Spending cash on DCUO

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Sophittia, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. SoylentBob New Player

    I'm pretty sure they're not just going to pull the plug on PS3 the moment PS4 hits the stands.
    They kept selling PS2s. Sony just announced the death of PS2.
    You may yet get another year out of your dusty old PS3.
  2. Hate Me Well-Known Player

    The game is fine even with PS4 coming, just cuz it hits the shelves doesn't mean this game is doomed, alot of people won't be picking up the Ps4 until 6+ months after when the price is actually reasonable and not $500..

    They need to put more effort into the marketplace tho..there is alot of stuff people would buy instantly they aren't putting up there (Auras in my opinion should be there as no Premium is going to spend 40$ on keys trying to get an aura, keys are absurdly overpriced to warrant anything but the SC Allowance subbers get, but they open them for free anyway, is just an example of the potential they are missing out on, even if they lowered key price to like 1$ would sell a ton more then they currently do @ $2.50 a pop, and your prob getting sodas..which is why Premiums don't buy them)

    This game has the best potential for marketplace with the type of appearance customization it offers, its just sad SoE isn't taking full advantage of the very awesome feature they have by putting styles all over the market (the only styles ive bought is the wings and wep pack..and the vanguard skin) most F2P games run directly off of cash shops and nothing else..but this is what happens when a company trys to play both sides of the field as a Cash Shop/Subscription based game, one side suffers (marketplace) while the other gets all the attention (sub benefits). Its good to keep subbers but the fact they are focusing on trying to make this a subscription based game over a F2P/Cash shop game is the reason the marketplace is so "dull" if you will, with only a few things being worth buying..such as RnD scans, Respecs, a few of the styles and bank/inven upgrades, most the legends chars are bought by Subbers with the 500 allowance in 2 months, replay badges are prob the most bought thing by non-subbers and subbers, so replay badges are a "right direction" type of thing as both parties desire it

    If they added cool styles and what not (wep packs were another "right direction") could prob get more f2p/premium money out of it prob even some Legendarys buying Station cash for some cool styles, the style system is amazing but the marketplace has a finite amount of styles that in my opinion are actually worth buying.

    I'll continue to spend money as I have been (got about 145$ in it now, im not a subber) and if they add more stuff to marketplace i like ill prob buy it..but right now its just lacking compared to most games that have cash shops. Only Legends char I bought was Future Batman just because I didn't have the normal batman..Steel and Jordan maybe ill get one day but the others just seem like Re-skins of Last Laugh ones u can get for lore..

    I kinda went into a rant, but maybe its just cuz i like the game so much and wish the best in the future.
  3. Joybird Committed Player

    I buy styles more than anything else. I bought a bunch of inventory slots, but I'm happy with my inventory size now, so it's all styles. I'd probably buy some base styles if they went down to 500, but 1000 is too much.

    So, if they put in more styles, I'd probably buy many of them. The problem now is that I basically have what I want, so there's not much to get. Maybe I'll buy Steel. He keeps crushing me in PvP, and I enjoy Legends.
  4. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    I don't mind paying money when I can, the game is free-to-play not free-to-make.