Stat scaling and mechanics

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  1. Lady Mystyk Level 30

    I waited awhile to post because so many stat clamp threads. I even to a point defended the move. After all you said it was so we could "experience the game the way it was intended."

    Well that is now....not the case.

    I ran the Hive alert. You know the one. The one that was used after we leveled to 30.
    Bombus melted within 2 minutes so did the engineer and Queen Bee. Buzzcut was the only one that put up a fight.
    We only had to take 4 of the bombs to blow up the mining equipment. Did you change this prior to 41?
    We only had to take out 2 platforms. Not all of them. Just 2.

    A&B raid. Got in at the maze. Made it through the first time and fought Sinestro nad Henshaw. Not once did we have to stun the manhunters. Nor did we have to break any of the tubes off to the side.

    So, what gives? You stat clamp us but then take away the mechanics of the game?

    For shame. Hard to defend you when you pull this stuff.
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  2. Yaiba Committed Player

    I did some raids without support roles too, that is intended I guess:
    . Olympus raid: no tank, nuke boss too fast I don't even know what the mechanics in there. :D
    . God of Monsters: no heal, same as above.
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  3. MaDaNoF New Player

    Just to note Buzzcut had so much health cause you properly didn't use the mechanics of the fight - You see fire on the platform lead him to that and flames removes the defence buff thus easier to take down.
  4. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Some content was adjusted before EEG clamp. Many times even. So when they set the clamp on them, they felt easier.

    I can assure you, not all content is like this. Some actually are worse when you have new players in there.
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  5. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    Agreed, Anyone who would like to find out first hand how true this is may want to try Paradox Wave. Let us know how it works out for your group with no healer, tank, troll etc :)
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  6. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    League did it with no tank (EO style)
    We used 2 heals tho to compensate and it was rough (by rough i mean fun).
    BUT, thats an organized group of very experienced players on mic talking/coordinating.
    If u Q this blind an try it lol, best wishes lol
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  7. the solowing Devoted Player

    Its very doable with randoms who arnt gonna just try to faceroll their way through it.
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  8. Hraesvelg Devoted Player

    A few of us did this the other day since it popped for Omni. Someone did the EO thing before we had a chance to discuss it, so we rolled with it. Luckily, it was me on DPS and two oldschool leaguers on tank and heals, with all of the SP and artifacts that entailed. Took forever and a day, since the other people kept dying in spectacular fashion in groups that made pickups really hard. Attrition was awful with that group.

    What made it kinda funny is that three or four left and didn't get the loot at the end. Ah well.
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  9. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    Aye, there's the rub. Because despite the changes in the game we still have a sizable group that INSISTS on trying to faceroll content that can be cleared with common sense and teamwork.

    Well if it gets too bad we can always break out the popcorn and enjoy the carnage :)
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