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Discussion in 'PC Technical Support' started by Dyablo, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Dyablo New Member

    Why, last 3 days, i have the choice to purchase a Power and weapon, like Earth and Shield with my Station Cash and now, i want to purchase another Power and i cannot use my SC ??

    Station Cash is like credit. Virtual money we paid with real money. Why i cannot use it to purchase this kind of thing ??

    Why you change that ???
  2. LadyLightning Well-Known Member

    This is the answer.
  3. magnuadder New Member

    Basicaly Sony has desided that the credit that you buy form them is no longer any good for buying content from them, they want your credit card numbers so once more they can get hacked and you have to cancel the cards and start over.
  4. Ilunis Well-Known Member

    Here's the thing: They like to make money. All of those triple SC days were coming back to haunt them, so they took the option of using SC for DLC away. Simple as that. Your post is silly.
  5. magnuadder New Member

    But i will never again give sony my card info they have proven that they can not be trusted with it... as i only used sc cash to buy DLC content Sony will never again get a dime form me.
  6. magnuadder New Member

    oh and not the original poster looking at the grammar of the i would say he speaks some Asian dialect and decided to use a translator... lucky i am good at decrypting gibberish as it is a second language to me.
  7. Gwalir Well-Known Member

    By "content", you mean just DLCs since everything else in the Marketplace is still purchasable using Station Cash, correct?

    I get you don't agree with the change, but don't try misleading someone who may be interested in the non-DLCs even if you aren't.
  8. magnuadder New Member

    Content is some thing that drastically changes or expands the game, every thing that does not do that its not content... weapon skins, skins, cola's, bouncy balls, even resets are not content they are at best digital consumables.
  9. Gwalir Well-Known Member

    Sounds like we have different definitions of content then. To me content is anything added to a game, whether it affects gameplay or visuals.

    After all, I doubt there are many that use the exact same costume that they had when they created the character, so a character's appearance has some value to just about everyone. Having the Blue Energy pistols helped with my own character's appearance, so I consider it of value and call it content.

    Even if the DLCs are more valuable, the other stuff still is in their own right.
  10. magnuadder New Member

    back on topic. I under stand SOE was losing money from the double and triple SC days, but the correct way of dealing with them would have been simply to stop doing the promotions, or adjust prices at face value. Sony should know they are still receiving criticism for how they handled the hacks, they let some one break into their system not once but twice and get away with customers personal data. This is not baseball your don't get 3 strikes.

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