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    So the Time Capsules stack to 99 or 999 whatever. My question is if they can stack to a crazy number like that then why can we not have exobits, exobyte, complex and simple materials and whatever else stack to those high numbers? I know that you can buy more inventory space and I have several times (I think currently I have max shared bank and over 120 regular inventory slots). I however did not buy those because I needed more room for exos. I just wanted more room. If we can get those crafting materials to stack it would make things sooo much easier. You could trade for mods to be made with one transaction instead of 2 or god knows how many depending on the number of mods needed. Mailing things would be faster also. It is just one more of those little quality of life things that would help out the game.

    Would it really take that much to change what ever is in the code from 16 to 999?
  2. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Must be Wishful Thinking Friday
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  3. Wallachia Loyal Player

    At this rate LFG will have a message saying "LFG to find the dragonballs".

    Wait and see.
  4. Owl Devoted Player

    Stack sizes may have been set to encourage Inventory and Bank Slot marketplace purchases.
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  5. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    could not hurt to try
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    I can agree, I would like to see stack sizes increased. but not to the point where it is insane like 999 exobits in fact I would actually leave those as they are, but I would turn around and increase the exobyte stack size to say 32 or even 50 and I would do the same for other R&D components as well... especially stacks of simple and complex materials.

    I mean now with T8 Mods requiring you to use a stack and a half of bytes just to make one mod making mods all at once can quickly eat up space, even if you are at the maximum number of bank/inventory slots.

    Also at the same time, there are items that should stack that don't for example R&D scanners, the ones that they give you in game, not the ones that drop from boxes etc.
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