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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Feb 10, 2017.

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  1. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Changing the values of healing is fine, this is what everyone wants to be the solution to stop everyone and anyone being able to Solo Heal. What everyone is complaining about is how abilities now differ from live to test in terms of what they do.

    Flux is electrics 4 man group shield, on live I used this ability for picking up my dead group members or someone with my shield would do it, on test the shield doesn't long enough to do this and it is an element of gameplay simplified now because if a boss fight is erratic that person is as good as out and so in elite content, where you only have two lives / one rally it might be near impossible for the average playerbase to complete.

    There are numerous other abilities that have changed which on the live servers provided consistency in healing if you knew how your power set worked, on test there is no consistency because the cost of using something is very high (power/cooldown) with fairly little output (healing) and as some of these abilities require a unique scenario to be practical you're going to have more people complaining that they feel weak and make the role off-putting.

    The way that I interpret it is, the healer role now seems less interesting because it's weak due to the huge changes that were made for the ability selection and the way an ability now works on test. Out of my 6 loadout slots I have 9 options, 2 are super charges and most of my 7 other options, on their own are weak in what they do.
  2. Mystere Well-Known Player

    1. It's hard to know when to recast voltaic bolt now as the recharge time doesn't sync up to dot length
    2. It takes away a good burst power
    3. Most of election good dog is now a dot or a much weaker faster recharging power - ebomb

    You notice the lack of burst a lot more when fighting enemies in typhoons invasion.

    Some will say try a polarization build but the changes to ebomb and vbolt cause the same issue
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  3. krytine Loyal Player

    One thing i dont understand is why electroburst was change from a burst heal and hot with elecrrified interaction and dots to just a straight up 4 man heal. You also speak of functionality of powers i understand in dps role ionic drain does and shows the single target 35% and all but in healer role it does not show what we are doing. To top it off we have less heals then other powers and yet upon its inception electric was known for its burst heals being larger .oh yeah on a side note i actually like the way bio cap works now. I like have the safety net as an emergancy heal i always did. So with its interaction gone from biosurge i am happier about that.
    On a negative i wish the shields could be made to 8 seconds and for an effect like jacobs ladder to be in play. A massive electrical charge from two points rising to the heavens to end in a massive explosion.
    I do feel that if a shield is broken before its duration the add or bose should recieve some damage back
    And most importantly we need more powers that heal and damage at the same time of course in healer role they wont do the same damage as dps but still give us electrified or polarized interactions in healer role and a sc builder power in healer
  4. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    1.Bruh.. just cast it right after Electrocute.. Or wired(if youre using it)
    2. It was never REALLY a burst power to begin with, it was MAINLY a dot and they decided to give a nice SPLASH damage.
    3. Most of electricfied side has always been DOTS. While i do agree E-bomb was better(DMG) at 12seconds, waiting 12 seconds per moves, was a bit slower gameplay, it doesnt allow much players to really pftt.

    But i can understand where youre coming from.
  5. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Played a bit just to see how well Shockwave would work in a LO with Electrified. LO was Arc>Tblast>Shockwave>Tball>VB>Echute

    I know that SW is Polarized now but I wanted to see how it would work with fluidity of gameplay. Man it fits right in and is very smooth. I really feel like SW should have both PIs. It made the LO very smooth, fun, and kept the pace nice and fast. I was still working with the Dots but had the low cost powers on there to help manage my power while the dots did their thing. I did not feel like it was repetitive at all. Not sure how others feel about this, but I do not think it would break any of the existing mechanics we have or the devs are working on. It should also be a minor change since is started with the electrified PI. It also does not turn the Electrified side into a burst fest it just helps with power management so you can run it more effectively in solo or duo content. With this small change we would have both PIs with LO that would work with both solo and group content, and increased options for gameplay. To me this should be a no brainer but I am not someone that has to do coding. I see no reasons not to make this small change....if anyone does have some I would be curious to hear them.

    tldr have Shockwave use both Pi's. Make both power trees super smooth and adds more LO options without taking anything away from what we have now.
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  6. Mystere Well-Known Player

    I disagree,
    last patch it did good burst. Before you had 2 great burst short dots with ebomb and vbolt. Now you don't. I understand some like dots, I do too but prefer them shorter and stronger. When you fight non bosses u def see a difference and will be just like live where you will fall behind in dps to burst powers.
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  7. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Yea burst DOTS is definitely the ABSOLUTE best WAY To compete vs BURST powers.. But not adding too much of them in the game for even more variety..

    Shockwave is Definitely Nice.. You really dont need a Electrified PI for shockwave, bcuz the Extra damage from the PI is about 10%, which is too low to push for a Electrified synergy loadout..

    Ebomb and Tesla Ball, before this update was BURST DOTS heavy, which was nice too..
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  8. L T Devoted Player

    I've only tested a little electric so far, but my first impression with using voltaic bolt is that they took a really good power on test, and transformed it into the sucky power that it is on live. Actually worse than live because it will only refresh one DOT.
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  9. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Besides the healing side--which I have given up on because support as been treated awful lately damage wise and in their main functions-- the dps side just got a Nerf with Tesla Ball and Vbolt being reduced to down right bad moves. It seemed like a good thing but lead to other problems.
    And Megavolt got destroyed in damage potential.
    I'm not going to go into it. I literally deleted my test toon out of disgust and frustration

    We went from bad to flexible and great to mediocre.
    We lost fracture burst and straight up burst.. to gain dots that don't do much now.

    One suggestion I high recommend you take seriously, is to listen to the ones who actually test and do stuff here.
    Don't give credence to these miscreants and ignorant posters who have not tested crap. It skewed the survey data and it is continually skewing the Testing Feedback. It's a hindrance.
    I'm pissed off.

    It's like we gave that feedback for nothing. Electric only needed small tweaks.. not a dramatic change or two.
    Now it's gonna need even more work than before!
    Come on guys!
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  10. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    One shots are great IF they are related to adds/boss's mechanics !
  11. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    And yet people blame "testers"
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  12. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    The change to v-bolt is good for boss fights. When adds join in at a boss fight they can jump in and be damaged by egen or electrocute but not by v-bolt cause it's not a field or aura like those 2 powers. So if you just casted vbolt and adds join that's one dot that you can't have on the adds for the remainder of the cooldown of it, but with the change to it only having a 3 sec cooldown you will now be able to have all 3 of your main dots (12 second dots) on everything and not miss out on a portion of your dps due to cooldowns and now you can also have the vbolt dot up 24/7 if you play your cards right.

    And the it's not as good on adds thing is 50/50. Sure it don't have the burst it did but now you don't run into issues with it when moving from adds to adds. Another thing dots aren't really the best option for adds I lean more tower burst when fighting adds cause dots are slow burn. I think it's a good change overal cause now it makes it more viable in the place where it's most useful.

    I do agree about the not knowing how much longer the duration of it is but you can time it with other things on your bar and once you get a set rotation with it players will be fine.
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  13. Mystere Well-Known Player

    Yeah but they lengthened the duration and lowered the damage on 3 powers! Vbolt, Tesla, and ebomb. I could live with vbolt change if others werent changed.
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  14. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Yea I don't like the changes to the other powers. With v-bolt though It should be doing the same damage as it used to (i think) but some of the damage from the burst was moved to the dots. So in the long run it should equal out.
  15. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player


    I try to see where everyone is coming from but OMG.

    Take some time to consider using bullet points.

    What you are trying to say is lost in that gigantic wall of text.
    If you are trying to prove a point it will get lost in the story more times than not. Like it is in your comment.

    You have to remember :

    The devs are trying to do a job.
    Reading monstrous walls of text is not efficient.
    It is thorough but......
    Do they have time to read everything?
    When you want to prove a point as quickly as possible and still be thorough
    use bullets :)

    I'm not trying to bust your chops.
    I am actually trying to help you prove the point you are trying to make.

    good luck
  16. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Usually if I don't justify my responses with a wall of text they end up getting deleted. But the points shortened (sort of...):

    • Healing Balance on the basis of completion upon content is flawed logic, testers are majority DPS and so do the Olympus Regular raid to test DPS loadouts and scoreboard chase, this raid is extremely easy, next to nothing happens in this raid that requires skill or detailed understanding of so suggesting that healing is fine on the basis of completing easy raids will just lead to disaster. Difficult content can be attempted by testers but the majority of the playerbase on test won't be able to do them as simply put are not good enough so any attempts for balancing on these suggestions provide skewed feedback on the power set.
    • There's 3 main reasons why healing is horrible (perceived as weak) - A. Power Costs are too high B. Cooldowns are too high and C. Abilities do less things.
    • There is a reduction in abilities available for healing use which isn't being received well by players. And because most abilities have changed for the worse the feeling of being a healer has greatly diminished in all aspects
    • The state of healing as it is now or any iterations similar to this won't be viable because the combat in DCUO is erratic, anything can happen at anytime and the ability to control the situation which my role dictates is extremely gated by the ABCs I mentioned above. I had better consistency in the version of my powers on live than I do on test.
    • On test, being a support now is just micro managing your cooldowns which makes for tedious gameplay and is slowing the combat pace down and penalizes you.
    • The method of balancing they're doing is fine for DPS but for support, it doesn't make sense as I as a support need to be able to react to the situation accordingly whenever I can. Updates on test have helped Tanks and Trolls in this aspect but for Healers nothings been done at all, every update gives something and takes something else away. Also the bandages they've provided to fix things we didn't ask for are inadequate.
    • If healing is being nerfed this badly, imagine the backlash they're going to receive when the better healer powers are gutted down to this level
    • It's best to stay on live and improve on those power sets because it means there's also less development time required to being spent on Healing as nothing major needs doing to Nature and Celestial. Also an issue is, Celestial has 19 abilities that support the healing role, on test Electric has 9 and Sorcery has 11, which 8 abilities are going to be removed from Celestial to make it fair?
    • Reminder that GU36 shaked up DPS and that resulted in an exodus of players, this update for support roles may end up doing the same if they continue down this road.
    If you can, please read the whole post as there were points left out / stuff is better explained.

    I feel like responses need to be as thorough as that, they need to understand that they way they are approaching this is a major detriment and I'm trying however I can to make them see it.
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  17. Mystere Well-Known Player

    Low dot DMg is why elec suffers on live. This is why I prefer shorter duration higher dmg dots over longer weaker dots. I can live with one of the three changes but really think 2 of the three should change back.
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  18. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Ran some parses because I was curious. On the triplet targets. Too bad they still restore power because this could be a bit different.

    Might 10307, Prec 10723, Power 35576, 20MP in crit chance.

    Rotation: Electrogenesis, AL, TBall, Electrocute, VB, 3 rotations of SK
    Effective DPS 10571.5

    Rotation: PftT Electrogenesis, AL, OC, Electrocute, VB, OCX5
    Effective DPS 10355.7 Could possibly get it a little higher with a rotation change.

    Rotation: PffT Repulse, Attract, SB, SW, Electrocute, rotate first four and then recast Electrocute when off CD
    Parses when SB is close enough for multiple hits range in the 12000, otherwise in the 10000 range

    Rotation: PffT Repulse, Attract, SW, Electrocute, Electrogenesis, rotate the first three until DoTs are off CD
    Effective DPS 13207 - I like this one because Electrogenesis is a DoT on targets.

    I tried a clipping rotation with ESB. It was pretty good, but I didn't care for it: Repulse, ESB, Electrocute, Electrogensis, SK clip with SW, SK clip with ESB, SK clip with SW, SK clip with Repulse (new rotation). Attract's CD is too long for this rotation.
    Despite messing up the weapon combo few times, Effective DPS 11409

    Megavolt isn't something I would use on Bosses anymore. It seems like it would be better for adds because of the quick ticks.
  19. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Your arguments are invalid based upon the assumption that there are no competent healers on test. I've seen Mystere in some of the test videos solo healing and I know he is a competent healer because I used to be in a league with him on USPC Villain.
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  20. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Careful, there is a lot of ignorance in that post, if you think my points are invalid then you do not understand the state of healing as it is on test.

    "...Difficult content can be attempted by testers but the majority of the playerbase..."

    I didn't say there were no competent healers on test, Mystere may very well be a good healer and so are a small few of the testers that I am aware of on test. But that singular person is dependable on the rest of the group which on test, depending on all 8 people to be really good is going to be near impossible to get, since no one really knows each other and might not have the patience to see a run through.

    This was the case for God of Monsters Elite on test, no one could beat it. Olympus Elite was beat once everyone received the vendor gear and even then very few groups managed to beat it on test.

    Mystere and I are in the same league on the test server and agree on many things regarding healing at this moment.
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