Space and Time - The Quantum Guide Part II

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  1. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    btw..just did a test of sorts with my Q and Ice toon soloing strykers...tried your load and it works just wondering why Ice had it so much there that much difference between powers or was it just I wasnt used to Q and not getting the rhythm right?? ty asnswer
  2. Mazahs Loyal Player

    No Ice after 3clips is instant max damage with AG
    With Q you have to load each TBomb with three powers or 2 with PI.

    Ice vs Q in same hands is no contest, unless in long drawn out fights.
  3. Absolix Loyal Player

    Ice's advantage is the speed at which it can get its damage out. Quantum takes 4 seconds to get the first burst of damage from a Time Bomb, while Ice only takes one second before it starts to put out a steady stream of damage with Arctic Gust or Avalanche.

    This is especially noticeable when enemies have low health and die quickly, like solo and duo content.
  4. Dr Petros Well-Known Player

    Hey all,

    Recently I've been playing around with a battle troll loadout for my quantum toon and I'm liking the way it works out. I just wanted to see if anyone else is running anything similar and if there might be any modifications/improvements that can or should be made.

    My loadout is:
    1: Distortion Wave
    Destabilizes and stuns, Returns power/damage with Time Bomb (5), Sets up PI for Warp Barrage (3) and Tachyon Blast (4)
    2: Temporal Extortion
    Gives power out, Buffs Might
    3: Warp Barrage
    Returns power/damage with Time Bomb (5)
    4: Tachyon Blast
    Returns power/damage with Time Bomb (5)
    5: Time Bomb
    Starts AM, Main damaging power for quantum
    6: Event Horizon
    Power back/shielding supercharge

    My rotation (though it varies depending on how my power bar looks) is:
    Time Bomb (5)
    Distortion Wave (1)
    Clip with Temporal Extortion (2)
    Warp Barrage (3)
    Tachyon Blast (4)
    Clip with Temporal Extortion (2)

    (I realize Time Bomb (5) is in a weird place but after trying several different orders for the powers, this was the easiest setup for clipping I could find on PC. It takes a little while to get used to it but works well.)

    If my power is running low, Temporal Extortion (2) is usually the cause and I can either run my loadout excluding either one or more uses of Temporal Extortion (2) or activate Event Horizon (6) (usually after activating a vitalization trinket). (Though Temporal Extortion (2) is a Time-Tree Power, it is not a damaging power so it does not give power back when Time Bomb (5) is active.) I will warn you, it is a bit tight squeezing all those powers into the Time Bomb (5) window and the timing on some of the stuff takes a bit of practice.

    When I go down my skill trees, I try to prioritize damage crits, might, vitalization, and power, grabbing both vit/power and might/prec from the weapon masteries at the bottom. I also run a vitalization trinket instead of the usual dps trinket, though you could probably go either way on this.

    From my experience, this loadout gives significant power back, enough to keep most people powered up during an alert, though it struggles a bit in raids as a solo troll (it is also obviously lacking PoT and Debuffs). Thanks to the Might boost, however, it deals damage very close to on par with a straight DPS loadout.

    Also I have found it to be quite effective as a sort of assistant troll in raids, particularly keeping the troll powered up while giving a bit of extra power out to the rest of the group, and pumping out some damage at the same time.

    Please try it out and let me know what you think! I'm always up for suggestions!

  5. Dene Devoted Player

    I have only just started using the single sparring target to test QuantumLOs (I know i am late lol) and nearly ever Quantum loadout i try seems to peak at 6k but fluctuates as low as 4500 :( - granted this does not include SCs and it is hard to test finishers doing under the 35% sometimes - on the multiple target i get 10k sometimes
  6. light FX Steadfast Player

    Same for me. No matter what loadout i use the results are the same and ive gotten at high as 14k per on the 3 dummies and as low as 6k. But the 14k and 6k were using the same loadout/rotation. The only thing consistent about quantum is how inconsistent it is. I too hit the 3 dummies for 10-12k sometimes with energy expulsion when the dummies have full health.

    Ive said this numerous time on the forums already, there is no consistency with quantum. The PIs dont seem to matter at all. People keep saying the powerset is fine yet no one has shown a loadout/rotation that is keeping up with some of the stronger powersets since the revamp. Something is clearly wrong with the powerset when it comes to pftt. And the only thing i can think of is the PIs are somehow broken. Because atm i play 5 other powers and none of em work like this.

    Applying the PI and using abilities that benefit from that PI should always yield higher dmg then picking any 6 random powers for your loadout that apply no PIs, different PIs, or have abilities that dont benefit from the PI you're using. And currently with quantum today i used 6 abilities and none of them applied a PI. Then i did a straight gravtion loadout, 1st ability applied the PI and the next 4 benefit from it plus the sc. And i did basically the same dmg with both loadouts/rotations. That should never happen. And until someone shows it keeping up with the stronger powersets i stand by my statement that something is wonky with the powerset atm.
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  7. light FX Steadfast Player

    I should also add to this^ that i see the same thing when doing hybrid also. Atm i have a hybrid armory and a pftt armory for quantum dps. Sorry for the 2nd post. Edit time ran out.
  8. Dene Devoted Player

    I am experiencing similar - It almost feels like there is a cap on it all. I tried the Grav PI but no Time Bomb and that actually seemed to flow better but with no difference in damage.

    I even got better results by using heat vision as a 3 second cooldown power to replace one of 2 I was using - but that benefit didn't last long in longer fights or on adds as it seemed to slow things down and made the whole rotation feel clunky.

    The finisher seems ok though. But it is not like you can use that a lot - although i do sneak it in on nearly dead add every now and then with fast results. With the SC, what is the point of it ? Takes so long to build and feels very weak. Been wondering if I should try the other smaller dmg SC but haven't tried it yet. So now I run with no SC.

    The basics of what I do right now, I think is similar to what a few are doing, Apply PI > 2 x 3 sec cool down Grav Powers > Insp wave a few times then all over again. With finisher + Quantum Tunnelling

    I think some use Robot Sidekick but I prefer no pets so would lose in that way
  9. Dene Devoted Player

    Hybrid is something I want to look at in the future - but was really hoping i could stay with pftt
  10. light FX Steadfast Player

    Im doing graviton too. Singularity for adds to apply then lift, alcuberr, inspiral, finisher and oblivion. For boss fights i replaced sing with grav well. Also sometimes replacing lift with time bomb in raids. Doesnt matter tho. Does pretty much the same. Hybrid is no different. Ive tried 75% of the weapons, WM and no WM and every possible loadout. Same results as pftt.

    Here is how i know something is wrong. If an earth player takes jackhammer out of their loadout they see a significant drop in dmg out. I see this with other powersets too.Earth is just an example. But i can use anything with quantum and it doesnt seem to matter. But u know according to some quantum is fine :rolleyes: This is a guide so dont want it derailed buts its become tiresome being told your wrong by people who dont play quantum and cant back up their claims. Just putting this info out there and hoping it gets looked into. Steve if u or anyone else would like to discuss quantum further with me please feel free to pm me.
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  11. light FX Steadfast Player

    Ok so whole buncha #s and loadout/rotations about to come your way. This is just what i did today. Spent the last 4 hours or so doing this. I threw out all my old data and decided to start over. Bare in my mind some of these rotations/loadouts are very simple 1234 pftt. Its because over the next few days im going through as many of em as possible with quantum. And i will post them all.

    All of these were done with 30 sec parses with a troll. Did 25 parses for each one. My might is 16,193. I averaged the #s because its way too many #s to post.

    Singularity>lift>Awave>inspiral waves -9,743 per second
    Singularity>lift>Awave>grav bomb -9,684 per second
    Grav well>lift>Awave>inspiral -10,392 per second
    Anomaly>DisWave>warp barrage>tachy blast -9,499 per second
    Time shift>DisWave>warp barrage>tachy blast -9,562 per second

    These above are 1234 rotations. With energy expulsion as the finisher and oblivion as sc.

    Grav well>TB>Awave>Inspiral waves x2>Awave>inspiral is the rotation -10,963 per second
    Grav well>TB>DisWave>Tachy blast x2>DisWave>tachy blast is the rotation -9,803 per second
    Grav well>TB>Awave>Inspiral>tachy blast>inspiral>tachy blast x2 is the rotation -10,324 per second

    Hybrid with dual wield>explosive shot mastery. The hold x2. Prec stat was 6703 and might was 16,193.

    Grav well>warped reality>TB>Diswave>WM>Awave>WM is the rotation -10,463 per second
    Grav well>TB>Awave>WM>inpsiral waves>Awave is the rotation -10,237 per second

    Hybrid using solar flame clip with same prec/might #s
    Grav well>warped reality>TB>solar flame>Awave>solar flame>Inpsiral>solar flame>Awave is the rotation -9,981 per second
    Grav well>TB>solar flame>Awave>solar flame>inpsiral>solar flame>Awave>solar flame is the rotation -9,899 per second

    Back to pftt

    Grav well>TB>inspiral wave spam -10,003 per second.

    Did all of this today just to get some #s out there. Have many more loadouts/rotations to do. This above starts off with some simple easy ones and has some different ones too plus some hybrid. I also wanna say the ones that use gravity well/TB seem a lot better for bosses. On low level adds in hallways and such the adds die too quickly imo to make TB worth it. Some of these rotations seem great on the dummies but dont translate to content well and vice versa. I have used all of these above in content.

    Some of the easier 1234 ones were to show the dmg being done by a quick simple PI rotation. Only used 2 weapons and a few rotations for hybrid and there is obviously a lot more to try.

    Will post more 2mor and over the next few days. Like i said just wanted to get some #s out there because i see so many claims from so many people but no one seems to have any #s. Remember too, all of this^ above is a starting point for what im doing. Any questions please feel free to ask. Constructive criticism is fine and suggestions for any loadouts/rotations for me to parse are great. Any name calling or hostility will result in being ignored. Thanks.
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  12. Dene Devoted Player

    thanks for all your efforts.. will play around in content with some of these.. feel like changing to light.. as i am losing my will lmao
  13. light FX Steadfast Player

    Yea its getting frustrating. And i find it odd people are saying quantum can parse 15k per. I of course didnt do every loadout yet or every wpn. But i certainly see a pattern for dmg out.
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  14. Dene Devoted Player

    i'm stubborn.. i want pftt only

    just did WC & SJ - Anomaly>DisWave>>tachy blast with 50% sc - with finisher and QT

    actually did well against an earth, leaguemate, with similiar might - i used the 50% a LOT because it built up so quickly.. in raids might be better i use oblivion.. but i am trying to work out the maths of the numbers e.g. 1x oblivion or 3x temp vortex per boss.. but then that technically = 1x oblivion and 2 at final boss... if the regeneration of SC is same

    hope that makes sense lol
  15. light FX Steadfast Player

    Yea it does. What im noticing is certain loadouts work better in alerts, in open world/solos/duos, and in raids. Having to constantly change my loadout is tedious imo. Especially when we have armories.

    And when parsing i keep seeing a cap or diminishing returns once ya reach a certain might #. Even drank a nitro and had the buff from the troll and my dmg didnt go up when parsing. Something is not right. And the players shouldnt be the ones having to find this stuff out either. Especially when my nature toon has pretty much 2k less might and parses for almost twice as much then quantum. But sure everything is balanced right? :rolleyes: Im beyond frustrated and sick of hearing from people who have a bias towards nature saying its fine. Compared to quantum its definitely not. At least when parsing its not. And i hear a lot of the testing was done at the 3 dummies for damage potential.

    Id love to see someone do a video nature vs quantum when parsing like kaiser007 used to do. Of course that isnt gonna happen tho. Cause people would have to show their cia approved loadout and/or be proven wrong.
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  16. Dene Devoted Player

    As I have said, in the past.. Water is the focus now.. so even something as point blank correct, that you have tested/concluded wont get a look at for a long time

    and all this capping nonsense.. if i can get my might to 20k i want it to be viable and worth it
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  17. Dene Devoted Player

    I recently acquired the tachyon blast white head power back mod.. so my loadout for destabilising stays for now.. just gotta gotta work out which SC has viability and if i need to swap it out for the other re : content i'm doing at the time
  18. light FX Steadfast Player

    I was gonna do more destabilized in content today. Plus a bunch of parsing again too.
  19. Dene Devoted Player

    I do not know why - but in solo outdoor missions it speeds things up compared to grav...

    e.g. distortion wave after anomaly, at any range, seems to to hit harder than say sing + a wave at close/mid range
  20. light FX Steadfast Player

    Just ran both alerts as hybrid. Doing grav well>warped reality. Solar flame clip lift solar flame clip Awave. Just testing it out. 16k might and 6700 prec. All league mates so no need to block out names. But we were all testing builds/specs. So this might not indicate anything other then dmg out vs time in the instance.
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