Up-Votes Needed Star Sapphire Embargo mission bugged

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by Comatosed1, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Comatosed1 New Player

    So I'm going through the War of Light Part II missions and doing the Star Sapphire Embargo mission where you have to collect crystals for Star Labs and then escort an engineer to the teleporters and defend him while he disables them.

    I get him to the teleporters and he just sits there. He does absolutely nothing except run through his lines. I'll move around and he doesn't follow. It's like he's trying to do what he's supposed to do and is stuck but nothing is getting done. He is just locked in place talking. No sapphires spawn to attack either. After a little bit he'll start moving again and the teleporter disappears but the mission does not progress. One time he even got up to the teleporter, looked like he might even proceed with disabling it but instead decided to do what can only be described as a spastic seizure dance. I half expected him to explode and the teleporter to be perfectly fine.

    I can't even be certain I'm at the right object for him to work on though since there is no marker on the map or on the teleporter itself, it is just a giant platform with the Star Sapphire symbol and things disappear off of it so I'm pretty sure that's the teleporter. It's a safe bet but who knows. It could be the garbage disposal.

    I'm on the PS4 and have reset the game and my system thinking that maybe I was just playing too long and it needed a refresh but it does the same thing.
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  2. LivingInGreen New Player

    I experienced a similar issue yesterday (12/25/21). I would guide an engineer towards a teleporter, clearing the sapphire enemies out of his path and he would follow. When not around a teleporter, the engineer would be active, attacking miscellaneouse sapphire opponents, moving, etc. When we got close enough to a teleporter for the item in it to be teleported out and the sapphire to react to my toon and attack, the engineer would stop at the point, not attack, nor move from that spot even after all the opponents in the area were cleared out.

    I did notice that sometimes if I returned to the chief engineer or otherwise traveled a significant distance, the engineer would follow after a period.

    After starting over with new engineers several times I was finally able to guide one onto a teleporter. The engineer did a very weird action like he was caught at the edge of the teleporter and just bounced up and down very quickly for 30 seconds or so, like the orientiation to put him in the 'fixing position' was not functioning correctly, and then finally appeared in the teleporter area and turned it off. I was not able to duplicate this despite eight or so other attempts.

  3. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I can confirm this is still happening. I did find a possible workaround, though. If I landed on the teleporter and did not attack right away and then attacked while standing on the teleporter, the engineer finished his task.
  4. Phoenix Rizin New Player

    Can confirm this is still an issue (7/2/2023). Mentioned workarounds have not had any effect for me. The engineer just stands around going through its lines, or floats above if I drop down on the pad. But he doesn't do repairs. Can't drop the mission so can't proceed with anything related.
  5. Psychofro2 New Player

    BUMP (7/21/23)
    The engineer does nothing but hover in the air
  6. Unknown1 Level 30

    The teleporters in the back usually work
  7. AndreasSylvan95 New Player

    Jumping in to say that as of 31/10/23 the issue still hasn't been resolved. Second daily quest in this episode that I find bugged and both of them seem to be related to AI pathfinding

    Update: As another user has said, only the teleporters on the back of the city hall work. Ones on the front and side bug the npc