Stat Clamp Is Dogwater And An Failure

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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Your sarcasm meter is obviously broken....
  2. KoscheiDeath Well-Known Player

    I think you've hit the nail with your statement and if this game has taught me anything, is that a vast majority of the player base falls into that "trash" category. This is why a lot of the Omnibus experiences players claim to have, seem to be so negative. CR skips, lack of tutorials, etc. are just some of the important factors that are at cause for having such a low skill ceiling in the player base.
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  3. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I believe this is where, and I'm not directing it at anyone in particular, toxicity (within alerts and raids) is birthed. There are so many players that have zero clue:
    No clue how to be a tank, (let alone have the gear)
    No clue how to heal, (let alone have the gear)
    No clue how to troll, (let alone have the gear)
    No clue how to dps.

    Those of us "with" the skill, and gear, stuck with those who do not, get frustrated when they don't pay attention (for those few who actually still try to help).

    I've been on both sides of the toxicity: I've had a lower CR than ppl in group, they automatically start with "you're too squishy": failing to inspect me or inquire about my SP. I've also seen lower CR and thought, "oh man, this is gonna take forever."
  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    This happened to me the other day. I had a farmer 'trash' toon (no artis past 80, probably less than 130 SP) that I wanted to get the Omni raid box on. Queued in to Atlantis throne, got there after they got to the first boss and must have wiped a few times (one guy had 3 deaths, everyone had at least 1). I was just dpsing but stayed upright for the whole fight, ran the ballista 2 times, did a couple of pickups and just played my part.

    We dropped to the 2nd boss and the tank shouts something about being 'trash'...I think he's aiming it at someone else. We start 2nd boss with 1 healer still sitting at spawn. We have some deaths but keep going. We get to the mechanics and I run the 3 crystals in while dpsing. I did pickups when needed and again...did my part. I got killed by the sea beast when doing another cog in the 2nd part of the mechanics. No one picked me up. Tank shouts 'you trash MYNAME' and I'm like 'Wha?' Again...'you are trash, delete the game'. I looked at the scorecard and I was 2nd DPS behind someone fully geared...I had most pickups, 1 death, and I was the only one doing mechanics. Keep in mind there is a healer who's sat out the entire fight....and I'M the trash.

    Yeah, the community is a bit f'd up and random groups don't help.
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  5. DAnomalous Level 30

    Players are used to bumrushing all the previous content just pressing random buttons and never having read the tooltips of their abilities. This is why so many players struggle with the most basic mechanics in the game, leading to frustrating group experiences for others playing with them.

    The problem isnt new players, nor is it learning players. New and learning players know they dont know what they are doing, they have a bit of pride and will at varying speed learn to do better through playing or the occasional piece of advice thats actually given by group members in a non hostile form.

    The problem is the players who don't want to learn, will blame everything but themselves and yet expect to finish everything without a problem. Whenever they fail they don't feel any shame because its never their fault, they could never do better. And this is the type of player that previous content being a complete bumrush feeds into.

    If people want something like feats to be over and done with as soon as possible then its simply because it isnt engaging content that is fun for the majority of players to go through. And thats what should be tackled instead. Revamp the system and what it rewards, rather than making the actual content a meaningless button mash for guaranteed rewards.
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  6. Nangaf Well-Known Player

    Stat clamp is a step in the good direction, to queu for raid really fast.
    Next step will be great for the game is to put cross play and cross gen to queu more faster, im tired to wait 15 min for a raid.
    so i dont know why you dont like stat clamp, because with 500 sp , im sure you are in the top 3 dps in all raid( i bet you are dps because only dps dont like stat clamp) so i dont know what you want more .
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  7. BanesRampage Well-Known Player

    Stat clamp was an dead on arrival mechanic even before it went live people was dumping on. it I don’t really get why the whole game have to suffer because of 5 or 10 people cried on the forums, majorly of the community DO NOT LIKE IT and feels that it was forced, the sad part is the devs never add what we request over the years like new powers, graphics update, more body types and personality’s but would add things no one asked for its really insulting and people are leaving
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  8. GameIsGreat. Well-Known Player

    Agreed. I know of quite a few that left, myself included, over clamping. They did too much nonsense to make the game fun really. Too many facelifts over the years, and with each one a mass exodus. That should tell you something. They either A: don’t know what they’re doing, or B: Don’t care how many people play as long as they get propped up by their remaining whales. there has never been a ‘omgz game changing update’ that actually brought in players that I can remember, and I have the game on disk still. Easy fix, remove the stupid clamp on all content and do an update to restore pvp (WITHOUT A CASH GRAB GIMMICK) and voila, people will come back.
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  9. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

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  10. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

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  11. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    It's only insulting to those who dislikes it, the ques pops up pretty darn quick, so I think that can account for something , that the claim that more people hate stats clamp is false at best. Otherwise if you hate the stats clamp why even use the system lmao.
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  12. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    If you're a realist then you would know that eventually the Developers have to use resources within the game and have to make use of content that's just sitting there wasting space and being neglected (old content).

    I think many players are forgetting that this is a videogame lol.
  13. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Yoshi P has told us that going back and doing older content WILL BE MORE DIFFICULT WHEN ENDWALKER HITS when we get the stat squish. So if there's a mount or anything you want, get it NOW before Endwalker hits in mid November! Especially for Alexander and Omega content

    Not at all, it will be a nerf. But thats the thing. Youre giving FF14 a free pass for what you critique DCUO for.

    (To be honest you wernt going to cancel your sub and pre-order over this. For a obviously anticipated title, you pre-ordered to get. Youre just going to roll with the punches like all of us. Ive lost abilities as a ninja, gained new ones, and a class rework that i enjoy less then its inception version. I was here when Energy for melee was a thing and that was removed from the game entirely)

    MMORPGS are always in flux

    I remember that one day i used to take newbies through Scarlet Monastery, pull the entire room and AOE them down. Ive done it 1000 times, it was par for the course.

    But 1 day, the mob managed to kill me. I was shocked i didnt understand how i normally killed them with Rain of Fire before they killed me. Tried it again, died..

    Turns out Blizzard decided to fix all AoEs that day and have their damage split between all mobs it hit. Rather then every mob hitting for the full damage.

    I went from being able to solo entire wings of SM to having to pull half the instance at a time to AOE them down.

    It was a nerf, but i lived, and so did the game. Just apart of the ride, so dont hang up on it.
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  14. Asentmah Well-Known Player

    These threads are so redundant most provide nothing but just "remove the stat clamp and the game would be richer". Which is a bold face lie. They are starting to do what FFXIV did and is still doing. Which is focus on newer players, and give them more an incentive to stay. The results were phenomenal there and still is. Just admit your a veteran or endgame player or both and your hurt that the focus is not going to be fully on you anymore. Where is your concrete examples of where the stat clamp isn't working in instances you've played.

    Like for Example. Bludhaven, Khandaq and Oolong Island are worse then they were because of this stat clamp. The minions and bosses in those instances, attacks almost one shot you, even if you have a shield which helps a little but two hits its gone if your a dps. Even having a healer still comes with its difficulties because as a returning player or a new player they hit so hard you have to bring out the big heals which saps almost all of your power because your Arts are not at 80 yet or even 60. Which leaves your team in a lot of pickles or dead.

    That kind of stuff would provide more of a boon to the devs to really see where it isn't working at. Instead of just flat out saying it doesn't work and should be removed. This has been done twice in this game the first was....rough but the big kinks were ironed out and changes were made for this second stat clamp to happen. By the request of the players...or not. Either way this needed to happen for growth reasons. So its not going anywhere. So start finding ways to make the stat clamp better in areas its not or point out where it isn't working.
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  15. Asentmah Well-Known Player

    Edit: Oops lol
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  16. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Oh yes, I had already disabled my auto renew and trying to get a refund on my pre-order when my sister stopped me. She also told me the going back and doing older content the INTENT is for it NOT to be difficult for level 80 players. You didn’t tell me the whole story.

    This is totally different from what DCUO did to us. DCUO punished end game players for going back to older content by taking away from us our stats that we earned! FF14 is making the numbers smaller ACROSS the board for both players and NPCs. DCUO just nerfed the players.

    She also chastised me for listening to someone on the forums instead of asking her first.
  17. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Youre very much cherry picking, and youre giving FF14 passes on what DCUO is doing. Youre looking for a way out of being objective on that front. You dont like to be nerfed, FF14 is going to item squish, and that is going to nerf players to a degree. Quits DCUO over being "nerfed". But has item syncing AND a stat squish AND classes get entirely reworked from their original design in FF. But FF14 gets a free pass for it? Where DCUO cant catch a break?

    Ive been play FF for awhile, didnt just jump in. I was out there when Lightning was showing since mid 2014. I didnt just show up in the last 6 monthes ya know. Im not clueless, it happens in MMORPGs you just have to learn to go with it.
    WoW did one in Cataclysm and did one in Mist of Pandaria
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  18. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    What was the CR difference between max endgame Flashpoint and entry into Wonderverse?..

    If there has to be a clamp, whatever that difference is should be where the clamp is for players being clamped on duty content

    If you haven't got that far past the content, you stay where you are at

    And open worlds should be unclamped..they're loot locked still right?..and there needs to be places in the game where you can use everything you've earned

    I think that's a more than reasonable compromise
  19. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    It’s totally different: FF14 is reducing stats for both NPCs and players. A Boss at level 100,000 will now be 10,000. If my damage out is 10,000 it will now be 1,000.

    DCUO: punished all end game players by clamping their stats Down while leaving everyone else’s stats in place and unaffected. Which is very, very unfair.

    So there is a big difference in the approach between FF14 & DCUO. FF14, Everything gets squished at the same rate. DCUO, only end game players get stat clamped.
  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    48 CRs. And that argument has been made since the clamp was first dropped on test. We get 15 though. Like it or lump it.

    And OW could follow that range as well and still be a challenge. I'll agree that most OW bosses/bounties (like up till Titans or so) were pretty much just another set of adds pre clamp. I doubt they would ever remove it for the stupid easy source farming it would provide. Right now it's still easy to farm them with one bounty run per week. Making it so you could solo pretty much all of them again won't happen.