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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Batuba, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Batuba Developer

    Please use this thread to post issues with St. Patricks Day event.

    • Cauldron of Bubbles is not green.
    • Bubbles spawning from Cauldron are not green.
    • Rocket base item is in game (will be removed)
    • Missing Imploding Shamrock Fireworks trinket on vendor.
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  2. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    If the exploration is meant to be weekly (I don't think I can test this yet until I log on tomorrow... when the exploration mission should not start automatically), should it award 7 x 4 = 28 marks or has the total rewards/feats been adjusted for that to be weekly @ 4 marks? Either way, I really like the efficiency of the changes!
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  3. SilkyPawz Well-Known Player

    Can someone please explain why we are going to be getting less Seasonal Marks, are you going to increase the amount we get weekly since this seasonal is only Two Weeks long? That's a total of 56 Marks? How will this be adjusted? I hoped we will not get all those seasonal marks.
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  4. SilkyPawz Well-Known Player

    Was just on test the Weekly is Only giving 4 Marks per week??? I really hope this will be adjusted we will be missing a total of 48 marks then, I for one am not happy with this change nor will many other people this is a short seasonal and it's not fair your taking so many marks away.
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  5. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    St. Patrick's Day Mission
    • Explore Mxyzptlk's Metropolis" is now able to be completed weekly rather than daily.
    • "A Fool and His Gold" has had its requirements reduced from 33 Golden Coins to 23 Golden Coins.
    This is NOT acceptable from a players perspective! You've basically flipped this event on its head for all new players especially but also existing ones....

    You've not REDUCED the cost of any of the rewards to offset the REDUCTION of marks you've allowed us to get, this was already a short event and now you've reduced the ability to obtain the rewards, in fact from the math I've looked at you've made this event IMPOSSIBLE without replays...

    This particular event last year ran 14 days 11 March 2019 - 25 March 2019.

    This means the total number of marks we can obtain is 92 marks. - that's playing it every day and NOT EVEN HAVING ENOUGH TO GET JUST THE ACCESSORY, which is 100 marks?

    It's like you've reduced the daily mark haul and given absolutely no consideration of the pricing of the rewards, whatsoever?!??!?

    Why did you even change the exploration mission to a weekly??! What is the logic here?

    That means a player if they wanted the rewards would need an extra 82 marks - meaning you're resetting the outdoors event 13.6 times at a cost of 168 replays...

    so you're basically saying to players, if you want everything this year you're opening your wallet, let alone the poor players that are just starting off this game fresh and have years and years of stuff to try and get - the prospect must be entirely hopeless for them...

    I don't get this change and I find it incredily disheartening and questionable as a player to see this sort of thing, if you're going to reduce the marks obtainable then reflect that reduction in the pricing of the rewards or leave the number of obtainable marks the way they've been for the previous years.

    edit and actually I'm not even including the 8 marks short you are to actually buy that accessory for 100 marks...
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  6. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    This definitely needs to be fixed it's bad enough how the RNG is we don't need this stuff added to it as well.
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  7. Batuba Developer

    Will look into the costs and currency.
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  8. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Thank you.
  9. Rejchadar Active Player

    Rocket base item, please do not delete this, it is more useful than a trinket, you can use a trinket a couple of times a year, while base item is simple, by habit, you press every time you go to the base, please do not delete this base item ;)
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  10. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Can I just gently say to some of the people who are getting their knickers in a twist in this thread, that this is precisely why a seasonal goes on test - to get player feedback. This is really old and basic content, there’s clearly no need to test if the pots of gold are spitting out coins etc.

    What I will say is that the bigger issue is that time and time again rewards of various types are introduced into the LIVE GAME which do not have the correct flags applied and that they keep getting this wrong. So it is good that these St Patrick’s rewards have appeared on test first.
  11. AZPrime Level 30

    Agreed with all of this. Especially in regards to new players, anyone who's relatively new to the game - or missed even just a year or two previously - is completely out of luck in getting everything they need without utilizing lots of replay badges or outright buying marks from the marketplace. This is supposed to be a simple, fun event, not a mindless chore. Turning that daily into a weekly without properly adjusting the payout is a mistake, moreso if the current total of marks you can earn from the event without replaying it is less than one new item entirely.

    If the intent for something being on test is to make sure it's ready to be on live, one would think finalizing the currency rewards for completing content would be one of the first things done, not an afterthought to be made after getting feedback. Anyone that can do simple math can figure out that as things currently are, it's literally impossible to attain every new item without utilizing replays or buying marks, and that's a problem that needs to be expressed. Telling others they're "geting their knickers in a twist", as you so elegantly put it, is being unnecessarily dismissive of others' opinions.

    While this is a problem in of itself, it's definitely not the bigger issue here. That's a general problem throughout the game, not specifically just for this seasonal.
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  12. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I wouldn't mind if the exploration is a weekly thing as long as the prices in the vender is lowered to compensate for it.
  13. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    The easier task is probably just to increase the number of marks received from the exploration mission.
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  14. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    Sorry, but possibly you could explain what the bug is with the item and why it needs to be removed?
  15. Batuba Developer

    Because one of the quests was a daily and was converted to a weekly, the total currency granted without adjustments was now less. This was unintentional as the currency grant was not adjusted with the changes to the quests when it should have been.
    The adjusted values will be the following:
    • Daily Quest: 8 Clovers.
    • Weekly Quest: 14 Clovers.
    This should balance out to the same amount of Clovers you would have made in previous years if you ran all the content for it's duration.
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  16. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Thank you.

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