Stat Clamp Is Dogwater And An Failure

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by DrakeBall, Nov 17, 2021.

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  1. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Why do you feel you're being punished? Are you not able to successfully finish content? I actually find being a tank much easier than being a DPS when it comes to solo. When it comes to group it's even worse because everyone else are also DPS. The devs recently increased our cr with low content. It wasn't even needed yet the whiners got some love from that. Multiple times has devs been vocal about this and that is your skill points, arts, mods etc... will always be better than someone who doesn't. With that said I'm still baffled how these players are having trouble. A lot of players are being exposed its not even funny anymore.
  2. Bipolar Diva Well-Known Player

    Completely agree. The stat clamp is the only reason I returned.
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  3. BumblingB I got better.

    These are all bounties that give less than 8 marks.

    Central City Bounties - Daily
    Take Pride - Weekly (I think it's 4 marks.)
    War of the Light p1 - Weekly? (2 marks)
    Doctor Light - Weekly (I think, but it's 2 marks)
    New Genesis Commanders - Daily
    Doomsday DM - Daily
    Paradox Demon JSA - Daily
    Amusement Mile Iconic - Daily

    There is a single bounty mission that NO ONE does that is weekly and gives 8 marks. That would be the ISA one from the JSA DLC, but you have to get all of them to get the reward.
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  4. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Yes I will not run old Bounties if they give less than 8. However, I will run old Bounties not for the marks but to test out my build. Come to think of it I don't even try to fight Flashpoint Bounties because they didn't give me any reward except for Doomsday weekly mission. The devs need to adjust bounty rewards in order to get players running them.
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  5. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I'm not having trouble. When I do play current not end game content I have always been able to over come it and complete it. My beef is I earned X amount of stats but if I go back to run not end game content I am punished with only keeping X% amount of my stats.

    Success is punished. We can't have you going around playing with others with your full stats, how dare you, so here, keep a % of your stats and go have fun. So i choose not to play the content were I don't have my full stats that I worked hard for.
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  6. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I have found that the stats clamp has divided us. I lost someone I thought was my precious friend over an argument about the stats clamp, so I have other reasons for despising it that differ from those of the OP. I will stick to playing end game content where I belong, and I look forward to Ep. 42 Legion of Doom. My membership expires in December also, so I have decisions to make. I love this game, I love my league and especially my friends I have made (both villain and hero), but with Ep. 41 and the changes it brought, I feel like the game doesn't love someone like me anymore.
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  7. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Gotcha, thanks for your input. It's valid and reasonable. :)
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  8. Batladin3217 New Player

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  9. Great Architect Loyal Player

    You can solo that now since they reduced the spawn times, without it being a waste of a day.

    The others... well, I did say "IIRC". Thanks for triggering my masochistic farming reflex, though :D.
  10. Achikah All About That Base

    I was a big objector of the stat clamp.

    Prior to the Save The Universe update, my leaguemates and I used to run all the old content at the end of the week like a ritual. We were all locked from relevant content and we all decorate our bases like mad, so it was a fun thing to do after the weekend rush and collect furniture. It wasn't difficult- we breezed through it, and did so leisurely. It was a relaxing and non-frustrating way for us to hang out and talk, all while still playing the game.

    Upon hearing about the clamp, I was extremely upset. I had enough characters to where loot-locking wasn't an issue and Source Marks weren't a priority outright (though I tend to always be low from buying base boxes...) So when I realized the old content was going to be difficult again and pose a threat, potentially causing a stressful situations even, I felt like a big portion of my DCUO playtime was being taken away.

    When the update came, I was pretty morose about it- complained to my friends and leaguemates, didn't run anything. Finally, one of them dragged me into the Omnibus asking for help, and afterwards I realized, for me at least, it wasn't nearly as bad I I thought it was going to be. Sure, there are raids that can be extremely frustrating, and honestly solo-queing can be horrific at times, especially if you tend to use text chat rather than voice. However, with time, I've found certain raids that are still easier to run for low stress, and my league and I now run weekly open-world bounties instead of raids for relaxation/chat sessions. Also, the furniture is flowing like mad from the guaranteed drop system which makes my lil decorator heart overjoyed.

    I do sometimes miss running through raids, being ungodly over-powered, and I definitely miss the elite furniture drops on the broker (rip Crown of Thorns Portals and Pillars of Eternity </3.) However, I can't argue with the fact that I've been playing the game more and more. Usually by now I would have taken my bi-yearly break away for a month, but everyday, I hop on, and I log a significant amount of time, and I have a lot of fun doing it.

    Again, this is my own story and reaction. Not everyone will feel the same, nor will everyone be happy. I understand your frustrations, and I'm sorry the game isn't working out for you like it used to. If you're solo queing, I'd suggest making a group or running with friends. Even just having one other person who's seasoned in there can make a world of difference. If you are running with a group, raids like Bombshell, Necro, Kandor, and Doomsday are pretty low maintenance I've found- not a total breeze but not overly complicated either.

    Anyway, I hope that helps. If not, sorry for the text wall and I hope you find something that works for you.
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  11. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    Had to like for this fact. For some reason everyone thinks they can be mediocre dps because you can have 5 in a raid. I've failed in lots of elite raids with 5 dps, but beat them all with at least 3 good dps.
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  12. Kabr Active Player

    So they want everyone that's high CR that can help them stat clamped so they have to struggle? Makes no damn sense
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  13. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    What struggle?
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  14. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Who’s struggling?
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  15. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    Well your post is somewhat wrong and I'll say why. And before you go off half cocked, I hate stat clamping just as much if not more than you. I was always against it, I was against it when it came to seasonals because the game's producer wanted it.

    1) People did ask for it, a VERY small and VERY vocal minority of players. Which per the usual arrangement the devs confused for a majority. Because it was always the same players making the threads and supporting stat clamping.
    2) Most didn't ask for it because they wanted challenge, in fact I saw it all the time on these forums over the years. They asked for it for a a few reasons a) Because they got tired of high CR players coming into content and ruining their experience. They wanted to experience the iconic characters, the cool visuals etc. b) They wanted to experience the content as it was when it came out. Ironically most of those players suck and barely know how to play their role.
    I was in a run the other day where someone said they hated stat clamp after the 3rd wipe because the heal sucked and wasn't healing or even trying to heal, he was just standing their spamming weapon combos dressed as a DC iconic. Then of all people the healer who wasn't healing spoke up and said how much he loved stat clamping and how players couldn't just 1 shot things anymore. So because 1 idiot kept actively killing the group because he sucked everyone else left and the run to be disbanded.
    3) allies were going to be introduced anyways regardless of the update. Artifacts were starting to get extremely situational and the newer artifacts they started to come out with either sucked or were only useful in a few circumstances, so lots of players weren't leveling up new ones So to make up the income loss from the lack of people leveling up new artifacts, they had to come out with something else. And the main dev that was working on artifacts is no long with Daybreak. Personally I think we will see more artifacts, but its going to probably be something they swap off so one DLC we'll get allies, another we'll get artifacts. Something tells me with the Metal P3 episode coming, we're going to see a BatmanWhoLaughs or one of the evil batman allies or something like that.

    Also I have a suspicion that this game had another exodus of players which spurred them to create another P2W system (Allies). Because thats how they think this game is played. You a P2W system, player hate it and leave and thus they lose money and sub money, then they create another P2W system to make up the income which will in turn cause more players to leave, then they have to create more P2W which will then cause more players to leave. Because the answer with Daybreak is to keep doubling down and always more cowbell.
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  16. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I’m sorry to say this but if you are struggling as an endgame set player than the thing you should be mad at is yourself. The clamp has been adjusted so much that things are extremely mildly challenging.

    Just the other day I ran GoMr. In the first room the tank died and the healer died. So dps started dropping. I switched to healer popped a shield and barely managed to pick up the tank. Unfortunately the rest of the people were dead. So me as a healer and the tank finished it. Switch back to dps and we get to the second bosses. Tank starts pulling everyone together, gorgon is stoning everyone and people are dropping. Group wipes and I try to explain the mechanics to the tank. We go again and the tank continues to pull everyone. Tank ends up dying because healer somehow does and group ends up wiping again. So I switch to healer and go into the room. Tank ends up getting kicked and no one joins. No one wants to enter the room so I go in and start the fight myself. 4 other people join through the portal and as a healer I grab aggro and split them up myself. Group kills dps and then I get stoned. So again no one breaks me out. Luckily I can pop shield in stone so fight continues and we beat it. Eventually tank joins group and we beat last boss.

    Point is, the game itself is not hard. People just think they are better than they really are because they have been riding the stats to out gear stuff. People ignore mechanics and then blame the clamp for failed runs. Tank ignoring chat who tried to explain mechanics. Dps ignoring mechanics and letting people stay stoned. No one wanting to do pickups. All these bad habits came from an unclamped game. Stats clamp is the best thing that could’ve happened to the game. “Oh no, you gotta actually learn mechanics and work together in an mmo. The sky is falling!!!”. Hate to say it, but relearn the game.
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  17. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    This argument is so flawed because you use FoS3 as your example. You aren't as powerful in low content as you think. Maybe this most recent update where they raised the CR helped a bit but as per the usual arrangement with Daybreak, they release something and screw 5 other things up. Because after this most recent update where they raised CR, people actually lost stats. Also FoS3 is significantly easier than everything else else in its tier, so that argument is pretty flawed.
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  18. Empress_Orana Well-Known Player

    • Warning: The DCUO forums are for everyone. Please be respectful, constructive, and kind. Please welcome contrasting views and stay on topic. Do not insult or attack anyone.
    You whinin, boy? You whinin? How about you go down to McDonald’s and get you a wham burger and some French cries! Maybe a Whinecken!
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  19. Empress_Orana Well-Known Player

    That’s not at all true. People shout for these all the freaking time. And if you need the feats on your Alts just use replays.
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  20. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    You guys really need to stop saying "The developers listened to a small minority." When discussing stat-clamping, because it's not a smart take; it's a bad take.

    Let explain it to you as someone who's been on both sides of the spectrum.. (Anti stat-clamp at one point, pro stat clamp at another.)

    Stat-Clamping here on the forums was just as unpopular and lopsided of an idea as giving premium players access to their unlimited cash cap. Look at any thread on here asking for stat-clamping pre update and you'll see the threads were very lopsided with people being very anti-stat clamp.

    You guys are trying to act like DCUO pulled stat-clamping out for no reason, no.. It's because they wanted it to go along with their new model. They made the game less sub incentivized and more new player incentivized; new players wanted to experience content proper.. and pre stat-clamping that was never gonna happen.

    Mind you, stat-clamping came out the same time the developers knocked out:
    -Episodes requiring to be bought as DLC.
    -The Premium Cash Cap was knocked out during the same time frame.. and I know a lot of Legendary players weren't happy about that because knee capping premiums and putting an item for 2,001 or 3,001 was their ghetto way of mocking somebody for being premium lol.

    We can sit here and argue about it's implementation, but they didn't listen to a "vocal minority." they watched where the money and players(MMO players that is.) were going and by in large.. they were going for FF14.

    If players really have their input to the devs like you claim, time capsules would've been gone a long time ago. This isn't a case of "The devs prefer forumities over us in-game OGS bro." it never has been, thanks. Like.. discuss your distain for stat-clamping; but stop pointing fingers at the players for it happening when they don't call the decisions around here, thank you.
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