Stat Clamping Removes The Super

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Alpha Maximum, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    When everyone's super than no one will be.

    There is more to stat clamping than just everything taking longer often massively longer. The biggest issue I see with the stat clamping is the story, progression, and role playing parts of it all. We are playing superheroes (or villains) that even after hitting CR342 now have to hit a basic low tier no power villain or citizen repeatedly while usually taking damage... not very super. The feeling of being a superhero speeding through an area taking out low tier bosses with ease was awesome and in keeping with being a super (not to mention we EARNED it through game play and paying for the game). You got to feel like a superhero or supervillain. That was the whole point and now it's gone.

    Now no matter how high your CR you are not much better than no power random citizen. So much for being super. Now add in all the other very, very, very many legitimate complaints and it's hard to deny this "Update" seems like it was not well thought out or executed. Like EverQuest you should have been given a choice to power down but they didn't give a choice which seems to be an odd choice given the feed back during test and even before when announced.

    Sure it's still a solid game but taking away the super from a superhero game makes this any other MMO. I guess that actually bugs me more than all the bugs. Your thoughts?
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  2. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    You are still super. Content are just fair now because you cant one shot stuff at lower level.
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  3. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    "Fair," How so? And how was is not "fair" before?
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  4. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I miss face rolling too, but I still run through these adds like water through sandbags.
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  5. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Very well said, I believe that we should be given the choice to power down. For example, anyone taking the ominibus would be powered down or stat clamp and anyone using the standard on duty keeps their CR. This is how they should have done this but for some reason the paying customer has No Say in the matter-How disappointing
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  6. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    Thank you. Choice would have been the way to go. the other big MMO's give you the choice and the carrot is extra rewards if you do.
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  7. Sgt. Rock Active Player

    You are not alone, a lot of existing players feel the same, just look at this forum & in game chat.

    This update caters to getting new subs & it is a slap in the face to existing players who have spent years & $$ grinding their toons to be Super.
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  8. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    Do you want to solo walk in on FoS 3, one shot all 3 bosses and still get rewarded for it with 10 Source Marks?
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  9. Dev72 Well-Known Player

    I guess that enemies and AOE in the instance is not supposed to be super, but we as players ARE supposed to be super.

    Got it. Now I can carry on thinking I should feel super amongst everything else is supposed to be weak...carrying out a nerf ball concept.
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  10. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    Your question doesn't answer my question to you. So please start by answering.
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  11. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    Nothing changed, you are "powerful" if you run content of your CR level, you just cant one shot low level content, but now you can be rewarded. Before this update you would get jacksht running low level content.
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  12. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    It's not a slap in my face. I rather enjoy it.
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  13. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    First, Thanks for your reply.
    Stat Clamping is most certainly a change and a major one at that.
    What is wrong with being able to one shot low level content you worked to be able to one shot? It's the pay off for spending the time and effort to get high CR.
    There are rewards, source marks, gear, housing, etc. As for better rewards that is were they should offer stat clamping (as in many other MKMO's) instead of forcing it.
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  14. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    Because one shooting stuff at low level and getting rewarded for it makes no sense? This is the thing the avarage DCUO player do not understand.

    Before this update, old content were dead, and high level players were stuck with just the laters episodes and nothing else, because anything lower than your CR would net you nothing but styles. Now with this update you are rewaded for playing tier 1 Gorilla Grodd instance, but of course, for it to be fair, you will have to be scale down to the maximum stats one could achieve while running tier 1 stuff.

    This concept isn't new, if you played Guild Wars 2 you would know about this system very well, many games adopted this change, dcuo team was smart enough to implement it here too.

    One of the most "hard" things in a mmo is how not make content useless after a while. Guild Wars 2 was the first MMO to fix this issue by showing to the world of MMORPGs that old content can still be rewaded regardless you level, but for it to be true, there needs to be balance, so balancing your character power level to a maximum of that region (in this case Instances) is the way to keep the content relevant and provide more playable content for all players of all levels.
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  15. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    Why doesn't it make sense though? It only doesn't make sense if your goal is to have every bit of content be challenging. I'm not here to argue with the positives and negatives of stat clamping but I feel like the moment you force players to stat clamp in older content, you kill the feeling of progression.

    Look at WoW for example with their Time Walking dungeons. Stat clamping is applied to a certain portion of content, the event is usually rotated between expansions and players can choose willingly to participate in the content that's been clamped and receive unique rewards. Players can also run that same content but without their stats being clamped. The rewards aren't as powerful but it allows those who wish to only acquire transmogs or achievements to get them without maximum effort.

    I don't think stat clamping is such a bad idea but forcing it on the community wasn't the best choice in my opinion. I would've much preferred to see weekly events where certain episodes are stat clamped and rewards are increased (Source Marks, etc.). Everyone from all levels and CR can participate. It would've also been more beneficial if Source Marks kept being rewarded in relevant content, Episode 38-40 have seen a significant decrease in activity form what I've seen due to them not rewarding Source Marks anymore.
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  16. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    World of Wacraft is the worse example you could have choose from.

    Not to mention WoW did the same thing DCUO did, the max level is now 60 since the new expansions arrived.
  17. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    WoW is not the worst example, stop being dramatic. WoW did not do the same thing, they restructured the levels to make it easier. You can still do everything like before but with different level numbers. 120=60, 110=50, etc... There was literally no stat clamp, if you're talking about Chromie then again you're wrong. Chromie let's you pick which expansion you want to level in and adjusts the enemy levels accordingly, once you hit level 60 (max level) the enemies become ridiculously weak again.
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  18. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    My feeling is the opposite, in comics what do Diana Prince, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen etc all have in common? They all have to spend a major part of their lives acting as if they don't have powers, but fighting the good fight anyway. They're also members of the Justice League, and face cosmic-level threats in their "super" identities.

    It's also a regular occurrence (Calendar Maaaaaan!) that a mighty or marquee superhero will have to sidetrack in order to face down an old underpowered (or formerly underpowered...) foe from their past. Lastly, it's an old trope to have the mighty lose their abilities, with entire characters like Mr. Mxyzptlk exist to fulfill this "trickster god" style role.

    Comics very rarely feature a normal linear progression of time or ability. We have a lot of excellent stories of origins or characters in their youth, alternate timelines, and of course whack-a-doo quasi-mystical reality bending like the Dark Multiverse.

    I feel much, much more like I'm playing a DC Comics character now, and no longer a DCUO exo-bitten clone. I have my own unique adventures and I am loving it.
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  19. myandria Item Storage

    Hmm... my thoughts..

    I will admit, at first I was 50/50 about the stat clamp because I was not sure how far down our characters would be clamped and if their gear/artifacts would lose all of their bonuses/effects. When I went on the test server to try it out, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Fast forward to the present, I'm happy with this version of a stat clamp for older content. I still feel powerful, as I am not getting the one shot boom for being clamped but I can't vaporize enemies, either. Fair is fair.

    What no one has touched on this forum is the fact that the stat clamp helps bring back the role of the controller. An example: it was interesting to witness rapid power loss in an omnibus 4 man raid; it took a couple of wipes for my team mates to listen to my advice for one of them to switch roles from DPS to controller (I was in healer role). When that happened, we finished the raid with no issues. I forgot which raid it was (Tier 7 I believe).
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  20. shoegazer Active Player

    Why even have gear at this point?...why even have stats at all?...why don't they just make everyone the same level...and everything you fight the same'll just fight different looking enemies that's all...they'll never have to adjust any numbers

    For all intents and purposes that's what they're doing...if the whole game is'll never be stronger in any tier of the game than the clamp allows...what miniscule stat gains from SP?.. Artifacts that max out?..c'mon...power growth is gone..might as well just make everyone the same level at this point

    can't see how that might piss people off that have been playing a game that's been the exact opposite for a decade? All the time and effort they've put in just to be forced to be clamped to same clamp/stats as everyone else..

    If the intent is to cater to new players..just remove it all..that's basically what this is anyway
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