Spike Quake not lasting full duration DoTs

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  1. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Hey all... I've posted this in the WIP at a certain point and in the controller guide to see if anyone could confirm this was happening to more than just me. First I'd like to establish the parameters that I've seen this occur in. I've tested this with gear on and off. With Skill points allocated and not. (I was doing Base Damage testing). I've tested to see if it happens on dummies in the watch tower, in my base, in Gotham under Siege and in Open World.

    What I've seen is that Spike Quake does not always go through its full duration of DoTs when it should. This happens somewhere around 30 % of the time. Its supposed to do 13 ticks of damage total. 1 burst hit that at base damage should be around 20 - 28 (at base level) then 12 ticks of low damage 1 - 3 (at base level). That info is from theDCUOBook.com. I discounted my findings since the numbers varied so wildly due to the inconsistencies.

    It will always deal its burst hit. From there it varies sometimes that's it. It'll range anywhere in between. But going through my data I found that this occurred somewhere around 3 out 10 times.

    I should mention that I saw this happen with other DoTs in the Light Set(Snap Trap, Grasping Hand, Chompers) but it happened far more often with Spike Quake. The others we're more like 5% of the time's cast.

    *Side Note* Another player mentioned also not seeing the Dazed PI always apply to the enemies hit by this power. That would also need to be fixed.

    *Side Note* I've also seen it panic which it shouldn't do. At first I thought maybe I was just casting Claws quickly and overwriting my stun from Spike. So I started looking for it and waiting. I checked in Duo's, Open World, Gotham Under Siege. This power should knock up the crowd then stun two.

    *Side Note* Sometimes seeing debuff Icon's pop up from construct combo's. Unsure if they are actually applying the debuff or if this is just a similar issue as when the defense debuff Icon was popping up falsely when another power was cast a few months back.

    I probably should make seperate threads for each of these but I'm too lazy. Please just post a yes I'm seeing this to a specific issue. Post where its happening and how often if able. Thanks!:)
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  2. Delta795 New Player

    I am also seeing debuf issue. To be more specific when going from construct combo ram > snap trap you will see healing debut icon go up. This is also happening on combos into light blast.

    I do not carry either of these powers in my tray so they can be accesses when going into construct combos.
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  3. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Posted this in the Light Troller guide thread. Its additional info on the phantom heal debuff.

    I noticed the same thing in the T6 alert sunday night. I saw it happen when combo - ing from support side move's like Boxing>Hand Clap>Impact>G Hand. It would pop up momentarily(roughly 3 - 4 seconds). I posted this in the WiP hoping we might get some more people to check and see if its a power set issue, platform or specific to that alert. The more people check and provide feedback on it the better. I thought it was weird because I wasn't even combo - ing into heal debuff construct types and was seeing this. I'll check more tonight if I get time.

    Thanks Delta!;)

    Edited to include* Got on Monday night and checked combo to combo on a dummy. I didn't see the heal debuff apply from Light Blast or Snap. It would pop up when combo - ing Grasping Hand. The debuff Icon would only last a couple seconds. Its registering the heal debuff icon which is weird too.

    I did see what you we're talking about the other night in TD. It was lasting a few seconds and showing up from various powers. It may be limited in most part to that area.