State of the Game from the Player Perspective!!!

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  1. Vulpis New Player

    True enough, but between the constructive comments getting drowned out by the folks that sound like 10yr olds who just learned their first curse word and have stubbed their toe, and 'professionals' who get defensive when someone *dares* to criticize the Great Work (or at the very least have the gall to complain when the dev slaves all day over a hot keyboard after having had to climb uphill both ways to get to the office)....*shrug*. I've been playing GW2 the last week, and it's lovely how my blood pressure levels have stopped spiking. At least there, spending your $60 gets you a lot more than a handful of additional powersets and a batch of repetitive endgame raids.
  2. SoylentBob New Player

    Didn't they revamp Heat Vision a while back? It was FotM for a while.
  3. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    For me and I think for others aswell it is very difficult to understand, why this massive change has been done to transmutation (see my quote below about what is all effected), because the patchnotes just say the skill now only destroys harmfull encasements, while it sometimes does not, and it doesn't explain why the skill doesn't destroy all the other things anymore, which it used to destroy before the change. Especially since the description of the skill in the skill-tree is the same as before.

    Mepps once said in this post that the scorecard was not the only reason to change that skill.
    But unfortunatelly we didn't get any response yet to the question, what ELSE was the issue with that skill which was the reason to change it so massivly.

  4. pnob19 New Player

    I'm pretty sure it was 99.9% scoreboard. They just refuse to admit it. They screwed up period.
  5. The Doctor Loyal Player

    Can't we just have the warp to base cool down lowered to five minutes? The "privilege" of inter city travel will only cost three bucks. I see absolutely no way lowering the timer to five could be exploited. It's already an hour wait to relocate your base, so it isn't like someone can just up and move it for warping purposes.
  6. Shazam Well-Known Player

    Well I really enjoy DCUO. I've been playing for over two years. I feel they are slowly but surely heading for the pay to win model. Legendary membership doesn't seem worth the $14.99 a month anymore. Maybe they should add on a few more features. Maybe more amenities to your base? PVP has really changed and overall not worth it. It's not fun anymore when you challenge someone and they spring out their backup and pets. Just to set their and watch them fight. Way to many pets. Instead of each seasonal event giving out trinket pets, why not special gear, styles, base stuff, and other things besides pets. The game does need new content at a fast rate then almost two years. I mean content that is not recycled either. You guys have endless supply of characters, back stories, and information to draw from. Bug fixing needs to come at a better rate. There are plenty of bugs that are being reported, but are being ignored. When you add stuff to content that already has bugs, your just creating a mess. Mentors are pretty much useless now. You should either make their quests available to everyone or just remove them. Hopefully, this game does jump to the PS4. It would be very sad to have to quit because it stays on the PS3 with its 256mb ram.

    I do love DCUO. I hope it continues to grow and add plenty of content, but right now the game feels very stale. In PVP it feels like I'm playing Pokemon.
  7. Xeranx New Player

    As far as I'm concerned, I think being almost forced to have a particular loadout is counterproductive to having a superhero game. This is where I find myself at odds with the RPS system. In going with the "tried and true" method of MMO gaming they've made it so that people can't really be unique in the customization and creation of characters in the world. We all must have unique names, but we can barely have more than two characters that aren't exactly the same.

    One example: I have a gadgets flyer with a power point spent in heat vision. The backstory supports my choice for having that addition. The problem is, I always intended that character as a controller (most of my characters are controllers in fact - none are straight damage dealers) and have to take that power out as a result. Why? Because once I hit level 30, most of my play is in groups and I have to sacrifice what I'd like my character to be for what the group needs. So now I have a power point invested for pure novelty which doesn't seem right to me. I would have preferred to have that heat vision be a mainstay in that character's loadout because there was an intended vision for the use of it with a character that could launch gadgets that immobilize people.

    So I don't want the iconics to match respective powersets alone, I want them to be universally useful to any single powerset currently in-game and any added later. At times, I really do wish we were allowed to decide whether we wanted to be a tank, controller, or healer regardless of what powerset we chose.
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  8. Exostorm Well-Known Player

    If they make the Secret Six the mentors, this could be a great idea in the future.
  9. Dauntless II New Player

    Personal opinion, but I think there needs to be more 'story' content that scales from 1 to 8 players. There was several years ago a number floating around claiming that 60% of MMO players still solo most of the game, and just recently Carbine Studios claimed the same.

    However, not entirely sure if that's accurate, but I am one of those who 'consume' content rather than wanting to repeat it. And yes, I do primarily play solo (Dauntless II is a Batman/Nightwing wannabe, it feels 'better' to solo with him, while my Electrical Healer is more suited to group play) and I'm wondering the viability of having 'episodic' content like 'comic arcs' would be.

    I love the game, I'm a Premium player because I can't afford the 15 every month, but I can (and do) drop 20 every 2 or three months, so I don't want to ever get bored of this game.
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  10. Rashadjc New Player

    I'm from the future here to tell you that the PS4 port is exactly the same as the PS3 expect with better graphics. Still the PC version looks and feels better.
  11. ApolloMystique New Player

    Off top of my head:
    1. ELECTRICITY desperately needs overhaul in both dps and healing (and it would be awesome if healer role can also do damage like celestial)

    2. Iconics need a huuuuge jump in their dps...for example, the eye beam costs a lot, and is a vulnerable to interrupt move...but it is single target...why get that when one can get mass detonation and do the same damage eye beams can do, but on each target it hits? Also they need multiple functions...for example, in healer role, frost breath can debuff...stuff like that...

    3. Fire tank buff...self heals need to be twice as strong as they are now...nuff said

    4. Clothing presets (not armories...just for styles...)

    5. We need missions in open world for metripolis and gotham...part of the fun in the game is just meeting up with heroes and villains alike in open world while u are going to a mission...

    6. Might based powers need lower power cost to improve effectiveness to bring it more in line with precision based powers...everyone loves saying gadgets can put out just as much damage as cel and hl...but no one talks about how much more power needs to be used to do slightly decrease all piwercist of might based powers and this should be rectified...

    7. PLEEEEASE revamp electricity...I have a toon just WAITING for the revamp...and I refuse to play him until...I already have my plan for him for armories with him dpsing electricity, and healing in his other spec, while changing appearance :)! And it would be even more awesome (and sensible )if electricity can do some celestial tyoe damage in healer role
  12. GreenNGo Well-Known Player

    So my guess is the PvP Combat Rating doesn't do anything?