Speed Force Ring Realization. (Read Green Text)

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    I feel so dumb and wanted to share this because I find it absolutely hilarious. First to explain, I am new to the game and been playing since jan 2 of this year but made my account last year in february. I've invested a lot of time, money and dedication to this game with the short period of time of me playing and am loving this game. I have chosen to base my character off green arrow and some accomplishments of mine are that I reached 13 million dollars, have over 300+ source marks and CR 340 and have about 500+ feats done and etc. So with my character being acrobatics movement based, I bought the speed force ring and had it since January 11th with the release of the anti matter anniversery event and now just realized that if I hold down on my left analogue stick/shift on pc that you can run a lot faster. I guess thats just apart of the learning experience lol.
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    The same key bind gives you the fast speed on each movement mode. You have to add it in your movement mode skill point tree. It's one of the first SPs that should be filled, at level 9 when it becomes available.

    This is a complicated enough game that unless you have some very good tutors and willingness to study, including watching some YouTube videos and reading guides, you'll still be finding out stuff you missed ten years from now.

    This is why joining a good league ASAP is important.

    There are equivalent pieces of gear that give flying power to all non-flyers and acrobatics movement to non-acrobats, by the way. Joker Jetpack and Legion Flight Ring for flying. Using Insectoid form from the Nature power set also enables flight regardless of base movement mode. Same for Gorilla and acrobatics, and Wolf and super-speed.
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