Sparring target op in lair battle? Huh

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by THE BATWING, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. THE BATWING Well-Known Member

    So is this the new thing for sorcery healers to have sparring targets in the front room so they get infinite power for them and thier watcher through out the first round ...... And than they quit before the second round starts cause they jus got there azz handed to them .......face palm :)
  2. BumblingB Well-Known Member

    What? You do realize while you are in combat there is nothing that can give your watcher power except for sacrifical offering, right? Play a sorcery toon sometime. It amazes me how many people have a huge misunderstanding of sorcery powers.
  3. Captain Just Well-Known Member

    I think you misunderstand^

    He is saying that he encountered a sorcery healer, in a lair duel, that had a sparring target set up. Apparently, the sparring target was giving the healer and his watcher power.
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  4. Dogzday Well-Known Member

    Speed Drain is an AoE and I've seen it hit all kids of pets. Doesn't make a difference if Watchers get powered, does it? I highly doubt pets really need power.
  5. Trinidad James Well-Known Member

    sparring targets need to be nerfed in 1v1 battles. They are target-able and give power to the owner.
  6. Sophittia Well-Known Member

    I've never noticed myself being given power by a sparring target in 1v1.
    But wouldn't it be the same for anyone who has one? And not just sorc healers?
  7. Superskull85 Well-Known Member

    It would.
  8. phen0mena Well-Known Member

    I never should have said it. Should have just filed a bug when I noticed it. I bet players' are re-organizing their lairs just to exploit this. Pretty sad.
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  9. Ilunis Well-Known Member

    *mentally blocks the existence of the lair battle option*

    Nope. Nothing to do here anymore.
  10. Apostate Rising Well-Known Member

    yeah, thats what the ticket system is for.
  11. Superskull85 Well-Known Member

    Well to be honest Spytle had already mentioned it before you in the Lair Battle webcast. lol
  12. THE BATWING Well-Known Member

    Yeah I probably shouldn't have said anything but this needs to be fixed
  13. Bioinc Skull Well-Known Member

    I don't understand people leaving in the first place. I have gone into so far about 150 or so lair duels and have completed 9, freaking nine. Everytije I got in there people see me wipe the floor with em in the first round then leave during the transition cut scene and keep me from getting a win. It's total ********, I am only doing em for the feats as I am not a fan of 1v1 battles as they lack skill (IMO don't take it the wrong way) and are quite boring and when you get over 100 people leave and keep you from getting a win makes me want to kill whoever decided that you don't get a win for a forfeit.
  14. phen0mena Well-Known Member

    They should really prevent abandoning the match. How long do these take?
    Quite being a bunch of sucks and take a beating. It might make you a better player. I can take em when they are handed to me. Time to put on your big people pants buncha sallys ha.
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  15. Bioinc Skull Well-Known Member

    I sat down for three hours trying to do it would have gotten three feats in that time but didn't even get one. I don't even care wether they stay just give me the win count, please just give me the win.
  16. Humane Well-Known Member

    It really should count as a win if the other player abandons the match.
    I can't understand why it doesn't.
  17. THE BATWING Well-Known Member

    I thought it did count as a win I'm pretty sure I got my 5 in a row feats off a abandoner(yes I know abandoner is not a word)
  18. Bioinc Skull Well-Known Member

    Nope it doesn't count.
  19. THE BATWING Well-Known Member

    Wow that's weak sauce on a veggie burger booooo. :)
  20. Bioinc Skull Well-Known Member

    Unless they patched it, haven't played in a few days and have seen a few hot fixes int the last week or two.

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