Springtime Seasonal Event and Member Gift!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, May 1, 2017.

  1. The Crysalid Active Player

    Devs, can you kindly explain why the 2015 Bark Skin that cost 10 leaves when it came out, now costs 10x that price? These things aren't vintage Star Wars toys or comics, for crying out loud. There is absolutely no reason you should be charging 100 leaves for an item that only cost 10 leaves when it came out. Who is making these decisions, and why!?

    I subbed up this month because I wanted to make a new Nature toon, and I'm now regretting that decision. It's going to cost me 200 leaves just to get that skin and the overpriced Forest Spirit hands and head, never mind any base items or pets. Seasonal content is supposed to a fun little break with styles and base items, not a bloody grind. Why are you trying so desperately to kill Seasonal content?
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  2. Riggs Well-Known Player

    I really hate to be "that guy" but....

    Springtime Member Gift!

    Members, log in and claim your very own Will-o'-the-Wisps Aura, inspired by the magic of Spring. This gift can be claimed from May 1 - May 8, 2017. One aura per account.

    It tells you, right on the first page.
  3. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    the aura is nice, but i kinda wish it was redeemable.
  4. IamINC Committed Player

    Because they want you to buy seasonal currency and replays from the MP and replay it , thought people would get the games direction by now.
  5. The Crysalid Active Player

    I'm well aware of the direction things are going. I'd like to hear a Mepps or a dev actually attempt to give a reasonable answer to this... if they can. ;)

    The outlandish prices on the new seasonal pets and face and hands are bad enough, but jacking the price of an old seasonal skin (skins, something we've been constantly asking for more of for years) by ten times the original amount is just a complete insult to all the players.
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  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Costs are always subject to change. We have standardized seasonal currency rewards (how much you get) and prices (how much things cost) across all of the seasonals.
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  7. IamINC Committed Player

    Mepps beat me to it but yes , the prices are in line with everything else recently , good or bad it is how it is ,for me it isn't a big deal as I have a lot of seed pods from previous times that I didn't use up on about 6 alts!
  8. SocratesGS Well-Known Player

    You got a little something brown on your nose... Mepps didn't say the prices are in line, he said they are subject to change and that the rewards will all be standardized to what we are currently seeing. I have no problem with 10 seaonal marks per day. But OMG can they not do gear boxes for style events?

  9. IamINC Committed Player

    Obviously you don't see many of my posts if you did you'd be aware I am far from a brown noser and frequently get in trouble for my opinions and thoughts on here .

    I Happen to agree with his opinion for once and have some positivity about the game ,
    if that offends your delicate nature why don't you go to your safe space and cry into your blanky instead of being a keyboard warrior and insulting others on here!

    Oh and by standardized , it means same across all seasonals ergo in line with others FYI.
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  10. SilkyPawz Well-Known Player

    I have to say that I feel sorry for new players starting this game where once styles cost 10 to 15 seasonal currency are now going to cost 50 because it is a gear box. I have played the game for many years, I understand there is certain changes but the fact we have the starro event with gear boxes but now even seasonal events, where it's just suppose to be styles and base items. The cost is extreme, I know many others will not agree but going from 15 seasonal currency to 50 is a pretty big jump, then they should also increase how much seasonal currency you get.

    You have to spend 50 for the styles, then if you want the collection for the aura that's 100, then the totem base item that's another 100. There also needs to be an increase in how much you get from the seasonal events, but there isn't because they want you to buy the seasonal currency from the marketplace.

    I saw many people post threads about this yesterday that got deleted , I am not the only one who does not agree or like the way this is going and again feel sorry for any new player who has just started the game or a casual player who doesn't have the time or even alts to grind for the currency.
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  11. SocratesGS Well-Known Player

    Someone can't take a joke, you might want to check how far up your thongs are and make an adjustment buddy. ;)

    We all know what standardized means (at least I hope), but you are applying it to more than what Mepps said. Seasonal Marks are standardized, vendor prices are not. Go back and read his posts and you'll notice a small grouping of pixels after the word "change" in the first sentence. It's called a period and it signifies the end of a statement. That means that the comment about the prices is a separate statement from the comment about standardized rewards. Ergo, you were still wrong in both reading comprehension and application of Mepps' statements.

    Now chill the hell out.

    Silky is right, the way they are doing seasonal events now means that anyone new to the game will NEVER CATCH UP. That's enough for some to say why even bother with XYZ event, and an example of how DBG isn't thinking about the player community.
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  12. IamINC Committed Player

    Yes , New players are really screwed in that aspect with the costs of everything and all the old feats attached to seasonals, totally agree.

    But... It's only completionists that will WANT to get everything from the event and they are the ones the company target with seasonal currency / replay sales along with the down right lazy cba type.

    If you really want something in the vendor then it is achievable if you grind it out , I use my Nature toon to farm the pods for the collection and wisp , all my others will get base items.
  13. IamINC Committed Player

    Maybe you should make it more obvious you're joking, FYI i'm wearing a G string actually , pretty comfy :p
  14. light FX Steadfast Player

    Mepps id like to ask why with some gifts players can redeem them on all toons but other gifts cant. For example, the flash cowl could be redeemed on all toons but this wisp aura is only 1 toon. Im just curious why this happens and how its decided. For the record im not complaining. Just curious to why there is a difference.
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  15. SocratesGS Well-Known Player

    Fine, I'll send you a snickers via in game mail.
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  16. SilkyPawz Well-Known Player

    Agree to Disagree and I disagree to the simple fact that why can it not be styles? Do you not find it just a tad bit extreme of a price jump????

    I also want to point out that even that Fallen Gods AF3 Face from the vendor only costs 30 ancient coins why does the face from the seasonal cost 50? That is my logic or my way of thinking, again everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is mine.:p
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  17. SocratesGS Well-Known Player

    Let's be honest Silky. Only your opinion matters. New hashtag here: #Silky'sThoughtsMatter (I claim the t-shirt rights)
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  18. SilkyPawz Well-Known Player

    LoL to funny..smh silly :D:p
  19. The Crysalid Active Player

    Well if they're subject to change, maybe a re-think is in order and a hot fix to change them back, or at least to something reasonable like 30 marks for a skin. Raising the price from 10 to 100 seeds for the Bark skin style (again, styles are something we've been asking for updates on for years) clearly indicates your "standardizing" is horribly out of whack. We're talking about a non-tradeable/sellable seasonal reward that's two years old, does nothing to aid us in combat or raise our level, and has no feats attached to it. I'd rather pay five bucks in the MP and have it account bound than grind for something that just makes my character look a bit more interesting than the stale skins you've had since the games launch.

    Each year you add new rewards giving players more work to do to unlock things that are mostly cosmetic. This year alone you added 24 new items for the event, 19 of which are base items. Don't get me wrong, we dig having things to choose from, but at these costs it's simply too much. We're still dealing with the Starro event and then you go and change styles to overpriced gear boxes (who's level will be irrelevant within days and doesn't even help people nearing end game content - nearing, not at) and jack up pricing on something like an old skin by 10x the original cost. It's insulting.

    You're taking all the fun out of seasonal content. As someone who has stopped subbing full time when the game went on 'easy mode' with AM and WM, along with broken PVP and unbalanced powers, I at least sub up 4 or 5 times a year for seasonal so I can run my alts and get interesting base items or styles, and now it looks like I don't even feel like doing that anymore after this months payment runs out. Players look forward to these events and it's extremely frustrating to see you take this direction with seasonal content which was initially introduced to be something fun to break up the year and celebrate seasons or holidays. I honestly thought if the stats revamp worked out well, I'd start subbing consistently again, but now that I see what's happening with seasonal, I'm just not interested in giving you guys my cash when I get so little back from it.

    Seriously disappointed, and frankly, whomever is making these decisions doesn't have the players' enjoyment in mind at all, or appreciate what seasonal events have traditionally been about in this game. Everyone involved in allowing this price hike to take place ought to be ashamed of themselves. *boo* *hiss* :(
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  20. The Crysalid Active Player

    I did the math. There's 24 new items in total for the Spring Event 2017, and if you wanted one of each item it would cost you a grand total of 514 seeds. That's crazy! Heck, even if you just wanted one of each base item it would cost you 114 seeds. I've been grinding seasonal events for years, and there's even too much new stuff for me to be able to get the things I'd like to add to my base, or get the new styles. It's just shameful that they're doing this to seasonal events, which were initially supposed to be fun extras to celebrate things throughout the year.
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