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    From what I've heard, being sticklers for details is the least of their issues.

    Many in leadership positions have become corrupt and act like tyrants, there is a lot of elitism/gatekeeping and outright horrible behavior that gets tolerated. Basically the club became to big, bringing the concept of politics which then lead to corruption and scandal (money, sexual harassment, etc.).

    They have completely lost the purpose of the club, which was to just have fun with your love of Star Wars and geekdom with others like you.

    There is a youtube channel named Rexin_Around that did a group discussion last month, with people who have been members, talking about a lot of the issues. The ever interesting youtube algorithm just popped it up for me.
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    The early look gameplay reviews are in.

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    So Hasbro had their Pulse-Con event to show off a bunch of new products, and there is some cool stuff coming. A Force FX version of Ahsoka's lightsaber (can have three different blade colors), a crowd-funded Razorcrest vehicle in scale with the 3.75 inch Vintage figures, a re-release of Grand Admiral Thrawn in their Black Series Archive collection, even the Dark Side Vision version of Rey. But the stand-out for me?

    Holiday Troopers.


    There's this guy, a Range Trooper (from Solo), a Sith Trooper, an Imperial Snowtrooper and a standard Stormtrooper, all with holiday deco like this. The Range Trooper even comes with a D-0 style droid that's all brown with a red ring around the nose cone. LOL Looks like you have to go to multiple stores to get the whole collection, though, each one is exclusive to certain retailers (the Clone Trooper is exclusive to GameStop, for example).

    EDIT: here's a link to pics of all the other stuff featured in the Star Wars panel.
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    Disney dropped some sizzle reels/trailers.

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    And this too.

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    Not exactly wowed, myself.
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    Slight necro, but this left me with just one word I could say: wow. :eek:

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    Maybe I'm just getting old, but as time passes, I just wish they had left the films at the Original Trilogy. The expanded universe of novels, and comics was great, just leave it be.
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    I kinda feel you on this I didn’t much like the prequels nor did I like the sequel trilogy

    I did however like rogue one, solo, mando, and andor.

    Obi was good but was it even really about obi… kinda feel like he was a supporting character in his own show.

    Anyway looking through this thread really makes me miss some of the players who no longer come around.
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    Rogue One was great, and Andor was incredible. Putting aside those high points, I feel it's been diluted, and this three film gem that we had, that was being passed down to children and grandchildren, has become just another commodity where we wait for movies, and hope they'll rekindle that wonder we felt when we first saw that star destroyer fill the screen chasing Leia's ship, but they never quite do.
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    Thing is, the success of all the games, novels, comics and the like that came out between Jedi and the release of Phantom Menace pretty much showed there was an appetite for more Star Wars stuff (the release of the Special Editions in theaters was probably the capstone on all that). Add that with Lucas originally intending to tell more story overall and I think it was pretty much inevitable that more was going to come.
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    this is the way!
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    There was a funny moment in about 2003, Star Trek was all but dead, Star Wars was awful, and Battlestar Galactica ruled the roost in terms of quality science fiction.
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    I used to consider myself a Star Wars fan... these days I'm not certain of that anymore.

    That said the new round of visions looks awesome, the old set was also a good run.
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    I'm with you. I saw the Ahsoka trailer the other day, and the sarcastic voice in my head went "yay, ANOTHER star wars show" Even the Mandalorian, I'm about 3-4 weeks behind, I'll watch it eventually but there's very little excitement or anticipation.
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    Besides the Stackpole X-wing and Zahn's Thrawn novels, most of the expanded universe was horrible.