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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Emoney, Jan 24, 2023.

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  1. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    I'm not doubting there is, but compared to the other movement modes powers who all have "ending animations" that jump cancelling doesn't skip, it means next to nothing. And I honestly don't mean that in a dismissive way, I mean it in a "If SS had just 1 power that can do what other movement modes can't, it's still a problem". The only thing a discussion about something like that would lead to is pure, bottom-of-the-barrel semantics.
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    I think that's already happening to an extent lol.

    Never the less I think most of us have agreed that perhaps these moves should be added to an iconic tree and in fact that's perhaps just true if a number if even flight and acro moves.

    The other solution could also be just making movement mode changes free to members or something, then you can simply change as the need arises, I think part of the heat comes from people wanting to switch as desired but not pay $10 each time.

    I think where some of us clearly draw the line is this insatiable desire from a few players here to just nerf everything.
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  3. August Moon Well-Known Player

    I'm twisting the narrative? What was it that you said before hand ? "This is the point. There is no Meta in that game, only choice and preference." And when i said " i did. the top spot on the first 3 tier lists contain the same 2 options. there's clearly outperforming the others by a margin if they're consistent across 3 whole videos" You tried to counter with Yeah you absolutely didn't lol. Look I've tried to keep this as civil as I could but lies will be the end of that. There's no Warframe Tier List made by multiple people who have only 3 frames in the top. Nor 1 frame in the top." Which wasn't at all what i was saying but okay, if you have to try and change the argument

    I said theres clearly 1 or 2 warframes that are sitting in multiple youtuber's top spots. And my latest post quite literally proves my point. There's at least 3 warframes that constantly show up at S tier positions , why? because people find them easier to play. Which is the LITERAL DEFINITION OF A META . Now your argument is that i dont know what im talking about because theyre not the best across the board in everything which the literal same thing can be said about dcuo's meta Prec , electric might, Munitions might, and fire might. all 4 of these are meta powers for one reason or another, they excel in one way or another but clearly prec is the only thing that excels in them all. But lets take a step back and adress something for a second . In one of the quotes you say "This is the point. There is no Meta in that game, only choice and preference." Which already you were proven wrong about the meta aspect but the second part is what im referring to. "choice and preference" I've quite literally have been arguing that dcuo has both a meta and choice and preference. Your counter boiled down to "If theres a meta then why would anyone choose anything else?"

    If warframe has a meta why would anyone use the other plethora of characters? Is it because you can clearly get through content without bending to the meta? Hmm im sure i said the same thing pertaining to dcuo. People got through Nue pretty well and posted it on youtube. Yes alot of them are precision but in between those prec vidoes youll see which powers? Oh, thats right ....
    Electric Might -
    Fire Might -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lE1TlTi0bQ
    And Munitions Might -

    with a sprinkle of Earth Might which isnt even meta but they still got thorough the content

    So , not only is there a meta in dcuo that alot of people follow, BUT, theres also some people CHOOSING not to follow it and still getting through content. Which is equivalent to what exactly ? People choosing to "pick one of the 3 dart bags".

    And before you say im changing the argument , im not. you did several times and im coming full circle.
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  4. August Moon Well-Known Player

    You clearly cant comprehend the argument being made so let me break it down for you. Superspeed has this little exploit that allows you to tap the accelerate button during combat once which allows you to quick dash forward. Unlike flight's "swoop attack" this doesn't have a cooldown and can be used as long as you're not grounded . People use this little exploit to get to the adds down the hallway faster or to avoid environmental mechanics. other powers dont have this ability they have to wait until they're after combat to accelerate. I said people have in multiple other threads pertaining to superspeed mentioned this exploit one way or another and this thread is no different. Tolly actually brought this up at 6:46am Today and i would have thought youd understood this concept considering YOU YOURSELF THUMBED THEIR POST UP.

    As for the second argument lets look at Google's definition of clipping "a small piece trimmed from something Lets dissect what this means in terms of dcuo. When you clip something (like your powers), you cut the animation from one thing to lead into another in a slightly faster time. You're trimming a small piece of animation form your weapon combos by using a power. Theyre literally the same thing , as to why you cont graps that fact and felt the need to try and patronize me over it is beyond me . But it was an adorable attempt.
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  5. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    I honestly think that's just the one thing we disagree on. What you call a nerf, I call balance.

    The other problem I have though, not with you specifically btw just in general, is the "downplaying" of the powers. Every time a discussion comes up, at least one person goes the route of "Well there's other factors so the SS powers don't make a huge difference in the grand scheme if things". Right, so why are you arguing to keep it if its so trivial? Why would someone get into discussions like this to try to defend something, if they then turn around and say its a very small detail in how they get their damage numbers. OK cool, you won't miss a very small detail so.

    It's the same reason behind all those "Prec (power) Loadout" videos collectively and coincidentally saying "I have SS powers I my Loadout but you don't need em". Right well hang on, the last 18 videos also had SS powers in their loadout too, that's known as a common denominator. Why is what you are saying not matching what you are showing?

    Just let the truth have its day. If it wasn't a big thing, this thread would only be about EoG and Artifact Swapping. There'd be no need for anyone to defend something. If it's a tiny part it won't be missed, but if we let the truth have its day and admit it's a big part of a hefty amount of players loadouts, who don't want it gone because it absolutely will drop their damage numbers and will make all that practice of Wep Attk -> Power -> Jump -> Wep attk meaningless.
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  6. August Moon Well-Known Player

    That's exactly my point , why nerf everything into the ground when you can buff and balance everything else. You'd literally be solving the problem without taking the enjoyment away from the people who already use it. Put every movement mode cast-able power and supercharge into the iconic tree and leave only the passive abilities , then allow flight ,acrobatic sand skimming to burst speed just like superspeed can. That would fix the imbalance ,people would still be able to use their desired movement modes and still keep up with the meta IF THEY SO CHOOSE TO DO SO. maybe even work on flight and acrobatic related abilities that do the same thing down the line.
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  7. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    I'm not going to read through 2 essays just because you lack the ability to concede either points were incorrect.

    Sum up what the 2 posts were trying to say into your next reply
  8. Skoll Well-Known Player

    Playing something like gadgets superspeed prec is obviously more engaging than a might 1-2-3-4 loadout.

    Yes, glad you agree that not using EoG if you have it in it’s current state is moronic. It’s not a matter of ethics or to be honorable in not using it, it helps the group and yourself, why would you not? Seems pretty selfish.

    And sure, if that thing about a bridge is jumping off it in order to land on a lifeboat or be left behind. There is a reason most games have a meta and all their high level players use it. It sounds like the Samurai sticking to swords out of honor instead of adapting to the times and using firearms. We know how that turned out. Power trolls, non EoG heals etc, are all going the way of the horseback and carriage at the start of the car industry. Unless the devs just do their job and start balancing things…
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  9. August Moon Well-Known Player

    You werent reading them from the start but whatever floats your boat. Thank you for conceding, you lost this debate , Have a fantastic day.
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  10. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    Wow lol. Spoke about specific parts of each of your posts, yet I'm not reading them. Or maybe, just maybe, I didn't want to read through 2 essays full of "I can't be wrong" because, as I mentioned before very clearly, I'm currently playing one of the aforementioned games.

    Just an FYI, neither you nor I decide "who wins the debate". A debate and its content is decided by the Community at large, not by one singular individual. And deciding to reveal that this debate was only ever about "winning or losing" for you wasn't a great move.

    Sum up the 2 posts or don't, as it's stands the View of SS Powers, EoG and Artifact Swapping being a detriment to the game is as valid as it was in Page 1. Otherwise I can almost see a "I didn't read yours because you didn't read mine" reply incoming.
  11. Emoney Dedicated Player

    So, your answer to broken exploitable powers isnt to fix them, it's to make them available to everyone instead of just superspeed players??? So, you can continue to use them right??? Lol classic.

    Remember the biggest nerf ever done was the clamp and you champion that, so dont frame people that want this fixed as simply people calling for nerfs.

    Superspeed needs to be fixed period. The combat boost needs to go. The animation clips need to be removed. The damage needs to be addressed either by raising two or three moves in the other two movements, or bringing down the damage in the superspeed set.

    Moving all of these powers to iconics doesnt change or fix anything.

    And no, ten dollars has nothing to do with this. My character has wings, and has always had wings. I dont want to be a speedster, not everyone wants that...or is only not switching because of 10 dollars. That's ridiculous.
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  12. Proxystar #Perception

    Well, no, this threads a bit more than that in any case, it's a swipe at powers percieved to be imbalanced, an artifact percieved to be imbalanced and then a swipe at players supporting the clamp by drawing a correlation that doesn't exist.

    To put it bluntly and succinctly the OP was simply 'gaslighting'.

    His post consists of a few basic facts, riddled with an enormous amount of absolute bull$#@%, he was actually attacking people so it was never going to end a constructive conversation lol.

    That bit being said.

    Imbalance can sometimes be propogated through access issues, it exists not because the move itself is necessarily imbalanced, but because access to the moves require a player to be a certain thing, in this case super speed.

    One could argue that the price of those advantages is a lack of others, as ive said flight in and of itself is frequently a massive advantage.

    Nevertheless if some of these moves were moved to an iconic tree those 'access issues' would be less apparent and you can absolutely certain complaints about these powers being imbalanced would disappear.

    This of course all comes with the risk that a flight player is double dipping, so it would be my expectation that in exchange for the moves flight players be grounded, always, not just sometimes, always.

    The other thing with nerfs and balance is people frequently call for nerfs when typically buffing achieves the same result because there's a mentality that people have where they want to see the users of prior metas be punished.

    There's a bit of a savior complex at times where these people think they're saving community and game from the evil meta abusers.

    The reality is all solutions should be considered well before any nerf under all circumstances and if you are going to nerf something it should be done carefully and if need be multiple times so you aren't repeating the mistakes like the venom wrist dispenser
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  13. Proxystar #Perception

    100% this
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  14. Emoney Dedicated Player


    You still dont see the correlation because you are blinded by that hypocrisy, and dont want to ever give up your advantages.
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  15. Proxystar #Perception

    They aren't broken nor are they exploits, you're just angry and upset that they're exclusive to super speed.

    What you're really upset about is that your flight moves suck and instead of asking for them to be improved, you're asking for other things to be burned.

    You're then gaslighting from the beginning people you know will disagree with you to frame them as villains and portray yourself as the balance savior.

    You're the example of a person posessing the mentality I just spoke of.
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  16. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Except that the same one or two people agree and like what you say, and I'm in the double digits, and none of them are my personal ingame friends. You're wrong here and it doesnt even matter, no one is listening to you anymore.
  17. Proxystar #Perception

    Hahaha, hahaha lol.

    You're good for a laugh bro, I do enjoy Emoney story time.
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  18. Emoney Dedicated Player

    It's not a story, it's a documentary due to the facts I've laid out. For whatever reason you cant get pass the issues superspeed has, many other people here clearly seen it, talked about it, and all you have as a rebuttal is claiming Im full of bs and gaslighting, ok, noted. Good talk.
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  19. Proxystar #Perception

    It's plain as day bro, I mean after all you are the one wandering around the game stalking and inspecting people just to then attempt your little gaslight hahaha.

    Next time you see me let me know, I can then make sure we go somewhere with better lighting I probably need to make sure I avoid crime alley never know when or if Emoneys hiding behind the rubbish skip with a sharpened toothbrush and his finger on the screenshot button
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  20. August Moon Well-Known Player

    I mean it clearly wasnt about winning or losing , but it was more than apparent that not only were you not ready to come to an understanding , you couldnt comprehend what the debate was about. As for what the community decides. clearly the devs said they weren't going to look further into art swapping in the one post the actually responded in, but they also said they were going to look into putting the "exploitable " superspeed powers along with all the other movement powers into the iconic tree. So there's that. But hey if you dont wanna take this "L" ill just ship it to ya through the mail, slight shipping fee .
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