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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Emoney, Jan 24, 2023.

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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I think it's more of a comparison. No....clamped content won't be as easy as when we were 100+ CR just by getting as sweaty as you can....but it isn't near 'challenging' either. I mean I'm not sure USR at 3-4 min is ANY real margin slower or more challenging than it was pre clamp...IF you are utilizing all the above ^^^^ stuff, and in MOST cases where an omni group is full of endgame 'clamped down' players, many mechanics are still being ignored and burn is the only real concern.

    Someone who is adamantly 'pro' clamp should not be blind to the fact that full on sweaty cheese eating your way through endgame or 'hard' clamped raids is not completely different than running 'unclamped'. Different...sure. But not really all that different in the right groups.

    Example: Ran SFFE a few nights ago on a healer alt. I think we were 5 min in and had just finished 2nd boss when I was told to go DPS because my 1 SC wasn't producing enough greens, along with the tank's, and another guy switched to heal. Mind you....5 min in, 2 bosses down and only 2 deaths from people who got hit by the charge. Yep....it was a real struggle, good thing he switched and upped the greens. I didn't ask...but I wonder if any of those guys were 'pro' clamp?
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  2. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I'd say it has become more diverse, it used to just be Superspeed Phase Dodge only. ;)
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  3. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    They are all superspeeders.
    They are mostly all precision builds.
    They all use EOG.
    They all tact swap artifacts.
    I would argue these points
    I am Pro clamp as all games like this require it in some form to keep player base from breaking content and keep content relevant.
    but while yes I am super speed I use none of the superspeed moves just like the ability to get around with it the best.
    I am might based and proud of it ;)
    I do not use EOG and have openly on these threads criticized its use many many times which im sure someone can verify
    and am also openly opposed to artifact swapping as playing from your inventory is DUMB AS HECK and shouldnt be allowed to get the benefits from something your not actively using

    so having disproven all your points I think stat clap should stay which is what your actually arguing against. because nothing you state in your post actually has anything to do with the clamp just you trying to justify reasoning with nonfactual statements

    now what you wrote that i highlighted in orange i can get behind you on
  4. Emoney Dedicated Player

    First off, obviously I didnt run with ALL of the pro clampers, and I was generalizing a bit. But trust me I have ran with quite a few in the past few months.

    However, as I stated before, and you missed the point like others, the people like you that are pro clamp take that position due to the way the game became. Go back and read all of those threads and see, over and over, it's about the integrity of the game. That's what your side claimed. My views on the clamp are irrelevant in this post, but for the record I never said I wanted the clamp to go away, just an option to run clamped or non clamped like other games. But again, I ONLY referenced that to get all of you on the same page here, because you all seemed to care about the integrity of the game MORE than any other forum posters. So it wasnt a rehash of the clamp argument, it was an attempt to call on all of you that are soooooo worried about the integrity of the game, and I wondered why then do some or most of you participate in this new system that goes against the integrity of the game.
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  5. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    look don't like the clamp if you wish that's your right
    and effects me in no way as the game isn't going to remove it.
    but we all see these post everyday and we can all read or at least i hope we all can
    we know what your pushing for, we just dont agree.
    my views are no more relevant than yours when it comes to the game
    I just don't pretend I'm arguing for something else my points are always as clearly laid out as I can make them
  6. Bathroom Dad Active Player

    Love you bro, but I gotta disagree. It’s over 80% speedsters. Of those I’d say over half are precision.
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  7. August Moon Well-Known Player

    What you're failing to realize is that a meta will always exist. there will always be people who dont want to play with other because of their playstyles. The people who dont want to play with you right now , still wont wanna play with you after you nerf their choice to the ground. They absolutely will find a whole new way to stay at the top and i promise you wont like it then either . We'll have this exactly same conversation again. Its not the game making this the meta , its the community doing so and changing he game to spite the community is peak "cutting your nose to spite your face". New players can absolutely make their own groups to get into content , noone is stopping them from doing so.

    My Defense to the existence of a meta is that ITS THEIR CHOICE TO FOLLOW IT you absolutely have the meaning of meta misconstrued. M.E.T.A is an acronym it literally means Most Effective Tactic Available , not Only Effective Tactic Available. which means their are choices out there but if you dont want to struggle then there's a better option. There will always be an easier option to every game available, but you dont have to use them. Despite prec being the easiest and safest method to dpsing people still run might and always will. its their playstyle. Despite Fire and rage being the meta tanks people still run ice,earth,and atomic, its their playstyle . Its not a must to get through content its a choice. Hell im having the time of my life enjoying a sorcery pet build and the playstyle literally just became optional with the introduction of 2 artifacts. Am i top of the leaderboard ? not always , but do i get into groups and get through elite content ? of course. And as for your dart question , clearly anyone who wants an easier time would choose the 5 darts , but do you have the choice to choose the other 2 options? yes, will someone choose the other 2 packaging , yes, and they have the choice to do so

    Now do i agree that the meta should be the one and only? No, im all on board for other movement modes getting the same treatment as superspeed. I valiantly wait on new dps playstyles to come out that would compete with EOG. maybe a 4th artifact would help curb some of the art swapping. I ENCOURAGE OTHER CHOICES TO DEVELOP AND KNOW THEY WILL TAKE TIME TO but completely getting rid of what's working now just to forced everyone whose using it to conform to play the game how you want it is where i draw the line
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  8. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Lol how can you claim the intentions of my posts are factually wrong, are you in my head sir?

    I referenced the clamp arguments because it's the most talked about subject. But again more than that, and I won't say it again, it's about the game and how it should play. The difficulty vs damage. Your side is the developers side because as I pointed out, prestat clamp stats made content trivial JUST LIKE THESE ISSUES IVE POINTED OUT. How can you not see the parallel?!? You dont need to try and start 200 more pages of the clamp argument. I get it, and I understand why it came about. But I'd also like an option, and that's just my preference and its whatever. We also have no basis on how an option would work or not work so you factually cant say it wouldnt, that's an opinion.

    But dont sit here and call me factually wrong when I'm pointing out Superspeed, EOG and tac swapping is in fact doing to this game what stats did before the clamp. Further, the pro clamp people acted righteous and claimed it's for the good of the game, but have no issue with how these three things are trivializing content now. I dont know how much more clear I can be here.
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  9. BumblingB 15000 Post Club



    1. treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.
      "a facetious remark"
    IE, I was making light of the topic. The game currently has a meta that players follow. I'm acrobatics and I am also pet build.
  10. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    as to how the game should be played I cant make the argument that it should be played a specific way as for one its changed over time greatly. and people enjoy things specific to them.

    as far as the parallel there isn't one. clamped content is not a correlation to other broken things in the game. as i said in my first post I agree with some of the things you say are broken
    EOG for example is a huge issues in the game
    movement mode ability's not being balanced is an issue with the game.
    trying to remember your other point?
    oh yea Artifact swapping. A FOR SURE issue with the game

    all of those things are an imbalance that should be addressed on a piece by piece basis. I agree with you there.

    look I have been around a long time and i can tell you how to get changes you want made in this game
    I've done it numerous times

    I'll lay it out the road map for you.
    1)make a thread on a single point of contention or problem with the game
    2) point out all the reasons that said problem is a problem
    3) make a compelling argument for how the game should be and in what way you would fix the problem

    then and this is important
    4) argue your point courteously and convince a large portion of the community to your side

    I promise the devs see those types of threads and will make changes if you make good points and reasoning behind them
  11. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I got it, and laughed :D
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  12. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    100% agree with this sentiment.

    Current META (Most Effective Tactics Available)
    - 2 powers are top DPS, by a high margin (electricity and gadgets)
    - Precision-built, and only 2 weapons are used (brawling and dual wield)
    - Super-speed type movement, clipping with whirling dervish and vortex trap (gadgets has a couple of other powers you can clip with)
    - Same exact artifacts are used, and they're swapping them out mid-fight (Trans, Strat, Quislet, EOG)
    - Same allies are used (Shazam / Batman Who Laughs / Batman)

    Go on Youtube and look up any xxxxxx raid (elite) and it's almost always the same cookie-cutter loadout, power, and super-speed.

    The even sadder part is that there are feats tied to old EEG raids that cannot be done without said people above. I was doing a COUE speed feat with my league and some pugs. Took us roughly 4-5 hours. We weren't able to get the speed feat without adding electric/gadgets precision DPS into the group, or it would have been quite literally impossible to get it. Show me a full run of JUST might DPS of different powersets and maybe I'll change my mind.

    The only option players have right now if they want to be competitive is to spec to the META. I know for the next 2x art XP, I'll be working on my gadgets toon quite a bit.
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  13. Plowed In Loyal Player

    All of us without green names are only here to offer our opinion - aka feedback.

    What you call trivializing content and what the devs consider trivializing content may differ…take that into account.

    They also may just not have a worked out solution prepared yet for the items you take issue with…without a solution, you can’t address the problem.

    I personally would lock armor and arts when in combat. If you want to switch weapons or arts…commit to an armory switch…that then prevents you from switching back for the duration of the cooldown. I personally don’t have a problem with tac swapping, but I think this should always have been a thing.

    I would increase the cooldowns on all Supercharges and/or increase the costs. I liked that they absolutely made using them more valuable now…hardly anyone ever used them pre-Stats Revamp…they were too niche. But I think the pendulum has swung and now it’s excessive…to say the least.

    None of these are changes that are going to be received in a positive manner by the community…which is why they probably aren’t addressing immediately. (SC revamp was scrapped a while back)
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  14. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    And there it is. I honestly could have stuck it in Brackets as a future prediction. Theres 4 movement modes, 1 has an unintended advantage over the others, but your "fix" is to give the other 3 the unintended advantage instead of looking at it and saying "Oh, 3 of them have delay animations, that means the 4th should too".

    As for the question, everyone would pick the one with 5. Everyone and their mothers would pick the one with 5. I'm not even sure why you thought 1 single person would pick one of the 3s. You pick the 5 because it gives you more of a chance of hitting the bullseye. You pick it because it has an advantage over the others. And that's entirely the point. Superspeed is the 5, Flight/Skimming and Acrobatics are the 3s.

    I'm not even going to touch that whole "nothing is stopping new players from X Y and Z" part to be honest. That's been covered fairly thoroughly already. Well have to agree to disagree at this stage as there's no conversation to be had here to be honest. You don't want it to change because you've spent time and money or resources so that you could use all 3. And there's nothing wrong with the argument of "dont take this away from me", but when it comes at the cost of the future of the game its just difficult to try to convey that when you can't be thinking of next week, let alone next year with a view like that.

    Fun chat, but I'll continue to support any threads pointing out these problems.
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  15. Proxystar #Perception

    Lets be real here, the only groups people are being excluded from when it comes to not playing meta are elite content runs and at that point, that's on you.

    If you're going to play with the elite crowd then you need to make sure you're bringing your best not because the game strictly dictates it, but because that's what THOSE players expect from you.

    You're expecting the game to change so as to move those expectations, but it won't, August Moon, is entirely correct, nothing the game does will shift those expectations, those elite players will still expect something from you which you're clearly unprepared to do.

    If we're talking about regular content then nothing in that requires you to remotely play meta and if you want to play a certain style form your own group so you can set the expectations, technically you could do that even with elite content.

    Also how about asking for some flight moves to be altered to better assist your needs rather than insisting speed be nerfed, that'd be a refreshing idea.

    Flight players always like to pretend speed has all these advantages yet at every opportuinty flight will be used to evade mechanics and cheese content.

    Just look away what the flight players were doing at the first boss of NUe and that's not the first time either, but hey, evil whirling dervish lol
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  16. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I for one would like to go on the record that Acrobatics has not been used to circumvent mechanics! That I can remember...
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  17. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Just because something is there and you choose not to use it, doesn't mean that its not an issue. That is a super silly argument to make. You are just turning a blind eye to it.

    It is entirely an undisputed fact that:
    1. Superspeed abilities are statistically higher in damage than other movements
    2. The utility of abilities of Superspeed far outweigh the other movements
    3. Superspeed is the fastest in combat movement
    and unrelated to Superspeed is that Eye of the Gemini is a balance nightmare in the game and once again just because you don't choose to use it doesn't mean that it isn't currently the most broken thing in the game that once again is statistically higher contributor of damage then another any artifact, and I would wager all the artifacts even put together.
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  18. xXlNesTlXx Well-Known Player

    Speedester EOG universe haha
    Probably is the best definition for the game, but sadly this isn’t a exclusive issue of DCUO, the “meta builds” is one of the worst concepts of modern videogames and isn't related with stats clamp, is just a bad balancing issue…
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    Lol, you may be right, but in saying that it's not particularly slow in combat, I just prefer super speed over it, I hate getting stuck on the roof crawling backwards :D

    Also acro actually does have some decent abilities that can be utilized and actually is technically the fastest open world movement mode while in flight.

    If memory serves tumbling master used to be acro exclusive yea? So one could argue at some point in the past acro had that distinct advantage given how staple that is in builds.

    Perhaps that's an option, perhaps we should be asking for one move to be moved to the iconic tree, whirling dervish perhaps? Although I'd worry they'll probably want phase dodge as well.

    There's just a level of irony involved when flight players will have a massive cry about speed and is typically flight players that do it yet they'll revel in hypocrisy while they evade every mechanic they possibly can through their ability to fly.

    Flight in and of itself is typically a massive advantage and I don't actually begrudge them for doing it, in fact I've frequently defended their ability to fly as just being part of flight.

    But what isn't cool is when they sit there like greedy green eyed little monsters having a cry about speedsters exposing their double standard.

    And yea acro could always use some love even if I subjectively detest it lol
  20. Skoll Well-Known Player

    Is superspeed overpowered? Yes

    Is EoG overpowered? Yes.

    Is precision overpowered? Yes.

    Is art swapping overpowered? Yes.

    Should you blame the playerbase for using all of them together? No.

    It’s the developers literal job to balance things in the game. The games combat system is stale, outdated and generally boring with little thought needed, for the most part. What do you think is more engaging, being might flight and flying still, hitting 1-2-3-4 until boss is dead, or being superspeed prec and sweating out, clipping everything and seeing big damage? It’s a no brainer people go to what is more engaging AND does more damage. If they buffed flight movement powers and made them clippable, and buffed say, atomic to high heavens, you’d bet there would be a surge of atomic flight might dps and less superspeed precision dps… there’s a reason almost every E/+ video and dps “comp” videos on yt are the same 2-3 powers.

    And as for EoG, it is unarguably broken, again, down to the developers to balance it. Should players not use something they either paid hundreds of dollars for or saved up weeks/months worth of nth metal to level up, just because you think it’s unfair? All of the benefits it offers, it’d be moronic to not use it if you have it tbh. Again, that’s a balance issue, which EoG is a just a balance issue they just won’t address, along with superspeed.

    Can you name another game, where something like an item or character or consumable is just so overpowered, that everyone has it/on their team, causes continuous community debate and divisiveness, yet the developers of said game, just let it go on… for years? It’s embarrassing.
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