Stale data for guilds and characters due to crossplay merges

Discussion in 'Developer Notes' started by airmetforums, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. airmetforums Administrator

    Please be aware that census data for EU character and guild is stale in census as of 2/1/2016 at 6am PST. Census data for US character and guild will become stale when the US merge begins. Both EU and US census data will begin to update as usual several hours after US cross play is complete.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience!
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  2. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    Will that include the paper-dolls?

    They don't seem to have been accurate in quite some time.
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  3. airmetforums Administrator

    After cross play, character's ids will change to avoid dupes and we will provide a character_id_mapping data collection as we did for league ids. Also note that characters with world_id 1 will have world_id of 2 and world_id 3 will have world_id 4 after the merges. The world data collection will also be update to have just worlds 2 and 4.
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  4. unscathed Active Player

    Is that a "no" on the character pictures being updated?
  5. airmetforums Administrator

    EU character and guild data are updating as normal now. A new data collection char_id_mapping has been added with the old and new character ids of the characters that were merged from world_id 3 to world_id 4. There is also a similar guild_id_mapping data collection.
  6. airmetforums Administrator

    The DCUO team has replied that they know the paperdolls are not updating and it will be fixed on Friday.
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  7. Polymerase Well-Known Player

    Could you also hassle them for updates to the items data, i.e.

    and to double check the quality_id's attached to the items - or re-think how it's used in relation to the game?

    Example, (all these are epic quality, the 128 being a 'vendor' item):

    item_id name.en                          item_level quality
    2998256 Shocking Manipulator's Top       128        5
    3015243 Lifeless Schemer's Tunic (Elite) 130        5
    2998865 Lifeless Schemer's Tunic         130        5

    A way to distinguish them would be gratefully appreciated :)
  8. unscathed Active Player

    Yay! It's been so very long, I'd all but given up hope. Thank you. Looking forward to Friday!
  9. airmetforums Administrator

    Dcuo team reports that paperdolls should be working again now. Please let us know if they are not updating.
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  10. unscathed Active Player

  11. airmetforums Administrator

  12. Trykz Dedicated Player

    I've had he same thing on wavedox for months not sure the guy even updates his site anymore.
  13. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Dcuoblogguide updates stat crsbst least but not styles
  14. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    ( Bytecode ) Owner of wavedox has not updated the website since he quit the game

      • Level30
      • PvE CR115
      • PvP CR97
      • Skill Points160
      • Bytecode < wavedox

        These veteran websites are mostly out of date and incorrect on the data provided as they are coded to lean towards the leagues and members they play with and are a part of let's take the PLAYER leader boards for example the list of these names to gain the rank is depicted by the spelling of your name when choosing PVE or PVP as a player only section that holds some what of a true rank is those listed by Skill Points
      • PVE LINEUP
      • # 1
      • 00 AP0CALYP5E
      • xTRUE GODSxAny name listed with NUMBERS in the start of the character ID no matter how it rank would automatically rank #1 or at the top above any listed not starting with a number

        PVP LINEUP
      • # 1
      • 00 Murdog
      • Below Average
        Any name listed with NUMBERS in the start of the character ID no matter how it rank would automatically rank #1 or at the top above any listed not starting with a number

        PVE LINEUP
      • # 57
      • A COMBO
      • 152
      • PvE CR
      • 152100217
      • PvEPvPSP
        Name listed as #57 found to have no number in front of the character name

    • # 63
    • A COMBO
    • 100
    • PvP CR Name listed as #63 found to have no number in front of the character name

    Now as further testing has been done on the census it's not just wavedox that is broken it's also Daybreakgames Census is broken when the data is pulled it's stale it's not current and it doesn't appear to become current at any time in the last 24hrs
    paperdolls < have been broken for awhile now , character data broken after server merge , combat rating server broken since server merger and pretty sure much more are stale on the

      • developer's

      • Incorrect Data from

      • {"character_list":[{"character_id":"562958544127725","world_id":"2","database_id":"2","name":"MurkinHeroes","alignment_id":"2331","gender_id":"0","power_type_id":"2784","power_source_id":"3316","movement_mode_id":"3313","region_id":"1739906","level":"30","origin_id":"21783","personality_id":"389435","active":"true","combat_rating":"152","pvp_combat_rating":"100","current_health":"18385","current_power":"7053","deleted":"false","max_health":"18385","max_power":"7053","defense":"16610","toughness":"480","might":"12321","precision":"4477","restoration":"5817","vitalization":"2418","dominance":"92","skill_points":"243","max_feats":"1342","hash":"6b24ac054fb213bfaa2368e7930ce883","character_id_join_guild_roster":{"world_id":"2","guild_id":"225547489663328503","character_id":"562958544127725","rank":"1"}}],"returned":1}

      • Correct Data live from game

      • Health - 18539
      • Power - 7164
      • Defence - 17066
      • Might - 12474
      • Restoration - 5923
      • Vitalization - 2477
      • Precision - 4546
      • Toughness - 480 < Correct
      • Dominance - 92
      • Combat Rating - 155
      • Equipped CR - 155
      • PVP Combat Rating - 100
    Thanks for your time hope you all fix these issues so we can fix our websites.
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  15. Ghoul Well-Known Player

    wavedox needs to be updated
  16. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    Paper dolls haven't been updating in months :(
  17. Polymerase Well-Known Player

    Looks like there's a lot of changes happening stat_ attributes have been replaced with a naming convention suitable to DCUO - which is good :)

    It looks like has been updated, so these are planned - just not communicated.

    Could we get a plan/update of API changes from someone on the API team?
  18. unscathed Active Player

    That worked. Thank you! Finally people can recognize my character.


  19. Polymerase Well-Known Player

    Looks like this was a mistake on my part :oops:
  20. MacFuego Active Player

    Does anyone know if is done. That was my favorite site now it doesn't come up at all.