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  1. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Wanted to update you on the progress Cataroflare,

    Ive completely ignored:

    To run a level 6 solo, that is un-clamped that is giving me better gear then clamped instances. And ive been sitting here watching youtube videos and forum posting while waiting for Dr Fate to finish his invincible phase so i can roll him.

    And i can do this up to item level 290....

    If this wasn't intended, should they roll my character back to CR 36 or should i be able to keep it despite being able to completely sidestep the clamp? (this FEELS unintended) If so. should they roll yours back too?
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  2. Reinheld Devil's Advocate are confriming what he said he was doing....which you didn't know about....and saying it's an issue?

    Also...why would you run a run that has a built in pause for immunity (or cutscene or whatever) vs a faster one? That's just inefficient.
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  3. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    You missed 7 years of the game and only played religiously for three. You a missed a ton of stuff this game has gone through. I asked what is more to you because apparently and no disrespect, it will never be enough for you or others. At this point what Mepps had said and what others who are pro clamp have said have more pros than cons. End game players such as myself (I’m casual by the way) doesn’t mind going back to older content with or without clamp. What made me go back to older content is unlimited runs to get source marks, the ability to be able to get rare weapons drop such as the Sunblade from Ares or the Winterblade. I have a tier two pet and I would need to run the elite raid and complete it in order for me to be able to purchase the tier 3 pet from the egg alien dude vendor in HoL. They gave us the option to switch phases when it comes down to defeating open world bounties.

    If you could, highlight for me the pros and cons of stat clamp. Yes Mepps has more data and doesn’t need to share it with us. They decided on this route that’s why I said whether you or someone else likes or doesn’t like it, Stat Clamp is here to stay. Obviously nothing is permanent as evident when we first had stat clamp.
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  4. the solowing Steadfast Player

    So theirs no issue with the fact i dont have to engage with 95% of the game to gear up? Not a Duo, not an alert, not a raid, not even a player....

    I dont need to pay attention to the mechanics, or even know what im doing..... Hit square enough times, im granted a increased CR.

    What is the point of the rest of the game when this is rewarding me for engaging with only a sliver of the game, and even then not engaging attentively with it in the slightest?

    Im nearly into Tier 6 without an inkling of an idea of what my powers do, and i havent needed to learn anything.

    Is that healthy for a MMORPG?
  5. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    You’re purposefully staying and rerunning that one instance. Is that engaging? No. Is that by design? No. Will most of the community interact with it in that manner? No. Have you wasted your time? Yes. :)
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  6. the solowing Steadfast Player

    No its not engaging, I dont think its by design, so hopefully Mepps will look into it. Is it wasting my time? Its not fun, but its viable, i dozed off doing it several times only to be awoken by my controller vibrating while Dr Fate was wacking at me. But im at Tier 5 for wacking at a loot pinata for 7 hours while watching Youtube and posting here. 2 more days of isolating myself to a Loot Pinata ill be CR 290.

    I mean it doesnt take long, logging out and back in resets the instance.
  7. Shalayah Committed Player

    I can promise you that the second every feat is stripped from me will be the day I don’t decide to ever come back lmao. Put thousands of hours into this game for it all to go to waste just so the guys against the clamp can prove a point.
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  8. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    Sorry, what I meant by design is are you “supposed” to run 1 instance over and over? You’re typically following the mission prompts while leveling up. The loot structure is by design, however, as they left Metro/Gotham “as-is.”
  9. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    There is zero chance that would ever happen as that’s a complete non-starter and has zero benefit overall. People interacted with the content as it was presented “at the time.” Those who suggest this do so out of frustration.
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  10. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Im not suggesting it, but if someone brings it up, as a "gotcha" to me is going to be sorely disappointed. Because they are suggesting something themselves to me that i wouldnt have an issue with if they ever implemented it.

    I wouldn't care if they did roll back my character to 36 either.
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  11. Shalayah Committed Player

    Oh I would. Not because I can’t survive the clamp (I’m actually leveling 2 alts right now) but because there were feats that I spent hours upon hours grinding and that’s time I can’t get back. I would literally quit if DI just told me to restart lmao. I don’t put that much time into DC anymore as is due to life. Resetting my SP would be the nail in the coffin.
  12. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    You’re not crazy enough. Me, I am crazy. I made multiple accounts thus starting from scratch. I even went to Xbox and Nintendo Switch. I played since DCUO went live and all that time and effort to get certain stuff just to do it from scratch is really crazy lol
  13. the solowing Steadfast Player

  14. Shalayah Committed Player

    Idk how you do it lmao
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  15. Catastroflare Well-Known Player

    I'm not sure what the issue is here. This is definitely intended and simply another way to play the game if that's one's preference to do so.

    I'm fine actually with about 90% of the game. I get the grind and some of the pay2win stuff and the only real issue I have that I believe contributes to my dissatisfaction is the stat clamp. If we do get an optional clamp that'll keep me quiet for while aside from the occasional rant about terrible RNG for drop rates...

    As far as pros for the stat clamp, I think in theory that veteran players team up with newbs for older content seems worthy but it's not working as intended. Some just see it as a gate to older content so they just avoid a huge portion of what DCUO offers. Some enjoy being clamped and playing the game according to their idea of "as intended" so I get that too.
    For me, I play at my own pace and my own way. I don't care if someone thinks it's right or wrong. They aren't paying my sub and they aren't doing anything beneficial for me or my characters. I evaluate what DCUO offers and pick and choose from there. I've pointed out many times in this thread why the stat clamp in its current state is more of a detriment than not. It alienates a portion of the playerbase and I don't see how that's a good thing for any intent or purpose.

    To each, his/her own, right?

    I like to play this way; it's not wrong, just different. You don't have to like it, just accept it. ;P
  16. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    That’s my secret, I’m always crazy XD
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  17. Catastroflare Well-Known Player

    It might seem like a waste of time to you but that doesn't mean someone else doesn't find value in playing the game this way. Everyone's approach to video games is different. DCUO isn't an exception to this no matter how many people think it is (or should be).
  18. ItsSeven Level 30

    The devs are in a lose-lose situation with stat clamping. Keep it the way it is, some hate it. Give people a choice while allowing them to get the same rewards? Others hate it. The whole point of it was to get people to play old content. Now, in my opinion, it succeeded at first and has obviously died down quite a bit, but I think giving people a choice won’t make them run stuff any more than they currently do. The incentive just isn’t there when you can spam FOS3 for marks around 5 minutes easily. I assume most of the people who cared to get the pets for feats have already gotten them so that incentive isn’t worth as much as it used to be, not to mention you can’t sell them on the broker for what they used to sell for. There needs to be more of an incentive especially for longer raids. Right now, you mainly have 2 raids being ran, FOS3 without a premade, HH with a premade because they’re fast marks.

    With that being said, in regards to people who want a choice so they can trivialize their feats. I don’t agree with that, I do agree in giving a people a choice in having a non stat clamped version with lesser rewards and allowing them to get style feats from raid specific styles, but actual raid feats? No, if you really cared to get that feat, you’d get it regardless of its difficulty. The stat clamp still lets you blow through the raid much more easily than when it was new. I also don’t understand the argument of saying it ruins your progression, the whole point of gearing up and getting skill points is so you can perform in the hardest content currently available to the best of your ability, not so you can blow through old feats brainlessly.

    Regardless, I think whatever the devs decide to do, if anything at all, there is going to be unhappy people, but there is a case for allowing a non stat clamped version with lesser rewards and lesser feat progression. For the devs’ goal I think the biggest issue is simply that incentive just isn’t there anymore
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  19. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    Someone in this thread is talking crazy suggesting that if we did have the option to not be clamped that the group would have to vote on it. Que times are bad in the EU server, even more on certain platforms such as the switch. If one player wasted so much time just trying to have a que pop up only to be outvoted for non stat clamp and lessor rewards, I believe there will be massive complaints. It’s also truly unfair.
  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    No....but that is a result of the clamp....congrats! Enjoy the Manhiems spam.

    EDIT: Fun I posted this, my looooow level alt (117 SP, 1 level 116 arti, no adaptives, no origins over 200, level 1 oracle ally and an ice loadout that was the powers that populated as the toon leveled) Omni raid popped. Escape, which is an acceptable one (or I'd have opted out), so I took it. 16 min later I walked out with 2 pieces of leveling gear. I HARDLY looked at the screen and watched a youtube through the run, no deaths and got 2nd DPS out of 4. The top dps was TRIPLE my DARE he ruin my exciting run! Just flexing I guess...

    So please...tell me how that walk in is any different from anything else EEG pre or post clamp except that 16 min run time...oh yeah...and the progression gear and marks you guys wanted added? Thanks for that.
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