Sparring Targets TEST EVERYTHING!!!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ekaterina, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Ekaterina Committed Player

    Im not sure if this has been mentioned ever but if so i apologize in advance.

    The Sparring Targets help us test damage, but why cant we have it test healing out and damage in as well? What do you guys think?
  2. Nicolas Gallardo Committed Player

    Mmm.. i dont know. The sparring targets are dps-focused. How would you do a sparring target for healing tests?
  3. DustyAnkh Loyal Player

    The Combat Parser should definitely help in the future.

    Not sure how a Sparring Target would be useful for that though.
  4. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    Sparring targets that actually spar with the player?
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  5. HazelWarriorPrincess New Player

    Is this even needed? Maybe to a smaller extent for those die hard statisicians but don't you have a good idea what your heal ticks for? Does it really matter if you heal for, and forgive me I'm not or ever will be a healer, 2000 vs 2100? Maybe it does in pvp. Sorry for my ignorance.
  6. ChibiMechaX78 New Player

    This has been mentioned before.

    I think it'd be more complex to do it but I think if done it'd be a great self-teaching tool for players testing out a power or new players maybe too.

    Honestly, damage is one thing but healing is another. You'd have to be able to set the CR of that sparring target or it's just not helpful or even useful. Same for trollers.

    In the healer's case I've mentioned how complicated it can get if fully fleshed out. Because there are many different healing situation that affect health differently. Like burst damage or DoTs, number of hits per second, also you keep in mind that each hit could hit differently in damage. So if they ever fully fleshed it out it can get complicated.

    For trolls I know each power uses a certain amount of power and I don't even know if the power used scales to your Cr. not really sure.

    Tanks... Yea don't get me started
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  7. Minnion Devoted Player

    Perhaps this calls for a couple new lair amenities?

    I propose the following new lair amenities, even if only on the MP...

    Medical Simulator: Measures healing out for healers.

    Power Meter: Measures power output for controllers.(The Combat Dummy should be good enough for practicing crowd control)

    Stress Analyzer: Gives you a read on your survivability and defense under fire.(For tanks)

    Phase Shifter: Some of us would like to be able to go to our lair or league hall the change from PvP and PvE phase.

    Hologram Control console: Allows us to load up and transform into any Legends toon we have unlocked while chilling in our lair, thus allowing us to test out and practice with the combat dummy we are sure to also have.(Transformations of course cancel when we use the console again or leave our lair.) Could also lead to the fun of Legends duels being hosted in peoples lairs.)

    Alternate skins for our vendor amenities(Like a Soder Vendor that looks like a butler holding a tray with a glass and a bottle of Soder sitting on it.)
  8. Drifting Dreamer Steadfast Player

    With the new panel behind the targets, couldn't choices be added for us to choose settings like "Target counts as Ally and Health Depletes" or "Target counts as Opponent and attacks player" or "Target counts as Opponent and will not attack player unless taunted or pulled"
    This way anyone could use them to test and we could also use them to test defensive things like survivability?
    But, this could be added in the future. ... Unless that panel is not being implemented ...
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  9. ChuckLess New Player

    Couldn't they just have ST's that have 0 Health and or 0 Power? Then, have them auto adjust to the players CR (like they are doing with stat flattening).

    At least Healers n Trolls could practice rotations and see their ticks.

    Idk. Just a thought.
  10. Ekaterina Committed Player

    Sparring target has 0- low health and its on your team so all you do is heal it.
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  11. Ekaterina Committed Player

    i like that idea
  12. MeloMan New Player

    This is how the dummies in dcuo should be imo.

    This is the training sim in skyforge and u can have single, multiple adds and even bosses to test on. And they will attack u also.
  13. Ekaterina Committed Player

    thats pretty cool
  14. MeloMan New Player

    Ikr. I dont know why dcuo didnt do this at launch. Maybe they couldnt idk. But watching that vid it shows me exactly how training sims should be for all games. U can even toggle if u want the adds to move around and toggle if u want them to attack u.