Stat Clamp Is Dogwater And An Failure

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by DrakeBall, Nov 17, 2021.

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  1. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Vet players aren't weaker. Vet players still destroy low content just look at FOS raid, it got done in 5 minutes. No offense but I have maybe at least 219 skill points. I really dislike players who claim to be so strong with their enormous skill points, fully geared including omni gear, mods etc.. and still get demolished in old content. Just get guuud end of story.
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  2. TANK69 Well-Known Player

    Well I don't mind the clamp, but use it to the open world content is a big fail. There is no way in hell that even try to form a group for example Battlezone Metropolis bosses, so my alts never get those feats.
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  3. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Lots of people enjoy running content. Make some friends or make some transactional deals (I’ll help with this if you can help me with that). You can’t expect everything to just fall in your lap. Some stuff may take a little effort.
  4. TANK69 Well-Known Player

    I started to complete those feats with my alts before the clamp, but after that, I can't solo it, and those places are ghost towns. It's still a garbage idea to force the clamp to the open world.
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  5. Lycan Nightshade Dedicated Player

    they really do need to either unclamp open world or eliminate the loot locks
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  6. BumblingB I got better.

    Yeah, the problem with the open world bounties and the clamp isn't the clamp, but the reward.

    Players wont run a bounty if it gives less than 8 marks. (IE, weekly.) So any area that has bounties that are daily, which yield only 1-2 marks, will just be ignored.

    Example would be Doomed Metropolis. The iconic bounty yields 8 marks, while Doomsday only gives 1. No player fights Doomsday. It's not worth the time.

    The issue the devs have is that they can't open up the loot lockouts of open world. Not because of tech, but because they want players to run content instances.

    I'm not sure of a fix for this other than going back and making ALL bounties give 8 marks and change them to weekly, but that also causes problems for certain bounties, like Central City ones.
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  7. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I'm still in the not loving it camp but I'm far from hating it. It's entertaining to see how incapable some players are so that means they're at least learning that there is a lot more to the game than standing stationary and pewpewing. So it's a good thing for that and it's great that it is teaching players. I'm not a fan of doing regular raids vs elites and since it has come out, I have not bothered with old elites. They already were punishing if not following mechanics and there wasn't anything aside from some adds that were getting 1 shotted by players. I'll probably never run old elites again which is fine as I have most feats and all my renown. I did run them, like almost all of them, pretty much every week prior to the clamp. Now old content just doesn't exist to me except random boredom. And since 80% of the pug groups I go into seem to be a disaster, I have to be reallllllyyyy bored.
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  8. AV Loyal Player

    I really don't feel much of a difference with the clamp enabled and I don't understand the "I feel so much weaker" argument. It's basically the bear minimum "ok you're still curbstomping it but now things are at least substantial enough for you to land your second hit so the new players can actually 'play'" level of scaling.
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  9. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Everything still dies really quick. So instead of 1 rotation on a boss, I'll get like 4 in a group of friends. But then I'll run with pugs and get like 80 rotations in and 2nd place on the charts is 20mil down and the others are the same as the tanks damage. It's all relative I guess.
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  10. AV Loyal Player

    Yeah exactly. Probably the only difference I do notice is that I have to actually care in some stuff because we're squishier. Like I had to solo the first Prime I got into for Omnibus the other day and it was fun because I didn't know if I'd be able to as opposed to just going in and 1-shotting it.
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  11. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    You're right. Some of them are ghost towns and the ones that aren't right now eventually will be.

    And I love it when people reply and mention "effort"..or "make friends"

    First off, it takes more effort to solo these things.

    And secondly, this is a mostly toxic community..I'm gonna take a pass on sifting through the giant landfill of trash that is this community to try to find a few people that might not be..I mean, I don't spend my time dumpster diving in real life what makes anyone think I wanna do it in a game that I'm playing for fun.

    And when you say you're not interested in making friends with the trash just so you can play the game, the next thing they'll say is "maybe this game isn't for you"..and maybe that's true..but I like DC..and I was getting along just fine for almost 10 years.

    I'm not interested in being online (fake) friends with anyone..there should've been compromise..there should've been options for players who have been playing a certain way for a decade (that's not some short period of time) and have been keeping the game alive all that time..the clamp in on duty content should've been optional..and there should've been no clamp whatsoever in the open worlds..they're full of solo missions and bounties..there's no reason open worlds need to be more difficult?

    Even though I think any clamp at all is complete ********..I would be more ok with it if it just stayed in on duty group content (though I still think +15 CR is a ******* joke) and the open worlds were unclamped
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  12. DarkAvenger Well-Known Player

    • Warning: The DCUO forums are for everyone. Please be respectful, constructive, and kind. Please welcome contrasting views and stay on topic. Do not insult or attack anyone.
    Stat clamp is indeed trash and unwanted 90% people in game don’t like it and don’t let these couple of guys fool you it’s hated by the community
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  13. Great Architect Loyal Player

    I'm going to pull an assertion out of my **** too, and say that they retained more players than they lost.
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  14. Great Architect Loyal Player

    I'm going to pull an assertion out of my **** too, and say that 90% of the players wanted this.
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  15. Great Architect Loyal Player

    Doomsday in DM has always been a bit of a fail. But IIRC he's probably the only OW Bounty that rewards sod-all other than the Lightning Strikes Bounties / basic Faction Bounties? It's time to look at the rewards there, I think? DD was originally intended to be played at Level 10, and the rewards were set there.
  16. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    The one thing I dont understand is why the developers would talk about stat piercing but not talk about the value that we would be given. 12 being max piercing at a value of 1000. Will they talk more about adding this to end game will we eventually see more stats in the skill tree like stat piercing. Is the real reason why we can only use 10% of gear stats and 30% of all other progression stats like arts and what not in place because of their hardware and the stability of the servers. Or is all this just a joke. You all hate stat clamping but the real hate here comes from stats revamp. As stats revamp is the revamp that holds the players full stats and progression from the player
  17. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    Brought me back after 6 years.
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  18. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Wow we just shout out statistics around with out any proof. Cool let me try.
    90% of people are loving the clamp. A very vocal 5% is whining because they never learned mechanics
    And 5% have some very valid concerns about clamped elite instances.
    Ooo that’s fun. Let me do some more while I’m at it.
    90% of players play dps.
    5% of those players are good at it.
    Man why bother with facts or proof I can just spout opinions disguised as facts from now on lmfao.
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  19. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    If I may make a suggestion to the OP, do what I do and just avoid not end game content. Period. The stat clamp is here to stay, no amount of bemoaning about it is going to change anything. All you are doing is opening up yourself to attack by your fellow gamers who are pro-stats clamp. Just look at all the anger & vitriol the subject of the stats clamp unleashes. Who needs that?

    Just work on your lair(s) maybe run some dailies in Flashpoint Gotham, that's what I do while I wait for the new dlc to drop in December. And if you do get coaxed into running something not end game, hopefully it will be with people who are your friends so that you can at least enjoy their companionship. That's what I do.

    -and FYI to the pro stat clampers, I'm not one of the very vocal 5% who are whining because they never learned mechanics. I've played since 2014, I am (was) high in CR, SP, Arts, and Augments, and I worked hard for every single thing I've gotten in this Game, so excuse me for being a little more than agitated at getting punished for being successful.

    Enjoy the nerf, peace
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  20. Trykz Dedicated Player

    I can see your side. Truly. I understand your frustration and your feeling and experiences are valid. I’ve never shied away from a discussion on the pros and cons, there are certainly BOTH to the clamp. I can respect that it is a hot button topic and emotions will run high. If you’ve felt disrespected in some way I sincerely apologize. When I say I’m thoroughly pro clamp, what I mean is I believe the pros out weight the cons by a large amount, that doesn’t discount the cons and doesn’t downplay any one else’s experience. I’m sorry that the game is going in a direction that you don’t like. I hope they can find some compromise (stat piercing) that works for both camps and keeps most of the good stuff that the clamp and Omni have brought about. No one deserves to be attacked for sharing their opinion, I think it’s these types of threads in particular that people are attacking because they are full of negativity to begin with.
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