi damage to put more of a enfisis on pi's. Theres some powers sets where you can just sub in the hardest hitting powers and do better then abiding by the pi and that's silly if you ask me. That doesn't happen so much with electric but other power like mental it does.

    The change to vbolt is good and I've seen some people complain about the damage but from the tests I've done it's not a bad power but not a super good one either but from all the things I've done it seems to be inline using it in a more burst setup or dot setup. It still is a tad weak and maybe could use a slight bump in the dot damage but when we get to the fine tuning we can address that but like I said the dps is does is ok.

    Now megavolt, I didn't test it like I should have before the change but from what I can tell it has for sure seen a decrease in dps and that's not cool.

    Well that's it for right now I have a bunch more and a ton of graph and chart stuff I'm going to post up later on after I do a few more things.
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  9. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Tesla Ball leaves you hanging in PftT also unless you spam Tesla Blast. If you throw Shockwave in with the electrified rotation it makes things much smoother. I really thing that Shockwave should have both Pis. It would add some more burst to the dot side which it needs and some extra flavor.
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  10. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    So how much power is everyone specing into for a hybrid playstlye? I didn't feel like doing any of that math so i've just had 40 sp's in power out of my 205.

    I didn't want to really get into that math cause things might change i figured i'd let others battle with that lol
  11. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    I disagree with you on TELSA BALL....its always been 6 fits nicely in a hybrid rotation just got keep practicing and find it.....but i can tell you this is....I use HB my prefered weapon so my use of it might be different from your weapon playstyle......yes I'm HYBRID style all the way because to me Electric was designed for weapon usage anyway...I love that about it even in live and just as I suspected it's basically the same on test for me rotation wise....I got 3 at least rotation and I play PS4 live....I do agree that TELSA BALL didn't really need a reduction in damage at the cost of making it 6's one of those good idea bad idea was fine with either 3 ticks and damage before nerf....good testing crappy but lil motivation for you keep practice of your style you choose it will work........also i notice people love DOTS alot....why not make ELECTRIFIED side DOT based and new POLARIZED side BURST based....just a suggestion to give it options and yes SHOCKWAVE and ATTRACT should hit for both PIs.....why not? I've been electricity live since beginning....believe me I know the struggle and pains for 5 years..... I'll be ready for live thanks to test.....only drawback is I have to travel across town and use my lil brother computer account to test lol....but it was worth testing electric I said hybrid is pretty much like live for me.....Prec and might was way to go devs.....for power let's sat for hybrid I spec that last....I choose to trust my controllers but I know how to build power with my weapon anyway via old paradox nexus days so this isn't something new....but good luck to the PFTT peeps......hybrid is awesome and makes you feel like you putting in that superhero dps work as it should.....cant wait for HYBRID QUANTUM loadout.....keep up the testing guys
  12. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    So after testing a bunch of AoE loadouts just about everything you can use (using a hybrid playstyle) is pretty equal with each other. For the most part out of the things that work well. The only real discrepancies is how and where you will use each loadout.

    With that said the electrified side needs some help. i think if shockwave had a dual pi that would really help out. Its missing a good AoE low power cost burst move and shock would fit perfect imo.

    Heres a few data sheets to checkout, i'll post the links to more of them. All you have to do when you go in is take the sample size down to 30 parses (adjust the max time) so they all have equal samples or the data will be off. These are not super tryhard 100% perfect rotations all the time but they are 90% good. I wasn't going for super strict testing i just wanted a good idea of where things are sitting at.

    Incase anyone want to compare anything or want to know what stats and spec i had....

    -166 box gear
    -Core strength, max damage, escalating might
    -Mods were - prec/might VIII in my reds, prec/power VIII in yellows and might/health VIII in my blues.
    -20/20 crit chance
    -40/40 crit damage
    -45 in prec
    -45 in might
    -40 in power
    -Generator mods prec 6.2, power 6.2
    -League buffs, Damage out, crit attack, might and prec

    I was going for a well rounded build for these tests i didn't want to favor one stat to much at this time.

    Don't mind the Meteor blast or megavolt they where in parses after the 30 samples . This is Repulse clipped with wired-electrocute-E-bomb-Attract-ebomb-Attract and repeat.
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  13. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Here some links to some of my tests. Like i said everything that works good is on par with each other nothing really stands out to much or is "OP" from what i tested so far. I have many more sheets and also some single target data and other stuff regarding more then 3 targets and if i find anything to good or something i think can be improved i'll be sure to post up some data for it.

    I was gonna break these down but it would take up to much room on the forums so hopefully everyone knows how to use this site and make sure to take the max time down to 300 or so seconds so you only have 30 or 31 samples so the comparisons are equal.
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  14. krytine Loyal Player

    You vqll it battle healing i call it complete healing. But before cr differential i was always doing about half the damage of a dps. It made runds faster to have healers and trolls be able to do their role while helping with damage. Now that those heals that do damage are gone or going away. its hurtful that the devs claim they want to close the gap between support and dps. But this just isnt the case at all. Avair claimed he wants us to have options. But look at electric we dont have access to like half the powers in healer role all he and the rest of 5he development team has proven they care about is the dps universe side. Look at the new anniversery event they made.

    1.They wanted the 2s for formations and they stepped away from that.
    2. Claimed to lessen the gap between support roles and dps which would further promote running of 2s and solos and duos even alerts would be easier.
    3. Claims of more diverse loadout and options for play style either as a pure healer or more hybrid by not changing your gear.

    The biggest things is that we continue to be mislead and if they do this with stats matter i am most likely walking away from this game completly. Now over the years i have probably dumped over 1500 us something i was happy with some i havent been but the game play an entertainment value i got off this game was worth it. Seeing how far i could take my support toon going beyound the limits of just a support class title. And i see that i didnt like want tunso has done to in this game. So my list to you devs check you have killed more interest in the game for me unless something major changes happen
  15. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Heres a few more reads but for single target. Its looking like for single target 3 dots falls behind and a more burst loadout pulls ahead :(

    I have way more data if anyone wants to know how a certain loadout stacks up i prob have it recorded just ask and i'll put it up or if i don't i'll run it for you if you would like.

    And remember take the sample size down to 31 parses by either deleting some or adjusting the max time to around 300 for equal sample size and to get rid of the last parse thats low where i stopped.
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  16. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    I think you missed the premise of the post.
    My post wasn't aimed at you from the bottom on down. I was trying to reinforce what you said lol.

    It has been focused on dps dps dps dps dps. Not much going for role potential.
  17. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Come on Shockwave dual Pi
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  18. krytine Loyal Player

    Sorry i was meaning it to sound like i was in agreement with you but still not happy with how the devs have limited our options
  19. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Bro seems like we were the only two pushing for this.. Its common sense.. Most people think its easier/cooler to have a WHOLE rotation on cooldown, vs strategically timing your moves, which involves more awareness of timing, while maximizing your damage potential.
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  20. Ekaterina Committed Player

    Thank you for this and that's the issue with alot of powers in dc most of them aren't competitive or able to be used in top tier or skilled content since we are speaking on healing I don't look at nature as being an easy power I look at nature as being the standard. what healers must have. You are correct not all content requires fast healing but not being able to switch out your loadout for said content is not acceptable.
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