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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Emoney, Jan 24, 2023.

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  1. Lovora Liaht Well-Known Player

    I agree with many things said here.
    Oh, and one more thing...I'm in support of the Stat Clamp...but I'm also Flight. LOL! XD
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  2. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    You begin the post asking how you sabotaged any points, proceed to try to skip over admitting the loadout video point is fact with a fairly fleeting "but", and then end the post by sabotaging any points you had about Superspeed by talking about, what is uncategorically, the wrong thing.

    Why are you talking about players mashing the movement mode button to make SS skip ahead when everyone else is talking about its 2 exploitable powers?

    After that, why would you ever think that a game development team making 2 exploitable powers more accessable is a good thing? Again, I won't have you mince words or try to change the narrative. That's what we're talking about.
  3. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Just keep in mind, it's not a true MMO and they do overhauls to their UI and mechanics regularly. Not like DCUO's overhauls, but straight up the gameplay.

    I started the game back when it was in the early stages. You had to slide to move faster and if you used your weapon, you can speed that up even more. They called it helicoptoring. It was funny stuff. It also used to have your frame powers be cards that you needed to slot and you had to earn them in gameplay. Later they revamped it to automatically have the cards. Then later they completely overhauled it to be active by default. Weapon systems had a few overhauls. Fortification had an overhaul. (To power up cards for your weapons, you used to have to feed same card to it. Now it's a conversion to a generic XP and just feed what you can. Similar to artifacts, but no breakthroughs, IIRC.) The pathway system had 3-4 complete overhauls. I was surprised at that, tbh.

    You are right about the baggage to an extent. There are still metas, as much as Talks tries to deny. It really just has to do with content that is new versus older content. The newly introduced stuff tends to create a meta that makes it efficient. The developers really don't like that, so they first introduce new frames that shake it up and then eventually overhaul it to make it more pleasant. This is where DE is good compared to DI. They aren't afraid to change something.

    BUT, it all said and done. There still is way more fun to do in DCUO than Warframe. They both still have a ton of "grind x over and over", but Warframe is worse. You can find yourself doing an efficient farm instance for literally hours. One of the reasons why I took my breaks from the game. Now, I can't play it. They did something to the graphics and it triggers migraines for me. So I logged in one last time and gave one of my leaguemates some free loot I had. (I say free, but it still costs in game currency to trade depending on rarity of the item.)
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  4. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    Yeah you absolutely didn't lol. Look I've tried to keep this as civil as I could but lies will be the end of that.

    There's no Warframe Tier List made by multiple people who have only 3 frames in the top. Nor 1 frame in the top. Nor any low number at all. There are over 50 Warframes in the game now. You'd know this if you actually watched any of the Tier List videos you're claiming to have watched. One video would have only cost you 20 mins. Every single "Warframe Tier List" Video starts by laying out a chart that goes from D Tier to S Tier. Sometimes they even add in a "Garbage Tier" for the long-going joke that unfortunately is Hydroid. After this there's the obligatory "This is my opinion, yours may differ", which is there because when a game doesn't have a Meta, you need to account for preference. Finally once the list is done, still being a personal list to the channel owner btw, you're usually left with 10 Frames in S, then A, then B etc etc.

    I'll even do your job for you and make out a list that you can go and look into yourself afterwards:

    Knightmare Frame S Tier List
    Gauss, Mag, Mirage, Nezha, Octavia, Protea, Revenant, Saryn, Wisp, Khora

    1 month ago GamingWeasel made their list and they have Grendel in their S Tier, but do not have Nezha, Protea, Revenant, or Mag.

    Bonk has a video 5 months ago, some similar Frames to Gaming above to be transparent, but has Mesa and Wukong in their S Tier.

    Semtexagon has a Tier list 1 month ago. Strangely has Baruuk in their S Tier.

    So.....how exactly are there so many differing opinions on what the best Frames are? Actually to clarify, here's my own S Tier List:

    Hildryn, Loki, Valkyr, Lavos, Titania, Nyx, Nidus, Ivara and Vauban.
  5. Lovora Liaht Well-Known Player

    OK, I read this and I think I'm starting to see your point.

    I've been in many "Elite" runs that feel like "Speed" runs...no pun intended, but there it is. LOL! XD (Get it? Everyone's Superspeed, and finishing the Elite content super fast.)
    As for the Green / Orange Rings on the floor...it could be argued that is something players have earned...because they paid good money for it. Those players are paying real money for those Floor Rings. The game offers it, so they buy it.
    Does it suck that the content intended by the Devs to be challenging ("Elite" content) is starting to become easy because of the pay to win Floor Rings...yes.
    It's starting to feel like pre-clamp all over again, but to a lesser degree. Raid bosses aren't being one shot. LOL

    I think another reason the game could be feeling too easy is because the A.I. isn't very challenging.
    Can you imagine if the raid hallways (places in between boss rooms) were actually difficult? It's like every group of enemies requires the same tactic. Tank and spank.

    NOTHING in these raids feel like a real threat...NOTHING...except MAYBE the bosses...but even that's a MAYBE.

    What if the Devs started to think of ways to make these hallways more challenging? For example...what if there were enemies (while still being aggro'd by the Tank of course) that would just teleport to the backlines and drop AoEs on the floor? LOL!!!! XDDD That'll keep those squishes on their toes wouldn't it?? You still wanna stand inside those rings?!?!? Still feeling safe in your backlines spamming your crap over and over??!?!? XDDD
    What if hallway engagements actually felt like we were battling an equally competent raid group?
    These enemy groups should be equipped with Damaging Attack Rotations & Supercharges, Over Healing & Shields, Crowd Control & a Variety of Debuffs, and a seemingly unkillable Tank (or two Tanks) that annoyingly pulls the squishies into the enemy DPS over and over and over again.
    I believe that's what a REAL ELITE PLUS should feel like. The game's not hard enough if we aren't shouting at the screen and slamming our keyboards / controllers on the floor. How about THAT Devs? ;)

    As for the other things I'm seeing in the thread...are players upset that they cannot run with groups that CAN get raids done in record time?
    Are they upset that when they make their own groups, they don't get the same results as a Floor Rings group would?
  6. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    we used to have varied mechanics in adds in the hallways that were thought out and could be challenging at the time even in regular content take inner for example their are
    shield drones
    nuro mechs
    spawning pods

    they just don't put that level of effort into development that they did back at launch.
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  7. Lovora Liaht Well-Known Player

    I don't like the thought of our precious Devs growing complacent with the current difficulty of their game...but these raid runs are starting to feel like rinse and repeat of the same easy tactics.
    I KNOW our Devs are capable of more.
    They have to know that some of us in the community are getting tired of the same easy A.I. behavior.
    Even Survival Mode doesn't feel the same anymore. Do you remember when there would be only 1 to 2 groups max that would finish a Survival Mode?
    What's happened to the challenge of DCUO? Where has the difficulty gone?
    I believe most of the cries about EoG would go away if the content were challenging enough to make EoG seem not as impactful.
    Bring on the difficulty Devs. You see us steamrolling your game don't you?
    Challenge us! REALLY challenge us! We can take it! We're ready for it!!!
    Make the enemy A.I. (in Elite Plus at least) UNFORGIVING!!!
  8. not serious Well-Known Player

    The people who said on the forum that they flew with prec and that it worked for them, go create 1 prec water FLY, you will quickly return on your assertion because there is absolutely nothing to clip in water. Therefore you will either switch to super speed, or switch to might water, or change your prec power altogether.
  9. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Easily as a buff troll. I take pride in getting "0" power out yet perfectly keeping everyone's power up with my strong PoT.

    Edit: PoT doesn't show up on the scoreboard. When buff trolling, the only power out that shows is when using supercharge shield or dropping a supply drop.
  10. not serious Well-Known Player

    The only thing that can be clipped is the water flight, and the iconic lasso, so you will be very grateful if you could buff the iconic lasso.:)
  11. August Moon Well-Known Player

    Lets go over what i said verbatim "Actually yes , i did. the top spot on the first 3 tier lists contain the same 2 options. there's clearly outperforming the others by a margin if they're consistent across 3 whole videos."

    If we were to look at the first 3 videos you will see that my point quite literally stands true. Lets take a look , shall we?

    #1 Gaming Weasel (1 month Ago) Gauss-Grendal-Khora-Octavia-Sayrn-Wisp

    #2 MHblacky (1 months ago) Mesa-Nekros-Revenant-Zephyr-Khora-Wsip-Octavia-Volt Nova

    3# Brozime (2 Weeks Ago) (His tier list doesnt have an S but only goes up to A+) Mesa-Nezha-Octavia-Protea-Revenant-Saryn-Titania-Wisp-Wukong-Xaku-Zephyr-Khora

    That's 3 whole videos, lets see if we can see some recurring names , Khora, Wisp,Octavia . I said , within 3 whole videos about 1 or 3 warframes makes it to each top spot and look at that 2 whole warframes consistently in the top spot. Even if the others change these 3 stay the same , clealry making them a meta( Most Efficient Tactic Available ) to play

    but just to humor you i decided to look at a 4th video

    #4 Knightmareframe (1 month ago) Gauss-Khora-Mag-Mirage-Nezha-Octavia-Protea-Revenant-Saryn-Wisp all in S tier with
    wukong in A

    (#5) I even looked at Bonk's list from (5 Months ago ) and lookie here who we see Saryn-Gauss-Harrow-Khora-Mesa-Octavia-Wisp -Wukong

    (#6) And i even took a look at your semtexagon video from a month ago. the same repeat offenders minus wisp this time. Khora,Octavia,Sayrn.

    so now that 6 whole lists from varying time periods all from different youtubers say that at least 2 warframes are consistently in their top tier lists , would you not say they are meta? i would. So, where did i lie again?
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  12. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    According to some, most players don't spend and don't have to spend money to get their arts to 200. So did they really earn it by not spending anything on it?

    You might get flack for that, just saying :p

    That's because adds in hallways are just filler, and there for supercharge generation.

    I'm good, thanks....

    Who is "we"? I'm good, thanks....
  13. not serious Well-Known Player

    or we create an artifact similar to the solar amplifier, but for lasso and in precision this time.;)
  14. August Moon Well-Known Player

    Uncatagroically the wrong thing? oh my sweet summer child, if you were to pay attention to all the talking points witin every argument that comes up against superspeed, The burst of speed always gets mentioned , because not only does it allow you to get to the adds faster in hallways (essentially skyrocketing your damage ) but it also make sit easier for anyone whose superspeed to dodge environmental mechanics like everything perpetua throws at you in source wall. If thats not an "advantage" then i dont know what is

    Next prec users dont use whirling dervish or vortex trap for damage, they use it for clipping. Which if you looked reeeeeal closely to almost everyone sprec loadout who isnt gadgets you'll so plainly see phase dodge in their as well. What is that used for ? clipping , not only that but its one of the best shields in the game for any role. popping it at the correct time can quite literally bail you out of almost every 1 shot coming from bosses. Quintessentially allowing superspeed yet another advantage. Hell, precision wasn't the first to use this clipping ability if youd look at obsidian chill's " What dps looked like before gu 36" video.
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  15. Proxystar #Perception

    Just to state the obvious as well, is it any wonder whirling dervish is used in virtually lots of peoples loadouts, it's because obsidian chill is using it in every single one of his videos and this is what people are flocking to when thet first start until they realize there's actually better loadouts, watch the cat claws lol, I can sense him coming gotta go lol
  16. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    Ah I get it now. I presented a game with no Meta, which you yourself clearly pointed out as being one outstanding way of playing any game, so now you've decided to try to, again, twist the narrative and somehow gather 3 completely different Warframes into one Meta.

    The problem there is inexperience with said game. One of those 3 is only on certain "S Tier Lists" because its great in 2 game modes but lacking in others. Also considering the agreed definition of Meta in Gaming is "a generally agreed upon strategy by the community", I'm not entirely sure what the point was of posting singular Warframe YouTube videos was lol. I mean Mt own intent was pretty clear, if there's a Meta then Every List would have the exact same S Tier collection. It is a Meta after all. Yet the 3 you picked our there only make it to A or B on other lists.

    In short, you have no idea what you're talking about. And I'm really really not trying to be condescending when I say thats OK. If someone wanted to discuss Halo with me I'd be lost. Never owned an Xbox and I'm not into FPS games. I'd have no idea what I was talking about in that situation too. And that's also OK. I mean the irony of this is right now as I'm typing this, I'm in the latest hardest game mode (Conjunction Survival), I'm Vauban, 2nd player is Voruna, 3rd player is Wukong and 4th is Valkyr. So according to you, I'm currently coincidentally in a group with 3 others who coincidentally don't know about "the meta" whilst I'm coincidentally talking about the same subject with you.

    It's that or your talking nonsense at this stage to try to hold onto having any kind of point, making the mistake of discussing a game you knew little about with someone who has 633 days logged (Tells you when you log in btw, I don't normally count that kins of stuff). I know where my bet is going.
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  17. Proxystar #Perception

    Lol, exploits.

    Lmfao, lol exploits hahahaha, exploiting

    Oh god exploits hahaha.

    Oh hahaha.

    Exploits lol

    Shet, exploits now lol.

    That's too good, lol
  18. not serious Well-Known Player

    If you are really tired of rolling over the content, the solution is simple prevent 1 healer to be able to give supercharge to the others h24, the players will have to know when to use and keep their supercharges, the you would have definitely more your difficulty to search
  19. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    Uncategorically yes. I'm starting to question if you play DCUO anymore. I just say the phrases "Swoop Attack" and "Quick Jump" and suddenly SS doesn't have any "get to enemies faster" advantage. All 3 main movement modes can do that 1 way or another, which is why you don't see that being mentioned once in here.

    You seem confused. It's not used for Clipping. It's used for Animation Cancelling. The SS powers are used to shorten the time between weapon attacks. If Brawl Shuriken had a 4 sec recovery time, this exploit cuts the recovery down to 1-2 secs. Doesn't sound like a lot ofc but considering DPS stands for Damage Per Second then yeah, every unbalanced second counts. Wait what was the point of repeating what I had already said about 2 pages back anyway? You realise by pointing this stuff out you're shedding light on exactly why they need to be given cancel animations, just like Flight and Skim and Acro? Why did you even think I thought the Superspeed powers themselves were doing too much damage anyway?
  20. Proxystar #Perception

    There's a very demonstrable difference between functionality of vortex trap and whirling dervish though, I bet most the players don't even know what it is, especially those complaining.

    And not that he needs me defending him but August is an end game elite player btw so he most definitely does play
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