Springtime Seasonal Event and Member Gift!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, May 1, 2017.

  1. itsIanYT New Player

    Do you have to have a membership to get the free aura because I dont have it?
  2. JasonIsley Loyal Player

  3. ChillCat Loyal Player

    Thanks for the member aura!
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  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The marketplace has been updated today to include the spring currency.
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  5. IamINC Committed Player

    Decent job giving members a free aura , respect! , I assume it's claimable from the MP?

    Thanks guys!!
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  6. PrizmPotter New Player

    Yet still no pollen aura or cherryblossom aura in the marketplace, why?o_O
  7. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    It's the loyalty vendor going have seasonal currency this time?
  8. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Pollen Aura Drops in the Instance. At least thats an option
  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Yes, it has also been updated.
  10. The Crysalid Active Player

    Did the ability to view the styles and wilo-the-wisp pets get updated? This morning we couldn't preview the new items to see how they look, including the wisps in the broker.
  11. PrizmPotter New Player

    Didn't drop for me, I already paid for the freaking currency and the auras still aren't there.
  12. Champloo92 Well-Known Player

    I screwed myself. I thought it was an aura for each character but I put it on a character I didn't want to have it on lmao. I got too excited.
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  13. PBCF Active Player

    Thank you for the aura , it's so pretty !!!!! Ok for the butterfly aura , do the collections for it drop in open world or where do you get them ?
  14. Deus Ex Machina Well-Known Player

    Sewer Rendezvous event queue up. There is also one on the vendor for 100 Seed Pods.
  15. PBCF Active Player

    Okie dokies , Thank you :) .. I already got the one from the vendor , I'm just after the rest of them.
  16. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I was just able to confirm that it is there in game. At first I thought there was a bug with the price though. However, it looks like you just decided to increase the cost from 500 to 600 this time for some reason, because it's consistent with what's in the marketplace. Any word on why you decided to increase the price of the seasonal mark bundle? Or is it just going to vary by seasonal?
  17. Please Stop Me Well-Known Player

    I was able to view the styles so I am not sure about that. Are you trying to preview the boxes that will give the gear/style? Because if so that is why you can't preview them. You should be able to see them in the initial post of this thread though. As for previewing the pet. In my experience there is never a preview for any living base item, hence why I didn't own a peng-bot or emperor penguin until I found out that they actually are alive. Certain others are also like this. I think Black Energy Tendrills don't show up simply because they're black on a black background. But yeah I am sure you can google what the pet looks like.
  18. Tanya_83 Level 30

    The butterfly aura is cool and I like the base items too :)
  19. The Crysalid Active Player

    Yes, the styles for both the Visage and Grips of the Forest Spirit Box. This is the same problem as with gear in the events and has been brought up before. Now it's carrying over to seasonal content, and it's really poorly thought out to not be able to preview styles. Styles are important, and some look terrible on certain body types or with certain looks many of us have already created for our toons. It's kind of like going shopping for a wardrobe and just trusting what you see on mannequins - you're not going to always be happy with the results. Given the nonsensical high cost of these styles (let's face it, no one wants these for the tiny stat boost and they really shouldn't be adding gear like this to seasonal), I think we should be able to see the items. I understand we can see them in this post, but as I said, that's totally different than seeing them on our toons and with different body types or gear. Also, this forum only gets a fraction of the player base, so those who don't even know about the forum are also frustrated by this.

    As for the pet base item, I thought we could preview the Emperor Penguin and Pengbot, and possibly Teekle. I could be wrong on that, but I was sure I was previewing at least the penguins during Christmas. Again, this is something we should be able to see in both the vendor and the broker, considering the extremely high cost in both places and given that many players that don't use the forums. Yes, you're right about the Energy Tendrils, but those aren't worth ten days of grinding seasonal content. Hehe.

    Anyways, just my thoughts on this, since they're now adding gear boxes to seasonal instead of just making them styles we can buy at a decent and acceptable cost. :)
  20. BruceAsmodeus New Player

    So were do new collections drop?

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