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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by GL_Xistel, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. GL_Xistel New Player

    I'm a returning player. I've been on and off the game since it went free to play way back when.

    I've been on the forum reading that the player base just isn't high enough to quickly match up for raids or other group missions. At the same time, it doesn't feel like the game is going anywhere anytime soon, as it just launched on Switch and a new episode came out.

    What is your current view on the game and is it worth coming back right now?
  2. Noble One Well-Known Player

    for the switch yes and thats because the switch has a low pop. but for everyone its fine. just download the game yourself and try it? its free so if you dont like it then you can uninstall it.
  3. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    It depends what server you play on too. The EU side is dead! The EU villain side is almost non existent.

    Most of the forum users on here are American. Their population is by FAR the most populated!

    This game is “free to play” to a certain extent. Anyone telling you otherwise - are either liars; or casual players.
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  4. KneelBeforeZodd Well-Known Player

    Switch is dead, really dead, you can't get groups for anything. Xbox is almost dead, but some content is playable. EU hero side is playable but you'll have a hard time getting group for older content, EU villain side is nearly dead. US hero side is very populated and I didn't have any issue getting a group in the past years, but the population dropped like by half since 2014-2015, so it's not the same as before. US villain side is pretty much like EU hero side, but since you can crossfaction a lot of content, it's not so bad.

    TD;DR: If you are a US player, you'll probably have people to group up and to do most of the content with for the next years. Xbox and switch are not worth joining unless the devs announce crossplay. EU hero side is playable but I wouldn't spend my 20 cents on that server if I could play US.
  5. Dragonnes Committed Player

    Sure villain side is lacking (though still playable with a league or friends), but hero side isn't bad.

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