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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by qECLIPSEp, Dec 23, 2021.

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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'll go get my finger saw now....cause some would do anything...even the worst stuff, for rewards. Not sure that makes it a 'good' thing.
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  2. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Any person who has some clue about this game knows that solo queing for Elite content its a recipe for disaster.
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  3. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I have to bring this up: we don't know the actual level of participation. It's a big game and we have very small windows we can peek through on occasion. It's pretty fair to say that we probably can't know the actual level of participation. We only can report our own levels of participation.

    The devs have the data. They can see what we are and aren't doing. And while they've had some other things pop up that required their attention and other work on their plate (Anniversary is fast approaching), there hasn't been a whole lot of movement or adjustments made to clamping or Omnibus and not a whole lot of hints there's much in the way of change on the way.

    Could things change? Sure, all it'll take is one post from the devs to set a new course and prove my following statement completely wrong. LOL But from all indications, right now they're at the very least not concerned about a lack of participation because their data tells them it IS being used.
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  4. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Mind linking your Armchair Psychology Degree?
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  5. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Again where is your Psychology degree? If you don't have one, you don't have the credentials nor the knowledge to make that assessment:cool:
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  6. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Aw comeon, its not that bad xD
  7. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    GG and it’ll be fixed
  8. the solowing Steadfast Player

    I really do want this to work, im excited to see what progress was made with it, if any at all

    But also i got money riding on serving someone some humble pie.
  9. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    It's funny going back and doing old content you thought you could easily burn through give a little push back. I've forgotten more mechanics...

    As far as anything goes not much has changed for me pre and post stat clamp. Its all the same. Experienced, inexperienced, belligerent, helpful, clueless, good groups, bad groups, easy runs, hard runs. If most of us could get that when we queue into an instance we are part of a team that performs better when working as one over anything else all of this content is easily doable.

    Things "feel" as closest to the "good ole days".

    Much more enjoyable than when we went WM, then Am, then that accursed revamp.

    For me anyway.

    Git gud.
  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm actually fine with this sentiment and appreciate your willingness to share these helpful instructions. Now....can you just come into EVERY Omni run I end up in and tell the other 7 players to 'git gud' and what mechanics are....They seem to have missed the message.

    See cause when I was living in the 'Good ole days' and things like HH, UM or DWF or whatever....were top tier, to even walk in the door, you already had to be 'gud' because you had already been playing for a few months at least (likely longer), and progressed through a LOT of other content that you had to learn in. Also, as it was 'current' for a few months, likely 5,6 or 7 of the other players had already beaten it once or twice, leaning mechanics as they went. Now though, you can be in there about 30 min after setting up an account with a CR skip and queue straight into any random raid. Now I'm a big meanie to be sure, but is 30 min enough time to 'git gud'? Maybe an hour? Surely by 2 hours people should be 'gud' right? That's awesome, because I've queued into Omni raids where the on-duty already shows the raid has been going for 2 at least THOSE people are going to be 'gud' right? I mean they've been in there for 2 hours....they HAVE to have learned the mechanics by then, right?

    Now....if you want it to all be on me (or anyone else) to be 'gud' enough to plow through the other 7 hunks of dead weight standing around us and finish up, well....I guess you are saying remove the clamp. Ok....if you insist.
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  11. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    OR people could just learn the mechanics and get better at the game :rolleyes:
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  12. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    I love the clamp.


    I've been asking for it for years and now that it is here I can finally enjoy all the game the way it should be enjoyed. I don't understand people who want to just mindlessly burn stuff without actually learning the game, why even play?

    Also with the introduction on elite duos etc, it makes any size league a viable one. Just makes me happy.
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  13. Catastroflare Well-Known Player

    What's there to understand? Some people like to play that way. It's their game too so why does it matter? Because you don't think it's right?

    For players who take this stance, I'm still waiting on a valid reason as to why they have issues with how other people want to play this game as they see fit. And spare me the tired argument about learning mechanics and all that. I've ran some of the older stuff and no one cares about mechanics and just faceroll anyway. Trolls don't give power, healers run as DPS and tanks leave everyone behind and DPS are always dying.

    In any case, if someone doesn't have an issue with how you enjoy playing the game, why should you with theirs? Seems hypocritical to me...
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  14. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    You and other pro stat clampers have expressed your love of the clamp and can “enjoy the game the way it should be enjoyed.” Aside from the latter being subjective to each individual, in all seriousness I ask why even bother with having progression?

    Why am I going to bust my butt to earn all that SP, max out my arts & augments, or even try to get higher CR gear? I have asked this question before and received the answer to better be prepared for the next DLC (which will ultimately be clamped). This makes no sense to me.

    If as indicated above there is a correct way of playing the game or enjoying it as it should be, then WHY even have any of this other stuff?
    Why not just give everyone a baseline level of stats and be done with it. Every new DLC will use that same base line. It will be “fair” to all the new & returning players. No one will have an advantage over another player or a difficult piece of content.

    I worked hard to earn my CR, my 400 SP, my maxed out arts & augments so that I can crush the content be it new or old. I enjoyed making progress, growing stronger and more powerful you know, like a super hero / villain.

    My stat clamp choice is to not play stat clamped content. Yes I am missing out on potential fun because of my stance, but I can’t get past the fact that something I earned is being taken away from me just because I’m considered too successful in game.

    And for all the Git Gud crowd, yes, I am very good, and I look good doing it too.
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  15. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    You know how many times Mepps has answered your question about progression? Too many to count because there’s always going to be another thread like this. Skill points, omni gear, elite gear, arts all play a big role compared to someone whose doesn’t have as much or any of those things. This was proven to me when I qued a random pugg raid. At the end of the raid I inspected everyone, there arts were below 80 some not even being thought of correctly.

    Then they also mentioned that I might have high skill points. I don’t but during that raid I might have had more skill points than them. I have pet arts and they do passive damage while I’m a beast myself. I was surprised that all of that made a big difference. Now would I be able to solo it unclamped yes would I be able to solo it clamped despite having all those things that make a difference? No! The reality of all this is that anticlamp players in my opinion just want to one shot everything. They raised our cr in clamped content and people are still not happy it’s like it’s not enough. There is no skill in buying lots of replay badges just so you can have max out gear and there isn’t any skill in wasting your own money to max out your arts either.
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  16. Catastroflare Well-Known Player

    That's your opinion which you are most definitely entitled to but that doesn't make it true or right. I don't want the clamp but it's not because I want to do what you're incorrectly assuming I would in one-shotting content.

    Like I asked the poster above me, why does it matter to you and bother you and other pro-clamp players so much that people want to play this game in a way that you don't approve of? Why such a restrictive perspective? It's just as much their game as it is yours.
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  17. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Thank you sooo much for letting my Skill points, Omni gear, elite gear, arts & augments bleed through a tiny percentage of what I’ve earned! This whole stat clamp business infuriates me, that’s why I choose not to participate in clamped content. All the pro clampers & new or returning folks can have it. It’s already cost me a friendship. I’m done with it.
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  18. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    So when you're arguing with everyone, you're not concerned about the game being better or the game being more appealing to players and being a better experience and fun at all; it's all about you and your ego and you just want to win an argument. Good admission. And in this case you just care about winning an old argument against me. hmm. That's pretty sad. Imagine thinking this was a good idea to post... :rolleyes:

    I mean this sincerely when I say it; if there is a real bet somewhere, my positions are *always* centred on the best experience for players, so your bet is a bet against the interests of players and I have no sympathy if you lose it, at all. When I am wrong, it means the players lose and are getting screwed. smh

    For anyone keeping track though; my score is still perfect.
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  19. Grim931 Well-Known Player

    I do wish they gave us the choice to play it either clamped or un-clamped. I really don't care about rewards, how much "skill" it takes to get through content (been playing since launch, and skill has next to nothing to do with it now... it's all Arts/Augments/wallet size), or helping others learn (not my job to teach anyone how to play this or any other game. I'll give pointers or tips, but that's as far as it goes).

    I play a game to have fun, plain and simple. Being clamped/restricted back to something I had already beaten/surpassed is not fun.

    If you enjoy it, more power to you. I don't, and would like the option to not partake in it.
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  20. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Why do you keep ignoring certain parts of a players comment? I literally said Mepps has explained it so many times because threads like this keep popping up. Another thing, anti-clampers who did have the luxury of actually reading what Mepps said still can’t accept it because it’s not what they want to hear. So regardless of what I or you or anyone says at this point, stat clamp is here to stay and the reason why they did it has been given already.
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