Space and Time - The Quantum Guide Part II

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  1. not_again Dedicated Player

    Has anyone ran a combat log analyzer or parser on the rotation and loadout that ForumJunky used? I know people ran a lot of comparisons just standing still but every third rotation he is clipping WB>WR with a jump cancel. So every 3rd rotation TB stays on cooldown with the preloaded damage.

    Also, could someone test doing that rotation only when WR is off cooldown and do ForumJunky's rotation and do a normal 3 power rotation in between cooldowns of WR? It would seem doing a combination of the 2 would be using quantum at it absolute max.

    Side Note: I would love to see a video of this macro with phantom triangles between each attack just to see the absolute most DPS that can be done in game.
  2. Absolix Loyal Player

    There is no JCing WR, it is a buff not a channeled power.

    Shortly after the AM hit live Cable did a comparison of a rotation I was using versus the preloading rotation, and the one I was using did significantly better.

    I've made one change since then, as there is one spot where preloading isn't a loss of Dps, bit rather than retype everything I'll just repost from PM I had with someone on it.

    Here's my rotation.

    1. Warp Barrage > Time Bomb > Distortion Wave > Warp Barrage > Tachyon Blast
    2. Time Bomb > Warp Barrage > Tachyon Blast > Time Shift

    Do 1 once, then do 2 twice, and repeat.

    The PI from Distortion Wave lasts long enough to not require it for two Time Bombs. 2 is actually the best for overall Dps, so the only time you would preload is when you have to renew the PI, and thus can't use 2. Since you don't have to worry about having Warp Barrage off cooldown in time to preload again you can use it twice in 1 which is slightly better than normal preloads where Time Shift is used instead.

    Time Shift is the weakest of the powers that deal extra damage against destabilized enemies, so it only gets switched in once the PI is up.

    You can have either Warped Reality or Temporal Vortex in the sixth slot. I use Warped Reality till my supercharge is full then switch it for Temporal Vortex. You only want to use Temporal Vortex once in a Time Bomb, you want to make sure it hits at least two enemies, and try to stack with he effects of supply drops and/or trinkets if possible. When you use it it should be in the part of the rotation when you normally do 1, but you do this instead as there is a delay to most of Temporal Vortex's damage.

    3. Warp Barrage > Time Bomb > Temporal Vortex > Warp Barrage > Distortion Wave

    You can also adjust for situations, like Ares, when the extra burst in an allotted time frame can make Temporal Vortex more useful. Generally though, Warped Reality will net you slightly more Dps as you lose Dps with Temporal Vortex whenever you are waiting for supercharge to fill.
  3. not_again Dedicated Player

    This statement is false

    He is Jump cancelling the animation in the video above. He is jumping before warp barrage and clipping that animation with warped reality. With the proper timing as he displayed in the video when you land on the ground the animation for warped reality is cancelled.

    I do not care about anything that has already been tested as ForumJunky is doing something different than anything that has already been tested. I can go to the watch tower like he did and make a video but until someone runs a log, we do not know what is better. I have a strong feeling incorporating what he is doing every 3 rotations will far surpass just doing the rotation you listed above.

    I just re-read this and it could be taken as argumentative but that is not my intent just trying to figure out what is the best absolute thing to be doing.
  4. Absolix Loyal Player

    No, there is currently a bug with WR that allows it to both clip a power and be clipped by a power. It does not involve jumping in any way. It is the exploit I mentioned when he first posted the video. I already PM'd Tunso about this showing it happening with no jumping involved.

    About JCing, JCing does not completely cancel the animation. It shortens it, but does not cancel it completely, so there's no reason to think that it is JC ing it.

    Do not promote the use of something that violates the general rules of clipping that every other beneficial power except, currently WR is held to.
  5. not_again Dedicated Player

    Agree to disagree, as I have reperformed what he was doing by jumping. Why do you think he is jumping going from a R2 triangle to an L2 square input? I also can not clip my WR with time bomb which is the power he is using after his WR. I have not tried with any other power.

    Quoted you since you are being accused of an exploit.
  6. ForumJunky New Player

    I'm not exploiting I'm just clipping thanks man :)
  7. Absolix Loyal Player

    No jumping needed

    Let's get a couple of things straight.

    The only JCable powers are channeled powers, powers affected by the Empowered Channeling mod. Warped Reality is not a channeled power, so even if it could be JC'd, which it isn't, that also would be a bug. Every one of the buff powers, Benediction, Wired, Fiery Weapon, Intimidation, etc, across powersets are not JCable, so why would Warped Reality be any different. Also, JC'd powers still have to play through a portion of their animation, a very short animation, but still an animation. So, JCing a power would never allow you to completely bypass any animation like what Warped Reality is doing.

    Now for clipping powers with other powers. Beneficial powers, buffs, shields, even some heals, etc, can clip non-channeled and non-cast bar powers. Offensive powers can not clip other powers. Meaning You shopuld be able to clip a power with a beneficial power, like Warped Reality. You should not be able to clip a beneficial power, like Warped Reality, with an offensive power, Time Bomb, Warp Barrage, etc.

    You are both either showing a startling lack of knowledge of some of the basics of the game while claiming you do, or you are purposefully ignoring what you know to be unintentional for some reason.
  8. not_again Dedicated Player

    First of all you should not be a guide writer as you can not discuss strategy. You already think u are right and are trying to bully your opinion on anyone who does things differently then your guide says do.

    Secondly I said i can not clip WR with TB as that was the order the powers were being cast in the video. Please post a video of WR being clipped by TB
  9. Absolix Loyal Player

    Discussing how to exploit what is clearly a bug is not strategy, and not wanting to make my guide about exploits is not bullying.

    I gave you a video showing clearly that WR is not being JC'd, explained how it is a bug, and your objection is that the video doesn't show Time Bonb. Drop it, it is a bug and discussing how to exploit a bug is not permitted on the forums.

    This in all likelihood will get fixed, hopefully soon.
  10. ChicagoGuy33 Active Player

    Is it me or time bomb lagging? Maybe it's just me.
  11. Absolix Loyal Player

    Did the icon for Time Bomb on your loadout flash red then start to cooldown or did it stay completely red for a while? If its the latter then it is lag. It happened a few times for me last Friday, but it has been smooth since then.

    On a different note, I might have come up with a slight alteration to my current AM rotation that should, in theory, be slightly better, but I still have to look at some of the timings, specifically with exactly how long Warp Barrage's delay is, and where the PI will fall off in the rotation. If it works, it will be extremely unforgiving as far as knockbacks and interrupts, but it should be better.
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  12. ChicagoGuy33 Active Player

    All I know is when I do my rotation and TB burst it doesn't show TB damage until I start off my second TB. IT'S like a 3 second delay between the first TB burst and the starting of the second one. Anyway you got me very excited to see the outcome of your new rotation. I feel like a little kid again haha nice!
  13. metalfenix Committed Player

    hey guys, one controller-related question. How do you avoid annoying the tank when he's pulling adds? I'll explain better. I always try to not use my CC moves around the tank unless it's strictly necessary (sometimes I throw a singularity or two) but it's hard to aim well the PoT powers without CCing one or two of the tank's adds and keep his PoT active. Tachyon burst is problematic due to his wonderful 4 hard stun, and even gravitronic field CC one enemy and that one may blink and escape tank's control.

    I haven't got any complaints about that, yet, but I'm trying to get a strategy to avoid that happen.
  14. Judgmental Jolt Well-Known Player

    Most tanks don't have an issue if the adds are already in the position that he or she wants them to be in. In fact, many tanks will be thankful. If it's a matter of POT, you can actually turn and face the opposite direction IF it comes down to that. However, most of the time one add isn't a big deal. As a general rule, just make sure the tank has the enemies where the tank physically wants the enemies and then you shouldn't have to worry too much
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  15. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Another solution with casting P0T is to pan down to the ground.
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  16. metalfenix Committed Player

    thanx for the advice people. Everytime I see a tank in an alert (or on the 3 raids I barely participated) I try my best to help them out. Poor fellas have to endure too much crap already.
  17. ChicagoGuy33 Active Player

    I tried munitions out today not bad power at all but it's something about quantum that I can't let go. I'm just mad I wasted 20 dollars trying it out. To be honest I'm commenting because I couldnt find your thread in the guide and wanted to keep it alive. I don't want this thread to die down I believe its alot more to be learn with this power, well for me at lease. Absolix did you try that new rotation out yet? Not rushing just wondering also did you try munitions out.
  18. Absolix Loyal Player

    I've only been able to get on a little since Munitions hit live, so I've only gotten to level 10. Not really enough to get a real impression of it so far, but I'm looking forward to playing around with 'Splosion and Mini Nuke. I like a good explosion is they can make it feel impressive.

    The rotation works with the timing with the PI, but half of it has to have no delay to work. I'm still looking at the timing on Warp Barrage, and what is the best option if a delay happens, knockback, have to block, etc, before I start to put it in the guide.
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  19. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    go with distortion wave, a buddy of mine who uses that as a troll keeps things locked down for ever it seems.
  20. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    here's my DPS loadout and rotation I've been beating other quantums, munitions and celestial DPS who are 115cr in damage by 4mil while im only CR113.


    time bomb
    tachyon burst
    warp barrage
    time shift
    tachyon blast
    temporal vortex


    time bomb > tach burst > time shift > tach blast > time bomb > warp barrage > time shift > tach blast

    srry I may have the names in wrong order xD

    but for the SC use I do this:

    time bomb > tach burst > tach blast > temp vortex

    at CR113 with 7679 might I've seen 90k on the SC rotation, and on the 1 above I have seen 25k-30k norm crits, and 40k-50k for the "rarer" crits.