Spring Seasonal Event 2021

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    Spring Seasonal Event

    Spring is in the air! Poison Ivy is back to wreak havoc on the people of Gotham City! We’ve added four new Feats, new bee-themed Base items, chromas and style items.

    Collect Seed Pods and purchase Spring items from “Arborist Louis” next to Swamp Thing in the Watchtower or “The Misgiving Tree” next to Poison Ivy in the Hall of Doom.

    Villains can learn more about Poison Ivy’s plans by speaking to her in the Hall of Doom’s Pit, while Heroes can speak to Swamp Thing in the Watchtower’s Aquacultural Area to help bring down Ivy and her minions. Speak to Veronica Cale (Villains) or Doctor Sarah Charles (Heroes) to find out more about taking on Swamp Thing.

    Level Requirement: 10

    New Feats!
    • Leader of the Swarm
    • Buzz About Town
    • Just Bee Yourself
    • Building a Hive
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  2. Zoe· YouTuber

    Is that a orbital strike?
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  3. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Where do you get the henchmen?
  4. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Yes - a Petal Orbital Strike

    Henchmen and Orbital drop off all the last bosses in an instance like in other seasonals (Lanterns, Creepy Critters, etc.).
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  5. Jaelia Committed Player

    Wow super cute especially that bee supply drop definitely using that on one of my toons and that petal orbital is beautifully done really great job! :D
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  6. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Still no new Warp to Phase UI, super, super disappointing.
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  7. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    Yeah, I was honestly more excited about that than the DLC, not that I don't like the DLC. But that is something we could be using all over the game and it would be very, very helpful.

    Anyhow, they said it was causing a big issue with phasing and how phasing works or something, and they can't release it until that has been fixed. So hopefully that is soon. :D
  8. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    Are previous years' items at a discount on the seasonal vendor?
  9. Deus Ex Machina Committed Player

    Can we put in a petition to revert the two week spring event back to the four week spring event? I'm pretty sure you seen the backlash from last year when this change was randomly made.

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  10. Zoe· YouTuber

    Here's a look at the Orbital if anyone wants to see :) >>
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  11. Solarbound Committed Player

    Those bee pets, though.... Really? -_-
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  12. Valka Lynx Dedicated Player

    Good stuff.

    Shame there's no combat Bee pet :D Maybe next time ;)
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  13. Dogico Loyal Player

    That petal orbital looks D E L I C I O U S
  14. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Yeah 2 weeks is NOT going to be enough time! :(:mad::(
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  15. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    I have a L10 mule and I can not do the 4 man instance. It doesn't show up in my journal. I was able to get the street mission though.
  16. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    are the bee wings still slow?
  17. Whazues Well-Known Player

    it might be a random glitch because i noticed that yesterday after playing it with 6 of my alts and then when i logged into my Main only the one from swamp thing popped up even after talking to him the scientist doctor sarah charles didn't show the (!) for me to get the 4 player mission so it seems there might be a little bug that needs to be worked out for the live servers still
  18. Whazues Well-Known Player

    might have to grind to get them and find out if they are or not but remember this is an MMO game bee wings wont move as fast as they should
  19. Whazues Well-Known Player

    i agree 2 weeks wont be enough to grind to 100 seed pods on all toons on both of my accounts which i have a PC account and a PS4 account i'll barely bee-able to get all the higher costing items like all the available styles not to mention the base items
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  20. Whazues Well-Known Player

    the styles are at 25 seedpods while the base items are at 6 seedpods so not much in the way of a discount
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