Stargirl episode?

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  1. Wildcat Well-Known Player

    The new Stargirl movie have a lot of good reviews, how about an Stargirl episode in DC Universe Online?


    I think DCUO should start explore more than just 3 heroes of the DC ;)
    Your ideas, what do You guys think?
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  2. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    What movie?

    There's a television series, available at DC Universe Online and the next day on the CW, but no movie about the DC character.

    There is a movie entitled "Stargirl" that came out recently, but it has zip to do with DC comics or any of their characters. Perhaps you only noticed the title.

    Characters like, I don't know, perhaps Joker and Riddler? The Birds of Prey? Dr. Fate? Green Lantern? The Flash? Thanagar? The Teen Titans? Aquaman? Trigon? The New Gods? Ras al Ghul? Vandal Savage? The JSA? Harley Quinn?

    That sounds like a fabulously original idea and I hope DCUO gets right on making Episodes about characters such as those!
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  3. Wildcat Well-Known Player

    My friend, Your post is very non constructive.
    I did not ask You to make a comment on my post about my thread. The only question on my post was " Your ideas, what do You guys think?
    " - about a Stargirl episode/DLC in the DC Universe Online Game.

    Anyway, I get It. I should be more specific.

    What I mean was a Stargirl "movie series" -

    "I think DCUO should start explore more than just 3 heroes of the DC ;)" - What I mean was we always get a WW/Batman/Superman instead of something completly fresh/new.

    There is almost always Batman / Wonder Woman / Superman in any episode.

    So You say "Joker and Riddler? The Birds of Prey? Dr. Fate? Green Lantern? The Flash? Thanagar? The Teen Titans? Aquaman? Trigon? The New Gods? Ras al Ghul? Vandal Savage? The JSA? Harley Quinn?" are the main characters we got a DLC/episode about?

    Lets check it!

    3.1.1Episode 1: Fight for the Light - Green Lantarns
    3.1.2Episode 2: Lightning Strikes - The Flash
    3.1.3Episode 3: The Battle for Earth - Batman
    3.1.4Episode 4: The Last Laugh - PvP DLC
    3.1.5Episode 5: Hand of Fate - Dr Fate
    3.1.6Episode 6: Home Turf - should be an update
    3.1.7Episode 7: Origin Crisis - Batman and Lex
    3.1.8Episode 8: Sons of Trigon - Wonder Woman / Circe
    3.1.9Episode 9: War of the Light Part I - Green Lantarn
    3.1.10Episode 10: Amazon Fury Part I - Wonder Woman
    3.1.11Episode 11: Halls of Power Part I - New Gods
    3.1.12Episode 12: War of the Light Part II - Green Lantarns
    3.1.13Episode 13: Amazon Fury Part II - Wonder Woman
    3.1.14Episode 14: Halls of Power Part II - New Gods
    3.1.15Episode 15: Bombshells Paradox & Corrupted Zamaron - Wonder Woman / Green Lantarn
    3.1.16Episode 16: Desecrated Cathedral and Oa Under Siege - an old raven map / gren lantarn
    3.1.17Episode 17: Unholy Matrimony & The Flash Museum Burglary - Blood / Flash / Red Death
    3.1.18Episode 18: The Demon’s Pit and Blackest Day - old map ras as ghul / Green Lantarn
    3.1.19Episode 19: The Demon’s Plan and Deep Desires - Black Canary / old map wastelands
    3.1.20Episode 20: Blackest Night & Wastelands Wonderland - Green Lantarn / old map wastelands
    3.1.21Episode 21: Prison Break and The First Piece - Atom - old map / Heatwave
    3.1.22Episode 22: Science Spire and The Phantom Zone - Green Lantarn / Superman
    3.1.23Episode 23: The Will of Darkseid and Brainiac’s Bottle Ship - Superman/Brainiac
    3.1.24Episode 24: Harley’s Heist and Darkseid’s War Factory - Harley/Superman
    3.1.25Episode 25: Iceberg Lounge and A Rip In Time - Ivy, Harley, Catwman/ Rip Hunter old Kandaq map
    3.1.26Episode 26: Wayne Manor Gala and Kandor Central Tower - Batman / Superman
    3.1.27Episode 27: Amazon Fury: Part III - Wonder Woman
    3.1.28Episode 28: Age of Justice - Wonder Woman
    3.1.29Episode 29: Riddled With Crime - mix of villains should be a free update
    3.1.30Episode 30: Earth 3 - Batman/Superman
    3.1.31Episode 31: Deluge - Aquaman
    3.1.32Celebration Episode: The Death of Superman - Superman
    3.1.33Episode 32: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract - Titans
    3.1.34Episode 33: Atlantis - Aquaman
    3.1.35Episode 34: Justice League Dark - mix of the heores
    3.1.36Episode 35: Metal Part I - Batman
    3.1.37Episode 36: Metal Part II - Batman
    3.1.38Episode 37: Birds of Prey - should be renamed to Superman vs Lex part 1

    So this means that we almost always get one of the 3 as a main hero/villain in the DLC.

    "Joker and Riddler? The Birds of Prey? Dr. Fate? Green Lantern? The Flash? Thanagar? The Teen Titans? Aquaman? Trigon? The New Gods? Ras al Ghul? Vandal Savage? The JSA? Harley Quinn?" are the main characters we got a DLC/episode about?

    There is no Joker DLC after Last Laugh short movie / Riddler got an episode and some missions
    The Birds of Prey is almost all about Superman vs. Lex
    Dr Fate / Green Lantarn - few episodes
    Flash - is he even in this game? after DLC 2? I mean his own DLC?
    Thanagar - its an old map - refreshed for Batman DLC ((Orginally created for Thanagar war DLC or update))
    The Teen Titans - cool, one episode, not all members of theTeen Titans
    Aquaman / Trigon/ The New Gods/ - Aquaman finally got some stuff, New Gods too, Trigon - he is only an NPC or Raid boss
    Ras al Ghul / Vandal Savage/ The JSA / Harley Quinn - They are mostly an NPC's or raid/ alert bosses
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  4. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I don't really like Stargirl but I think an episode about her, or at least featuring her, would be neat!

    Other episodes I'm interested in: Martian Manhunter episode, another Lantern episode, Court of Owls episode, Brainiac episode
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  5. dcuotoo Well-Known Player

    from looks on up isn't she made for the sailor moon type fans betting her appeal could be pretty broad ...people oddly forget...when you are watching a movie the movie matters...put bats or supes or some other great a crappy movie...the movie is still crap...make a great movie though...any characters will do...I love marvel comics...easily as much as dc...but I never would have said "wow...I bet these guys would be great in a movie!!"

    yet here they are...
    and can you imagine a marvel movie universe without them!!?? make a good enough comic show book movie...whatever ...and the characters create their own fame and magic...
  6. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I like the idea of some new characters but not sure how it would work for villains.
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  7. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Every episode is about one character. For instance my character is the main focus on all DLC. Other superheroes or villians help me out from time to time though.
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  8. Wildcat Well-Known Player

    I want this chest style for my toon ;)

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  9. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    i was a big infinity inc. fan back in the day so i'm all for any shot at seeing any of them in game...even the later ones but the doom patrol first please.
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  10. Noble One Well-Known Player

    i think licensing is probably why shes not even in the game atm. really i would say add her in first. she really doesnt need a DLC arc about her when theres others that need it more who are already presently in the game.
  11. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    Newsflash: you posted to a public forum. Nobody needs an invitation to respond to posts. If you want to communicate privately with the devs, use email or other direct messaging systems. Complaining that someone responded to you, but they weren't asked to, is completely ridiculous.
    Oh, I see. Television series are "movie series."

    It's remarkable how many posters to these forums work on the Humpty-Dumpty principle:
    You wrote:
    That's more or less what I wrote, yes. It's still true.
    Which I pointed out was wildly untrue. It's still wildly untrue.

    But, sure, deny it all you like. It's cute. And, incidentally, we have an entire DLC that's centered on Joker and Riddler. Who knew?
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  12. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

  13. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Stargirl episode? yeah sure, right after a martian episode!
  14. Wildcat Well-Known Player

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Both of Your posts are off topic.
    Can You please focus and read, carefully, before making a post?

    This thread is not about what do You think about my thread, this thread is about possibiity of a Stargirl episode/DLC

    You don't need to attack anyone, be aggressive, angry or use sarcasm.
    And thats my last response to any of Your posts :)

    Good luck!
  15. Controller Loyal Player

    For some reason this series GRABS me moreso than others.

    I only watched about 30 minutes of it and it has promise.

    It ALSO had S.T.R.I.P.E.


    Loved these two in the JLU episodes and looking forward to seeing them in this series.

    Maybe a Super Girl crossover soon?

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