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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by RSL, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. RSL New Player

    i see Dominance has a hard cap of 8000 now. does anyone [especially a dev] know any details about any other stats that are capped like this? thanks.
  2. Piqued Pixie Active Player

    Someone once asked me if Vit was capped at 1400, because they couldn't get it pushed up past that, even adding gear. I didn't really know the answer. It'd be nice to have a list of the hard caps, so we know when to stop.
  3. kav Committed Player

    I have heard that Might and Precision is currently (or was, so I'm not sure) capped at 10000. Restoration had a cap which was removed (?) and as you said Dominance is capped at 8000. This is probably to avoid exploits of any kinds. I'm sure 10000 precision is not going to be reached for a long time, but Might may need a review sooner or later, if the cap I mentioned is real.

    I do not think Defensive has a hard cap, probably given that NPC's are controll-able of how big the armor piercing / hitting is anyways.
  4. nogimmick New Player

    if vit was capped at 1400 then i wouldn't have a guy in my league throwing 290 POT....just sayin'.
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  5. RSL New Player

    heh sometimes i wonder if people claim caps like that to justify not "needing" more SP. the perpetual "i've got _enough_" argument. [me, i want more than "enough".]
  6. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    I've heard rumors for years regarding what the caps are. I'd really like to know myself
  7. Piqued Pixie Active Player

    I'm not saying it IS capped at 1400, just regurgitating a question to which I never knew the answer but seemed like a number that could be reached with gear and mods. Or even if they are not reachable, knowing the numbers is always nice.
  8. RSL New Player

    oh i didn't mean to imply you either when i joked in my post either btw.
  9. Piqued Pixie Active Player

    It's okay. I claimed a Vit cap of 4 for my tank yesterday to justify not needing more SPs. I grok. In reality, I was just trying to convince someone why I wasn't able to do PoT.
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  10. Crn Well-Known Player

    I got two trolls in my league with vit over 2600.
  11. evilmufasa Well-Known Player

    Thought it was said on fnl or preview stats were always set to unreachable high end numbers
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  12. Ivy Bird Committed Player

    Defence sorta has a cap at 5750(ish) which is maximum damage resistance (75%). However enemies ignore a certain value of the defence stat, known as armour penetration, so higher values are still required.
    i.e. if an enemy ignored 25% of your defence, 7667 base defence would be required to stay at max damage reduction.
  13. oODarkMatterOo New Player

    I'm full T6 w/T6 Mods and 157sp and my vit is at 3184 and climing with every sp i get. USPS4 Hero
  14. MetalMario Loyal Player

    I'm pretty sure this is the case since the only reason for making a stat cap would be a fail-safe in case something else breaks and a stat gets buffed way more than it should through a glitch.
  15. Crn Well-Known Player

    Perfect example. So, in closing if there is a cap it's definitely not 1400. Haha.
  16. not_again Dedicated Player

    I am pretty sure there were no caps in place for some stats but are now thanks to the generator bug.

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