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  1. Gunny New Player

    Well, I was farming TD mainly for marks, but also looking for three chest drops to test out the differences between core strength, penetrating strikes, and neither.... wanted this chest in particular so the ranges and numbers would be larger and more accurate/visible in determining percentages.

    Well, I managed to get all three, so proceeded into my lair to test out on my sparring target, using a full DPS loadout, wearing the 91 chest with no mod. The first thing I decided to do was basically run spin chop with one-handed as many times as possible and identify the range of possible hits. To do this, I only needed to record the highest and lowest hit I obtained (and a ton of repetition). I recorded criticals in their own section to compare with as well. Heres my findings so far.

    Max Regular Hit -- 1161
    Min Regular Hit -- 775

    Max Critical Hit -- 2932
    Min Critical Hit -- 1956

    Critical Magnitude bonus is 127%
    25% base critical chance.
    10% iconic ability.
    20% recovery innate from weapon mastery.
    72% from SP allocation.

    Precision - 2447
    DPS - 261.4 (92 Weapon)

    I tried checking the numbers to be sure I have very close values for minimum and maximum values before going onto testing core strength and penetrating strikes. The idea was believing that critical hits and regular hits both operate on the same scalar, just a critical hit receives a % boost equal to your magnitude... in other words:

    Max Critical Hit divided by Max Regular Hit equals Critical Magnitude.
    Min Critical Hit divided by Min Regular Hit equals Critical Magnitude.

    The idea is as your range of hits gets closer and closer to the actual range in the game, the value you will get for critical magnitude will begin to settle, so when you finally do get the exact range after countless spin chops, you will be able to come up with a 127% critical magnitude. Furthermore, the numbers for minimum and maximum values will be equal.

    What I discovered when doing this with my current numbers is that I got the values of 2.52 and 2.52 respectively. The values I SHOULD have gotten should be around 2.27 - or a 127% boost. They however are equal, and I've already gone hundreds of spin chops without a single update to any of my ranges, meaning I should be VERY close to having the actual range.


    So this begs me to question....

    Is the base Critical magnitude for naked toons 50%?
    If not, are weapon mastery combos using higher criticals than they should?

    More testing will be done on this...
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  2. Kirney Slane New Player

    Is it actually crit chance or did u mean magnitude? But more importantly: Is a critical hit just calculated from ur magnitude bonus or is there a base number that will be applied for a crit and then the magnitude will kick in? (including ur base bonus)

    How do people know stuff like that anyway :D

    Have u tried the normal spin chops w/out speccing into wm to compare?

    Another possible issue might be the use of a melee weapon. Maybe there is a glitch that stacks both recovery buffs? Or maybe it is intended, who knows :D
  3. shiny mackerel Committed Player

    Critical magnitude bonuses in this game are applied multiplicatively to the base of 25%, kinda weird.
    So it should be 1.25 * (1 + bonuscritmag).
    With a crit mag bonus of 102%, your critical magnitude will be 1.25 * (1+1.02) = 2.525
  4. Gunny New Player

    @ Kirney Slane

    Red point: Yes, its an error. Will be adjusting now, it was meant magnitude. In terms of damage numbers, critical chance although important, is not a factor in determining individual damage values.

    Gold point: Things like this are often discovered by developer answers in the forums or individual player testing. I am 90% sure the value is 25%, but it actually being 50% would serve as a perfect logical answer to my results.

    Blue point: That is currently in the works now. I simply respecced the SP and did everything identical EXCEPT buying the mastery for one-handed. This should keep all critical magnitudes (except a 5% loss due to not having the weapon mastery) the same, as well as precision. I'm still working on the ranges for this, but the results will either confirm or eliminate the possibility of the base critical magnitude to be 50%.

    @ shiny mackerel

    This is interesting, and does sound plausible.... even though it does sound far more complicated. 2.525 is VERY close to most of the values I've found.

    Basically you are saying that rather than a normal calculation of 100% * (1 + total crit mag), you suggest that the 25% base is taken in terms of a multiplier rather than additive? This would suggest that for every 4% critical magnitude you obtain, it actually increases your critical damage by 5%.
  5. shiny mackerel Committed Player

    That's how it is. If you wanna see it very easily, use a PoT move with 20% power crit mag bonus. The power crits will have a 50% crit mag instead of 45%. All crit magnitude bonuses apply multiplicatively.
  6. Remander Steadfast Player

    Interested to know what the crit mag for some of those WM combos is. Seems ludicrous that anything a do should be able to hit for over 15k, lol!
  7. Xzotix Committed Player

    You guys make my head hurt. WAAAAAYYYY too much math for me to comprehend. :confused:
  8. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    i didn't want nothing but to let u know. at 149 SP Ha! i got the 5 perfect lair battle feats XD