Stat Revamp 1.3.....Fear is real

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  1. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    Fatal the people throwing all the money at stabilizers will eventually run out, we kind of shouldn't be shooing away folks from the population.

    I have played test and while I do not like several of how things are now, things have gotten slightly better.... and so I don't have my torch ready to go just yet... I am afraid to say my pitchfork is sharp in case I need it... and would prefer it wasn't so. Really it depends on how long and drawn out the devs are wiling to let this process go. It's going to be February and we only have six powers on test so were "hypothetically" halfway through the available powers and we haven't even gotten to the rest of the combo powers (atomic already being a might based probably made it easier to start with)... they can't afford to rush this (nor would I want them too) but as of right now I think lots of people feel more uncertainty due to the fact were not going to get a DLC until this revamp is done.
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  2. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    That's my problem. We go enough here we don't need it in a game.

    I've been here a while but this kind of post is different than the sky is falling. It's like I don't want to quit but I want everyone else to.
    I'd agree with you but not a fan of hoping people to leave. Maybe a break would be better.
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  3. Starbrand Dedicated Player

    In 6 years, I saw a lot of "fear mongering"... and mostly they were TRUE :D

    Maybe "Stats Matter" is a new tactic for sales: "lets do some crazy changes to see if the players come back to test it" (it is and it is not a joke, everything is possible).

    Leaguemates testing in server found really weird effects, like "if you spec a lot in... POWER... you will have better... DAMAGE (?!?!!?)", it is BIZARRE!
  4. HEALER35 Well-Known Player

    I must say I was worried about the revamp, but I like the way they have the three ways to play now, because you have to take in consideration everyone does not like to use their weapon and you have those that like to use their weapon.

    It really opens up a lot of options for the players, but I just hope the powers are balanced so their will be no confusion
    between pftt, hybrid and weapon.
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  5. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Straight Might spec+ hybrid playstyle still is better
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  6. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    At this point in time, what the revamp is doing to healing I'd be afraid. So much so I've really just lost the will to continue testing because they won't revert back to the version of healing I prefer and mostly just ignore or don't acknowledge feedback because it's not relevant to the changes they're doing.

    Been playing for over 5 years as a heal main and think it's time to quit because this is basically GU36 all over, there's no feedback or transparency as to why these changes are happening and they're universally undesirable as many people in the V1, 1.1 1.2 threads have pointed out.
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  7. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    The changes on healing effects potency are a side effect of the Nerf from NPC´s damage which was overkilling. Right now in this version of the Revamp the only thing that can produce stress while healing its several mechanics from an instance at the same time like we tested on Dox, where we fought 5 Bosses at the same time while so many things were happening on that room (Blue Ball encasements, pushacks, jails, Sentry jumps, etc.)
  8. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    Folks we aren't done testing, so how about just wait and see what's next remember we are still in the starting area Thanks.
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  9. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    I was gonna jump on test but then I heard they removed RSA from sorcery and changed Trans to a projectile and put this dumb power in place of shard and thought to myself, "if I log on test and experience these changes, I will not play again."

    So here I sit in the shadows trying to stay up on what's happening and not passing judgement but knowing in the back of my head that if those sorcery changes aren't reverted I'm done. RSA doesn't even need to do anything but I want the visual back.
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  10. KEN_Oracle_of_Delphi Well-Known Player

    With all the delays in revamp, don't expect Water to come out till 2018, or 2019. But heck, by then the game will be taken down so I guess it won't really matter.
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  11. Menelaos Dedicated Player

    I don't play in test server, so I have no first hand knowledge of anything. I do however, have friends and other acquaintances who do play on test server and more than a handful have expressed concern over stats matter not actually mattering.

    Pretty soon we will see now wont we?

  12. CountryBoyof74 Well-Known Player

    I like how the game plays right now, Sure they could buff and nerf somethings. They could also have somethings easier to get or cheaper....Man, I hope they do not mess with gameplay too much.
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  13. spack2k Steadfast Player

    well one is certain , ppl will have to adapt ,alot of abilities work different now despite the names are the same ...a lot of abilities were choosen as a SC generator or as debuffs which doesnt make sense at all like encasements/pulls etc and i wouldnt wonder if when quantum will be tested they change quantum tunneling to be a defence debuff LMAO.
  14. ozzy1111 Dedicated Player

    it always sounds good. then, we get the change seem unlikely that a power loadout will be any good. they seem to want you to (play there way) again. am was a joke. all the powers we have, and we can ONLY use a few if we want the am. they are pushing a weapon and SC loadout. if you want to use a weapon loadout. cool. all powers. cool. a mix. cool. the way it should be. and was at one time. b4 the crap they did to mess it all up. they will push there way of playing. and even more people will leave. and they know it. so, why are they doing it???
  15. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    What I'm afraid of is ending up with a broken power. Falling into the pit Nature and Electricity have been in for years, where earth and ice once were and where mental got stuck for the better part of a year.

    I used to have a lot of fun dpsing with my nature, fire, ice and quantum toons pre WM/AM. Since WM/AM not so much. I would love to be able to go back to those old loadouts.

    I don't want to trade one mess in for another and have it take years to fix if it ever gets fixed.
  16. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    All of those are one shots which do not effect my ability to heal you, those are player dependent. My Issue is the lost features of both power sets which were removed without reason and effectively reduced the healing potential of both power sets. Instead of adding new powers they change or remove existing ones to cover the poor design of the ones they initially changed on test.

    Now that they renounced their intention of 2-2-2-2 why has the Bio Charge PI still been removed? Why has Sorcery lost it's Golden Aura - which desperately aids the HoT playstyle it had with the Bad Karma heals on top of multiple other HoT abilities?
  17. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    If the Legends-style "hybrid" play becomes the optimal way, people are going to leave in droves.

    It's a superhero game-- people want to use superpowers. Weapons are and should be secondary. This kooky idea that people want some slow, clunky, weapons-focused gameplay is completely off base.

    Also, lol at skill points being radically nerfed in this latest revision. Wasn't the point of the revamp for stats to matter? Now it's Mods & Gear specced for Power Matter. smh
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  18. Gimpy Loyal Player

    Sadly, Stats covers a vast amount of territory, not 1 person has ever been specific about which area of that territory Stats mattering will actually come from i.e.; gear, SP, mods, mainframe, etc., etc.,.

    I have an odd feeling what we were "buffed" to in the event, is a preview of stats matter.

    Buffs from soders, trinkets, and supply drops seemed useless as all that changed in your stats was the amount of the "increased" stats from the event buff being lowered so you never actually gained crap from using any of them.

    Even using certain powers of Quantum were useless, most noticeably was quantum tunneling either sending you backwards or nowhere at all with adds still locked on to you. Power regen from AM seemed week and at times no regen at all even when no interruptions in back to back rotations.
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  19. CountryBoyof74 Well-Known Player

    So I have a character modeled after Marvel Iceman and I use Hand Blasters. How will this affect my character?
  20. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    More people played the game when "Hybrid" playstyle was the only way to play. Your point is moot.
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