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  1. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    Why can't they do anything about the annoying spammers?
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  2. myandria Item Storage


    As someone else mentioned in another thread, the devs are dealing with a "whack-a-mole" situation when it comes to spammers/gold sellers. They take out a couple, and three more pop up.

    I think the devs would have to drastically change how players access the game in order to curb spammers, and they may not have the resources to do so.
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  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Because every time they find a way to stop/slow bots, the people running the bots change tactics. The only real way to stop the bots is to stop buying gold from their websites.
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  4. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    Sadly, there really isn't much they can do.

    You have been around long enough to know that they have tried many things to get rid of the gold seller networks over the years. But everything that they have tried only ends up harming the players, while the bots slow for just a second then find a work around and keep going.
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  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Actually what they could do is pay for a GM to be in game to ban them as they advertise.

    I get the feeling these guys would probably give up not long after realizing they're getting banned in real time.
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  6. metal1ix Well-Known Player

    The plan is simple. You don't buy from bots.
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  7. Cyclonic Well-Known Player

    Stop right there mister. We don't do common sense and logic here. We complain about trivial things. We chirp the devs. We argue about things just to get on each other's nerves. And most importantly... we do NOT solve problems.
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  8. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I think that would help with toxicity in the chats as well.

    This probably wont happen, but seeing something like; "UGjoooU34 was struck down with the banhammer" in the chat would put a smile on my face! :D
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  9. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

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  10. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    It's an easy fix. If Facebook can ban me if I use a word like <female dog> in a sentence(in the context of it being a euphemism for complaining) then Daybreak can come up with a similar engine to ban the spammers. Also, just one game master on can weed these knuckleheads out.
  11. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    So let them junk up chat then? You're OK with that?
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  12. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    Not only do they junk up chat but in busy times they keep actual players from playing the game because they have to wait until a spot opens(F2P people). Another thing is if they're not going to attempt to ban these chuckleheads at least make ignore lists account wide. I'm tired of banning the same dopes under every account.
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  13. metal1ix Well-Known Player

    I've sort of gotten used to their insanity by now. In order for them to keep on going with their protocols, they require money to pay for their monthly net internet service provisions, and without that link, those bots are as good as systematic scrap metal. Kill one bot? It becomes 3. It's like a digital Hydra that just refuses to die no matter what weapons you bring to the table... They just stand in one spot, advertising their "service" all for people to make a few quick in game bucks in exchange for some real ones.

    Though if it's against the terms of service... why bother? It's not my war, and the last time I participated in such a war that the people that support these bots slandered me so much that I just decided to leave altogether. Pretty vindictive when thinking about it.

    And advances with VPN services only make these hydras more difficult to kill than ever. So you ban these bots, the bot runner buys more VPN to bypass it. Rinse and repeat in an endless cycle until either the VPN goes broke, the bot runner goes broke, or until the broker market that depends on such quick bucks shuts down in the process.

    Keep in mind that these pay 2 win exclusive items are linked to this excessive greed, so whose the real root of evil over supply vs. demand. Can't have supply if there's no demand, and you can't have demand if there's no supply. So if everyone bands together and pushes these bots out with their scam services, then more than likely they'll all become moot and then shut down and move on to another Free to play game with a massive population of players tempted to buy in game currency all because of gacha exclusive items being in the in game market needing excessive amounts of in game currency to attain it.

    So long as there's pay 2 win gachapon boxes, there will always be nefarious bots spreading far and wide like a virus, spamming solo content to earn money, then they pool all that money into one premium and/or legendary bot to hoard such currency.

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  14. Zoe· Content Creator

    I think the reason that the bots keep plaguing our game is because players buy from them. Which IS against TOS and not okay to do for itself and players get banned for it. I remember seeing players admitting in various official channels and not official ones that they buy from the bots.
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  15. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    Every mmo be it eso, final fantasy 14,dcuo or Diablo,wow. All have this problem and its cause they have a ingame broker and people are lazy why grind the money if your willing to pay real money to get it. You only need to have email address to get a psn and I have like 4. If I was a gold seller you could ban me my account but I can get another account and psn in like 5min after you report me. Am I a gold seller no but if I wanted to do that I could do it easy cause I would just make another account in 5 minutes but hold all my cash on my main account that would never be used to sell just hold money
  16. Crimson Crossfyre Well-Known Player

    There is an MMO out there that has been doing that from the day the game went live. There are no virtual currency spammers on that least not for very long. It could be done if this was an important issue to DBG. Lack of any real action would indicate that stopping the sale of virtual currency by outside groups is a very low priority.
  17. El Presidente Well-Known Player

    I usually just put them on my ignore list so I don't have to see their garbage in the chat. It's even difficult now to do that because they're exploiting the font in the chat so that they disguise their names by creating their entire name with just a mix of uppercase "i" with lowercase "L".
  18. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    You know, Mepps had a thread about banning those who took advantage of the latest glitch. If they can ban those players then why not ban the spammers? And why not have an ingame GM? Is it really that difficult? The way DBG micro charges for stuff in this game they should have plenty of money. They sure don't use it to be creative as EVERY SINGLE new episode is exactly like the rest. They just change the characters and the look.
  19. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    They ban them. They have a premium text limit, which means that they have to pay $5 to spam your chat. There is no way they can stop them from making a new account to do it again and again. It has actually gotten better compared to a few years ago, when they did implement the text block on F2P accounts.

    I've never had a problem, as I just make a new tab and go to it. As I have more problems with the toxic players than gold spammers.
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  20. Celestial Demon Dedicated Player

    Assuming you're on PC? Do you not have a side bar for "Recent Text" to ignore them with?
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