St. Patrick event 2021 rewards!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Zoe·, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. Zoe· Content Creator

    Here's my video, I hope you enjoy :) (Yes, it is on test right now)

    Note: One base item "Stacked Stone Wall" is unplaceable.
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  2. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Not much this year ... someone robbed a leprechaun? I wonder I'm the only one tired of chrome materials?

    Ps. you missed one Base Item ...
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  3. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Nice video! I will probably find some usage for all the base items, most of them are structural, always handy to have walls, floors, dividers and windows.
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  4. Zoe· Content Creator

    Yes I edited my message, I cannot place the base item sadly
  5. Stardazer Committed Player

    Thanks for the video, Zoe! But yeah, this is quite the lackluster of seasonal rewards. Dissapointing.
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  6. Jaelia Well-Known Player

    Thanks for the video it was amazing, that rainbow accessory is super cute! That Castle Portal Base item is cool as well it’s giving me princess peach Fiona trapped in the castle vibes lol. I could also see a lot of people using the bulbs for alien outfits or for electric players. :)
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  7. Zoe· Content Creator

    I will for sure get the window, yeah I get that vibe too xD Rainbow accessory might work for my Sweet Chaos alt, at least will give me an excuse to get her another armory for another style lol

    No problem! Yeah I understand the disappointment, I think there's two items (one base item and one accessory) that I have interest in.
    A feat is feat tho so I will deffo finish the feats when it hits live haha
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  8. Robster4949 Well-Known Player

    Ear bulbs?! I mean come on that’s just......
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  9. N-IX Well-Known Player

    uninteresting events ....., don't get upset, that's just my opinion :) :) :)
  10. Zoe· Content Creator

    Yeah this one I have a lot of questions about...or maybe just one... why?
    I mean...if players can find a way to make it apart of their style and they like it sure, but majority won't have use for it I believe.
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  11. inferno Loyal Player

    Too bad we can't re-color the cobblestones. It sure could have been useful when I'm off to see the Wizard.
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  12. N-IX Well-Known Player

    yes but as said meg we are all accumulators ......, still something that remained in the inventory of styles (useless) they are so proud of everything they do that they especially do not want that we recover them for the exploit and that we subsequently delete it from our already horribly overloaded inventory :(
  13. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    cheers for the video, mate, but I gotta say that's a whole lot of stuff I can't get excited about. very poor, this year. ah, well, not every single thing's gonna be for everyone, is it? d'you know what the feats / prices are, at all?
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  14. Zoe· Content Creator

    Don't worry I know what you mean!
    Yes, there are two feats each are one star.

    Watt's The Big ID-Ear - Collect the two accessories + the Earbulbs head style.
    Just Another Brick in The Wall - Collect 5 base items from 2021 base items.

    6 Lucky Clovers per base item.
    Accessories (both) cost 20 Lucky Clovers.
    Earbulbs - 15 Lucky Clovers.
    Lucky Chroma Set - 50 Lucky Clovers.
    St. Patrick Shamrock Supply Drop is 25 Lucky Clovers.

    Last years items got reduced as well.
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  15. K3str3lDC Committed Player

    There's gonna be soooo many LGBTQ+ people with that little rainbow. I'd be among them but it doesn't fit any of my characters.
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  16. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    Amazing and awesome The art team did a great job ^-^.
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  17. Mermaid Dedicated Player

    LOVE the Castle Portal, we need that type of environment as open world already! The cobblestone and wall are also great.

    The bulb ears are meh. Seems uninspired and too comical for my tastes.. pass. I would have loved to have those highly requested and long awaited elf/elven ears instead. The chroma much like the previous seasonal chromas are just simply too outlandish and just serve as a seasonal novelty. I wish they would pursue more of the Celtic Mythology/Druid styles. Given that they've done so much cool base items related to that theme already why not expand the styles and dive further into that? Celtic has soo much to offer from more Beard styles varieties, hairstyles, horns, fur caped, cloaks, etc.

    The Shamrock Supply Drop is cute and I must assume that there's a backup drop that have yet to be discovered..
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  18. Zoe· Content Creator

    Might have, I haven't ran anything on test or it might not be on test yet ;)
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    Thanks for the video Zoe :)
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  20. Zoe· Content Creator


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