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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by DCAutymn, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. DCAutymn Developer


    Please leave any feedback for the Spring rewards, feats, and base items here.


    ps - Props to Oceans -- her base items look beautiful!
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  2. Shadowdragon Loyal Player

    Great job on the base items. I like how each one animates a little. All tree parts have falling blossoms. It looks like I'll be busy redoing some of my forests. I didn't have any issues placing them.

    Since the tree parts are reskins of previous items, I noticed that a "full tree" is missing. Any chance that can be added. The old full oak was useful because it looked OK in a high ceiling room and still clipped well into low ceiling areas.


    Butterfly Friendly Patch (animated butterflies)

    Venus Flytrap

    Bat Statue
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  3. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    The Venus Fly Trap is very cool, but it doesn't seem to do anything, apart from twitch a little bit when I go near it. It doesn't move around the base, it doesn't interact with me, doesn't have a cog to interact with, doesn't attack/interact with other base pets. Is that intended?

    For reference, you can see the "twitch" at 2:38 on my video:

    If it is intended, I feel that the price of the Venus Fly Trap is a little excessive and should be brought down significantly. By comparison, it doesn't do much more than the Flamingo.


    The style is cool and quite inspirational for other possible concepts. A few of us have been discussing how we'd like to see a Skeleton style done in a similar fashion as the Forest Spirit style, except with bones, for Halloween.

    Nice to see it carried on from last year. If you're going to add more pieces to the style next year, a head piece would probably be the best part to do next. I was personally thinking of something along the lines of Green Lantern Medphyll's head, but anything would be cool to see.
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  4. SkyyRin Dedicated Player

    Just went on test myself, Venus fly trap is "Breathing" but not moving around. Such a shame though. Would like
    that to be fixed.
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  5. DCAutymn Developer

    Fair point on the Venus Fly Trap. The price will be reduced. Thank you for the comments!
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  6. Zneeak Loyal Player

    I just fell in love with the Cherry blossom trees. Props for the animations, we definately need more base items of this sort. Also, thank you for finally giving us a large Grass Patch, can I trade in my 200 small ones now? :rolleyes::p

    Can anyone tell me what those Cherry blossom trees cost? Praying that the price is decent, considering that I'm gonna need a few hundred of them LOL.
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  7. Penryn Loyal Player

    I'm leaving this feedback as a person that has spent quite a bit of time raising and maintaining a set of cherry trees:

    1. Who was the EVIL person that decided to top the blossoming cherry trees?

    There are six variations of the blossoming cherry tree and they've all been topped. Every time I go to preview them, it leaves me feeling aghast. See this reference for a topped tree:

    This is one of the worst things a person can do to a cherry tree!

    2. Ornamental cherry trees don't grow this way. The main trunk is usually of short to medium length. If it is a properly maintained cherry tree, there will be a nice scaffolding structure to the limbs with a wide canopy:

    Instead, we get:

    There are a couple of types of cherry trees that feature taller main trunks, but even those usually feature a very wide canopy too.

    3. The way this branch was pruned is going to leave the tree open to disease:

    You want a nice flush cut if you are going to prune a damaged limb. That is just inviting bacterial cankers to move in and it is usually game over for the tree after that.

    I was really excited to see a set of cherry trees on the vendor, but I can't get on board with how the tree models turned out. Some of the branches look ok at least.
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  8. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Penryn, you sound like my brother. I bet if I show this to him when I get home this weekend, he’ll agree wth you on just about every point (he’s an arborist.)
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  9. Shark Dental Loyal Player

    I'm guessing they used the same models as the spring tree decorations from last year, changed the colors and added animation effects. That's not saying trees should be hacked to death, but you can probably blame someone last year instead, lol.
  10. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Feedback from someone else on discord, I don't own this suggestion, but do agree with it:

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  11. Shark Dental Loyal Player

    I'm relieved they're not 50 like last year.
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  12. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    I haven't been able to find any problems with the rewards this year. Nothing major at least.

    I've noticed that the texturing on some regions of the Forest Spirit style are quite low resolution. I've taken a screenshot and highlighted the most noticable areas in Red.

    I've also highlighted the Bark Skin and part of the Forest Spirit style in the Orange circle, too, just so you can get an idea of the quality difference between the style and the skin.


    This could be related to a problem that Mepps talked about in this thread, concerning the PC Client dealing with legacy issues. But I figured I'd report it anyway, as this one seems extra bad.


    I've also got some bits and pieces regarding the other rewards from previous years, too:

    Missing "Springtime 2016" description in the tooltip
    The following base items were released in the 2016 Springtime update, but do not contain the "Springtime 2016" text in their tooltip:
    • Weathered Greenman Plaque
    • Beaming Greenman Plaque
    • Full Oak Tree
    • Broken Oak Stump
    • Knotted Oak Trunk
    • Leafy Oak Canopy
    • Shady Oak Canopy
    • Sprawling Oak Canopy
    • Decorative Wall Oak
    • Wall Branch Decor
    • Decorative Tree Branch
    Missing "Springtime 2013" description in the tooltip
    The following base items were released in the 2013 Springtime update, but do not contain the "Springtime 2013" text in their tooltip:
    • Gnarled Bed
    • Gnarled Dining Table and Chairs
    • Gnarled Coffee Table
    • Gnarled Accent Table
    • Gnarled Couch
    • Gnarled Chair
    • Gnarled Nightstand
    Springtime 2013 and 2014 base items incorrectly ordered
    The Springtime 2013 base items are listed higher up on the vendor than the Springtime 2014 base items. Typically, the newer items are listed first, with older items being lower down the list.
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  13. DCAutymn Developer

    Thank you! I will look into this tomorrow!
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  14. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Thanks for the fixes. It's looking a lot better now :)
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