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    The "old canon" wasn't canon. The official story was the movies and the Clone Wars TV show.–present)

    See the "Holocron database and canonicity" section.

    And yes, Lucas directed the prequels.

    The fates of Luke, Han, Leia, Ackbar and others wasn't canonically determined until Force Awakens/Last Jedi/Rise of Skywalker came along.
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    So I went on a bargain day at my local theater to see ROS with a friend and it was meh. The story in the film is non existing. It just chaos. People running after mcguffins just in order to hide an incredibly high amount of plot holes and inconsistencies. Even the ideas which could have been awesome fall flat due to the lack of an overall structure in the story and seems to be fearful of surprising the fans.

    The use of the force and the depiction of the power structure in the galaxy, is so vague and not in line with what was established in the previous movies, that it almost breaks the logic of the franchise.

    If you just want a movie with stunning visuals, high amount of fan service and predictability, then the Rise of Skywalker may be a good star wars movie. Just not for me.

    This review pretty much sums up the film entirely
  3. Terri Ashra Committed Player

    Theres actually a lot of intelligent things in the movie but it's more for hardcore starwars fans to pick up on, the normies wont understand it. If you look at it as there's not going to be another movie then yes the amount of dumb stuff overshadows everything but if you know the lore, can pay attention to details and think theres going to be a continuation then it's actually well thought out.

    The less than stellar dialogue and simplistic storyline being at the forefront coupled with the emotional reaction over shadows the really interesting information. Also people still underestimate the Emperor and ignore what he says.
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    Yes and No. Yes, there were interesting things within the new trilogy that sound good in theory but was poorly executed on film. And hardcore fans and normies can have a difference of opinion or outtake on the film whether they enjoyed it or not. Yet, Star Wars like the Marvel films are for everyone. You don't have to be a hardcore fan and know the lore to understand the movie. I mean should I read the new trilogy novels or comics in order to fully understand the story that was not properly shown on film or even look to the past expanded universe (now designated as LEGENDS) books, comics, and games that were since de-canonized by Disney? I'm not trying to debate you but mentioning attention to detail and the film being well thought out is quite humorous when there are various problems in the story. The original trilogy had a simple but strong story. The prequels despite they're shortfalls had a story that flowed, expanded the lore and connected to the original trilogy beautifully. This new trilogy however was clearly not well planned out. Sure, it has by the numbers Star Wars references that hardcore fans expect but what about storytelling, character development, and continuity? In the end, if you enjoyed the film, all the more power to you, I on the other hand still see the film as meh
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    Need a good laugh? Here you go.

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    I saw ROS for the third time yesterday and the only thing that really annoyed me was the fact there was no force ghosts of the jedi. Other than that I really liked ROS personally and I'm super excited for Mandalorian season 2/ The Obi-Wan series.
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    Ah the old bucketheads :D

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    All these years later, Troops still holds up pretty well. They really nailed the essence of both material sources and mixed them together near perfectly.
  9. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    And now I'll be binge-watching on Disney+ to catch up in time for the premiere. LOL

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  10. Sir That Guy Loyal Player

    That show is the best thing to ever happen to Star Wars.
  11. ShazamFanatic2017 Well-Known Player

    I'll say it did. It pulled in about 4 million viewers for Cartoon Network.
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    Like I really needed another reason for watching the new Clone Wars season. lol

    I don't think it'll take long before folks start seeing some Squad 99 members showing up in the 501st groups. :D
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  13. Sir That Guy Loyal Player

    I wish it was more than 12 episodes but I'll take what I can get.
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    So a lot of Hasbro's SW offerings at this year's Toy Fair were focused on Empire Strikes Back. Retro figures, Black Series stuff (a six inch scale version of the Snowspeeder with Dak, for crying out loud) and the like.

    Then I thought about it. This year is the 40th anniversary of Empire.


    Geez I'm old. I remember seeing Empire in theaters and getting super hyped for it through all the merchandise that came out (figures and trading cards, mostly). LOL Heck, I remember the shock of seeing an actual TV ad for the movie because there were a LOT of commercials for related merchandise on the airwaves before I saw an ad for the movie itself.
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    I'm glad someone else liked RoS. It gets alot of hate but to me it was the best of the sequels and a solid number 5 favorite behind the original trilogy and Rogue 1.
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    Okay, I know there are those out there who like the Old Republic-style settings and stories and that this one is only set hundreds of years before the Skywalker Saga.

    Even so? It's tough not to get the feeling that they keep looking backwards for storytelling instead of looking forward. I don't know if it's going to be bad or good, no one can tell that yet. But I can say that it doesn't really interest me right now.
  17. Here2Help Devoted Player

    Indeed. There were also some great new POPs announced (I particularly love the Training Luke with Yoda one) and I expect Star Wars Celebration to have some panels dedicated to the 40th Anniversary.
  18. Sir That Guy Loyal Player

    Rosario Dawson is reportedly set to play a live-action Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian season 2.


    Filming has already wrapped for season 2 and Dawson has filmed her scenes already. However, it is yet to be confirmed if she is actually playing Ahsoka or not. But considering she's expressed her desire to play Ahsoka before, there's a 99.999% chance she's Ahsoka.

    I'm happy with this. Dawson is a great actress and I'm happy to see Ahsoka in live-action (oh boy Filoni really loves Ahsoka).
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  20. ShazamFanatic2017 Well-Known Player

    I got my copy of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, already. That's a day early. Sweet.
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