Spawning Adds directly kill others

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Stranger, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Hey everyone,
    we've had the problem several times, that new spawning adds are directly killing ppl.
    We tried alot, such as shields or blocking, but both doesnt help in Zeus Elite fight.
    Sadly i have no video of this, but the add just spawned, and lunged some player directly, so the tank has no chance to pull. I've no idea how no die should be possible for Elite, if there are always random oneshots...
    Would be cool if there is some kind of delay.
    Also, the text, which Zeus says, is sometimes not shown (bcs he's already saying something else) so the adds spawn unexpected.
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  2. RylynneHelm Active Player

    well, a BIG part of this is...the DPS refuse, just refuse to stop dpsing. (must top the scoreboard) thats not the only thing tho. it does seem only the pc players seen to be FAST enough to do stuff. yes...yes...others can as well. but if you look, its pc players that fill (most...NOT ALL of elite groups) the lag (even small lag) is enough to get you ko real fast.

    but what do i know. i mean really, this game runs like a CHAMP...right...
  3. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    I seriously don't even know how people can play with controllers. The response time/camera movement is just so slow and unwieldy. I've tried it a few times, feels like I'm playing in quicksand.
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  4. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Since this DLC dropped it's been laggy asf on ps4 and it's not my internet connection because I'm sitting on a 300mb DL/10MB UL connection and in no other game (like borderlands 3 for example) do I get lag which has far more screen clutter then DCUO. Especially with it's new mayhem modifiers.
  5. RylynneHelm Active Player

    its the game. DBG knows it. they simply dont care. we have all been in a raid, alert, where the game goes on..but the players...ALLOF THEM! ARE LAGGING BAD!!! the lag is ALWAYS THERE. and it gets you ko and then your a trash player. and sigh..ect...ect...the hate is real...there is ALWAYS a little lag. pc is much faster. and as was said. ITS NOT ARE CONNECTION!!!!! im at 100mbps so yea...will they ever fix it...NO. will they ever care...NO. is it just the ps4??? well, no, EVERYOTHER game runs just fine. just this (DBG crap run game) game...
  6. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    When I troll I always pop a group shield as soon as I hear Zeus calling for the adds (Grail too). Going by the audible cue and not waiting for the visual gives a few seconds to get that shield up. When DPSing, I always pop one of my shields when adds are spawning. That goes for every time adds spawn in EVERY raid. That’s a lesson I learned in SGe Tala boss fight and I’ve carried it with me to this day.
  7. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Well, Zeus sometimes doesnt announce and adds just appear randomly.
    Troll shield doesnt help either, ppl still got random 1shots.

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