Stat Buffs in pvp being praised.

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  1. MyDpsIsBetter Dedicated Player

    Honestly after last night I wouldn't be surprised if in the near future you see many ps/pc players teaming but sides have much to offer and ps players far better then myself, we're not far apart and many would like us to think.
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  2. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    Stat buffs didn't change much; it just gave new players who haven't farmed their first pvp set a chance to live in arena pvp. Also, SP and gear tiers for the last 32ish GUs hasn't outclassed skill unless the gap was extreme, so one's hard work never payed off as much as one might think. There was one exception, but it was fixed a while ago.
  3. Soul Dedicated Player

    You go for regular combos, but you spec WM.
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  4. xSpartacusx Well-Known Player

    Ya, that´s how i am specced. Brice crunching the numbers 2morrow anyway to compare them.
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  5. mexmex Dedicated Player

    Well you didnt explain the logic of my question. Why they give us some stats and then roll us back, dont give us anything then. If a lot of people quit pvp was because of this issue.
    So following the logic of your way of thinking why dont you give a boost to all new players lets say 100 sp to hit raids and everything in pve aswell, while we are at it?
    And how its fair for the people who have played this game for 5 years putting a lot of effort, money, time improving their stats, just to see how worthless it was because of the capping and boosting stuff. So you casual player feel good with yourself.
    Why is it that you want feel entitled to everything without working for anything, its so annoying.

    New players should make their way up without stepping in other players toes.
  6. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    How does this even make any sense? I am maxed out in gear and mods and have been in every season of PvP. Don't know where you got the idea that I play PvP 'casually'.
    Because PvE should be able gear progression and PvP should be about skill progression.
    If you have spent 5 years in the game and in PvP. You should not be losing to a new player period. If 5 years have proved that you have done nothing in terms of skill progression and need to rely on a number advantage to win you got better things to worry about.
    There is no need to pretend that PvP clamping is as if you are losing 1000 of all stats. You should not even be clamped in any stats unless you are really trying to do something like spamming prec on a healer.
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  7. Brother Allen Loyal Player off.

    I have more testing to do as I have only tested HB and Shield so far but some moves are doing more damage and some moves are doing less. So yeah...this will be a interesting bug report for the Devs.

    Note: When I say "bug" I am referring to the fact that Mastery attacks are doing less damage than the non-Mastery.
  8. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    If I didn't forsee this stance as harmful to the game, I'd agree. Currently, there is no way to monetize PvP for this game so what better incentive to get people to purchase episodes and such than to get them involved in grinding skill points on the PVE side to better their stats for all aspects of the game. I mean, it's already been revealed that there are some who aren't even willing to get all of their PvP feats in order to better their stats, so I'm just curious how exactly it's expected for the devs to do this for players that aren't willing to pony up and help support the game?
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  9. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    It could be argued that every update and espisode/dlc that was released did one thing positive for PvP in the short and long term. They kept the game going financially whereas PvP doesn't generate any income outside of Legends purchases.
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  10. Captain Carkus Well-Known Player

    There have been tons and tons of suggestions made already to rewards in PvP that would provide more income to the game from PvP.
    There are many other threads made on how to better income from PvP. After the many ideas proposed, it is the developers' decision to implement them or not. Plus, don't assume that PvPers don't provide income to the game. There are many reasons to be subbed to the game if you're a PvPer, other than feat farming.
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  11. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    Actually, Avatar gear was T2 after you got the set being sold by Hawkgirl or Deathstroke and the like which was T1. PvE weapons were used by all up until the fix to pvp weapons was put out making those weapons actually do more damage against other players. That update, if I recall, took place not to long after T2 Avatar was released. When PvE weapons start to do more damage than PvP weapons in arenas, people would substitute them in. That was more an issue with PvP updates not keeping up with PvE gear.

    What I don't understand is why the obvious isn't being looked at by the opposing faction to skill points, no matter where they're earned, mattering in arenas. PvE is what keeps this game functioning and is what's paying for this PvP update. Legends characters and the occasional power respec may contribute some, but I think we all know that the vast majority of those sales are for PvE and not PvP. So the obvious question is, how do you expect the game to keep going if there isn't some way to encourage players to PvE?

    Also, it shouldn't be mistaken that Crossplay isn't an attempt to save PvP. It's an attempt to save the PC servers.
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  12. ZypherUSPC Committed Player

    Milking the small PvP population for money, outside of straight up breaking it with PvE mechanics, is probably one of the greatest cause of decline in arenas.

    See p2w belts, CR restricted seasonal gear, multiple sets, replays, etc. It's nice that you're a company man, but don't blindly support things that are bad for the game. All they've been doing is reverting these bad changes that were forced into the game.

    PvE players don't PvP because it doesn't affect the content they play. PvP players dislike playing against NPCs and are forced to do so in order to remain competitive. If you want to holistically support the game, by your logic, then PvE players should be forced to support PvP and actively queue.
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  13. ZypherUSPC Committed Player

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  14. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    I'm not saying that ideas haven't been presented nor am I saying that some PvPers aren't subbed. I'm simply stating that, currently, if you take away the skill point grind you take away the reason to pay for anything on this game in order to better your stats for pvp.
  15. Superpatriot Dedicated Player

    Everything you mentioned, as far as PvE mechanics (belts, seasonal trinkets, replays), aren't currently allowed in arenas and haven't been since U41. Nor am I advocating for their return. Although, I do miss the utility belts and wouldn't mind seeing them brought back with similar buff trinkets that could only be gained through PvP.

    As to the rest of what you said, PvE players DO PvP just as much as PvP players do PvE. Some maybe more than others in both regards and for different reasons, but what you're suggesting, judging by the tone, is a straight segregation not just of the mechanics but of the player bases entirely when I thought the point of this update was to encourage all players to participate. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it just seems like, solely judging off of your posts, that you're wanting a section of the game carved out for yourself and others that think the same where no one else is welcome.
  16. xSpartacusx Well-Known Player

    Let me set the record straight.

    Here are the release notes of GU41 - Season 3 of PVP- for anyone to read.

    Season 3 was the closest to the most balanced PVP we had since:
    PvP and Gear
     PvE gear is now disabled in PvP arenas.

    Before that, any other season had PVE impacting PVP in any way, shape of form. How could possibly people think was better when you had consumables, serums, debuff nades, buff soders, white mods, acro roll spammers, henchmen, supply drops, etc. When people say PVP was better before S3 is beyond me. When PVP was more enjoyable, was yes, back in the day, before al the PVE elements overwhelmed PVP.

    The principal downfall of S3 was the inmediate introduction to WM followed by AM, with the fatal blow of the so called "1 shots".
    Also, S3 came with unsolicited changes (like RPS removal, agnostic gear, and other particular mechanics) and people is blaming guys like Clutch, Brice, etc for soliciting that. (Brice is so popular this days :D giggity).

    Which was never the case. We agreed to the possitive changes of the damage and how they felt, but at the same time, we never understood this changes, so please stop spreading all this nonsense to the masses.

    Now, about the stat clamp. I´mma take some minutes of my precious time to educate and enlighten the darkness of the mob.
    This is an extract taken from the S3 notes:

    • PvP Stat Balance!
    o If a player is un-geared or under-geared while in a PvP arena, any stat that doesn't meet minimum entry requirements is automatically increased to the minimum based on your current role!
    o PvP Stat Minimums
     If a player is un-geared or under-geared while in a PvP arena, any stat that doesn't meet minimum entry requirements is automatically increased to the minimum based on your current role.
     Minimum stat thresholds are based on wearing fully modded PvP CR 96 gear and enough skill points to get the majority of the role specific stat bonuses from the 5th and 6th rows of the weapon trees.


    Let me set this clear: Stats upon entry with no gear are set to -THE MINIMUM BASED ON YOUR CURRENT ROLE-.

    Now, in contrast, a different problem is the 1 shots. People complaining why they are getting 1 shots. Well, that is a completely different problem.

    This means, new players with low sp entering a match have a chance to fight, - at minimal stats required for your role-.
    This also means, players with high skill points are benefit too. Do i really have to explain this point:rolleyes: ??

    1 shots are fixed in test server. FIXED.

    All i see is players that grinded SPs that can max out (if they understand how to properly spec lol) with 4k+ prec, worried about an entry level player with 1.9k prec.

    Are you worried about the 1.9k when you have 4k+ prec? do you want them to have 800 prec? would that make you feel safer?

    If this worries you, you are not competitive at all.
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  17. Soul Dedicated Player

    Not sure what you're testing, but according to my own testing, every single combo listed within the mastery-affected slot for each weapon, is infact doing more damage while WM is specced.

    With one exception, Shield.
    (Seems like it escaped the full nerf for some reason, so I guess WM is taking it down?)

    So if you're specced for WM in each weapon, the combos mentioned to benefit from WM within each weapon tree, do hit harder while WM is specced.

    So yeah, I'm not seeing this bug, except with Shield, I guess ._.
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  18. ZypherUSPC Committed Player

    Sounds like you're reaching, man. Daybreak hasn't mentioned cost at all. And as of right now, in half a decade, it's the most collaboration I've ever seen between developers and players thus far.

    Mepps has already stated that players are the content in PvP. There isn't anything being created for arenas, it's mostly legends.

    The "skill point grind" never made us pay anything in regards to PvP. Most of that came from our subs and market place purchases that were PvP related. As of right now, there's a significant amount of players that are unsubbed because how broken PvP is. However, we all intend to come back when the test server changes hit live.

    Your main priority should be helping to fix the game, not making Daybreak money. They're smart enough to do that by themselves. Like I said, being a company man is nice.. but let's focus on the objective.
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  19. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    That is why I said "...I have only tested HB and Shield so far..." ;). I just got done with lunch and I'll be checking out the rest of the weapons over the next few hours. :)
  20. QuaTumTroLL Well-Known Player

    If that doesn't shut them up, then I don't know what could. Preach Sparty preach.
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