Stat Flattening and Relative CR Scaling: What the heck are they?

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  1. Remander Steadfast Player

    I'm thinking there are errors. For instance, the power drop at higher CR. There is also increasing power cost at higher CR, meaning that power will become more of an issue. Doesn't make sense. As to the trends, they were all with unmodded gear, so no affinities. I didn't account for weapon DPS as effective precision. I'll see about going back and looking at that.
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  2. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    Live release or live test? I don't have test server access (PlayStation!!!!! :D). If live release then things aren't changing at all, just numbers and rewards? And why all the fuzz if basically nothing changes???

    (I'd still prefer to stat clamp downwards and get rewards when running stuff with starters; that why I wouldn't need to hold back so they can learn and my time wouldn't be completely wasted - I think the way it is planned now, GU47 may install an even larger rift between new players and veterans....)
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  3. Remander Steadfast Player

    All the fuss because the original incarnation of the changes was different than what's going to be released and people are quick to freak out and then avoid paying attention to adjustments that have been made after the fact. As to why the changes are being made, I explained that in the OP.
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  4. Xzotix Committed Player

    This would be a MUCH better option in my opinion. Not so forceful onto the community.
  5. Xzotix Committed Player

    I hope you're wrong, I love this Idea.
  6. greyankh New Player

    Thanks for the breakdown and explanation.

    My question is this: In an alert or raid, suppose we have a CR 114 in a tier 2 alert with three 56 - 60 CR players. When fighting the boss, how is the CR scaling rendered? Does the Boss inflate? Is each attack from each player scaled?

  7. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    Thanks for giving me a straight answer. I wanted to know the mindset of Daybreak for a while (it seems around the time this whole debacle began). Now that I am (for the most part) aware of it, I can finally declare this whole issue to be academic. This is how the developers want it to be. This is now a matter of taste than something that is broken within DCUO that "needs" to be fixed.

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  8. Remander Steadfast Player

    Though I've not tested it specifically, Loche stated in another thread that it's per player. If you're above the NPC CR, you're damage out will be scaled up and damage in will be scaled down. If other players are lower CR, they will be scaled relative to their CR differential to the NPC. It's not like a high CR player in the content will make it easier for everyone or vice versa. It should feel pretty similar to live, when there are different CR players in content.
  9. Remander Steadfast Player

    Glad I could help. I've said before that I'm not a fan of every decision they make, but I at least try and understand why they make them. Honestly, I've yet to run across a perfect game. This one's pretty good, IMO, though. I've played it longer than any MMO in my life.
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  10. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Can you run into the what if's, such as if a tank takes a huge hit, what does that mean for Earth, Ice and Fire, assuming T6 stats of 15K Health and 3500 Dom, 16000 Defense. I think that's what people will be the most curious about.
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  11. Remander Steadfast Player

    I'm actually waiting to hear from Tunso about the defense issue. Since armor piercing is being removed, if the defense formula stays the same, that should be good for tanks. End game tanks would pretty much be sitting at the 75% mitigation cap. That would mean we could get more creative with our modding and SP allocation.
  12. Remander Steadfast Player

    Added a link to my Captain Cold testing to the second post of the thread.
  13. L T Devoted Player

    There must be SOMETHING else going on there. If we're always at the mitigation cap, why bother blocking? In the past armor piercing was introduced to make blocking relevant wasn't it? On the test server with 12k defense against a +10 CR opponent blocking cuts damage by ~60%
  14. L T Devoted Player

    Here are some numbers from the test server. Doing Patrol Catastrophe as a CR105 Fire Tank (full 92 gear)

    Defense...Avg Damage....Avg Damage Blocking.....Notes
    11627............1939............605.............................Dps Gear Small Sample Size
    13441............1492............554............................Some Tank Gear. Take only 31% of non-blocking damage
    18534............1304............538............................Full Tank Gear. Take 40% of non-blocking damage. Mitigation cap??

    Numbers were taken against a venomized dog. Equipped CR never changed (just swapped dps gear for tank gear).

    EDIT: Formatting. If anyone knows how to get the DCUO forums to properly read an html table please clue me in.
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  15. Remander Steadfast Player

    Still waiting to hear back from Tunso. I could test myself, but I'd rather he just tell me. ;)
  16. Remander Steadfast Player

    Added a link to Proxystar's GU 47 test vids!
  17. Remander Steadfast Player

    Decided to just reproduce my Captain Cold test posts in the second post of the thread.
  18. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Just quoting this post to get your attention.

    Several questions:
    1. So armor penetration is gone completely?
    2. If armor penetration is gone and we're at level 30, is defense now scaling with CR, acting as our pseudo-level? In other words, is CR literally interacting with defense the same way level does, e.g. 71 defense = 1% at level 30.
    3. If it's true armor penetration is gone but CR is not acting as a pseudo level, what's the mechanism?
    4. Looking at your first graph, it looks like we're actually going to be more powerful than we were prior to stat flattening?
      1. just going off the values and where the lines chart on the graph
    5. Mods will not effect CR but will effect stats, what's the balance between CR and Stats now?
  19. Remander Steadfast Player

    1. That is my understanding, yes. However, that would mean that, unless defense calculations have changed, end game tanks would already be sitting at the mitigation cap. I have a question in to Tunso on this very issue.

    2. Again, need to hear from Tunso. My understanding is that the relative CR scaling scales damage in or damage out independently. The resulting damage is then handled by the defense and other mitigation variables. CR does not scale the stats themselves.

    3. Again, need to hear from Tunso.

    4. Yes, all stats are higher across the board, though the T3 increase may be the greatest. Even our T6 stats will increase, though some only slightly.

    5. On live, CR and stats are essentially tied together for a given role. After GU 47, they will be a little more independent. That is to say, your starts will increase with gear, which will increase your CR, but the CR will, in turn, have a separate influence on the effectiveness of your stats. On live, higher CR equals higher stats, regardless of the NPC you're facing. Hope that makes sense.
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  20. L T Devoted Player

    I don't believe that 71 defense actually gives 1% damage mitigation either on live or on test.

    I haven't tested on live. On test it seems like it's at least 300 defense to 1% mitigation. And defense seems to be 2.5x or maybe 3x while blocking. I really need more data but I just don't have time to collect it.