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    I was with you until "none". This was the problem with the old system. We are subscribing members and only got to get useful stuff from the last 2-3 DLCs....now we get useful stuff, but lose all those stats we grinded for. Daybreak has this nasty habit of 1 step forward, 1 step back or in the case of the omnibus clamping system with source marks...1 step forward 2 steps back. Daybreak is under the delusion it's a good idea because they were suckered and mislead by the crowd that wanted clamping and kept saying what a good idea it was.
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    devinitively: we need a raise in max sp...
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    Whats the problem? You said you wanted to show your progression and you do get to show that in a optional un-clamped version. Why do you need rewards for 1 shotting a raid boss you severely outgear?
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    You don't NEED rewards for anything in the true sense of the word. But I want rewards because I'm paying for the content and I spent time however little it may have been.
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    No. No rewards at all.
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    The rewards would probably be things you would want to dispose of anyway. I end up deleting half the stuff that drops unless it’s a piece of furniture or some plans I can sell lol. At this point in the game play as of 07 Sept, 2021, all I am working on is prestige for my league.
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    Well, while we at it I have an even better I idea and I think its something you're going to like since you haven't liked my other one. Lets clamp all content, not just old, but everything everywhere. And since after that their will be no need for extra stats because everyone will have the same, lets remove skill points since they're super difficult to get and they'll be useless anyways under my new system. And since everyone will have the same stats I think its only natural the same styles should go along with it, so everyone will have the same styles.

    Yes of course this is reductio ad absurdum.

    Clamping content is a fail and it will blow up in the devs face just like CR differential did. Remember CR differential? You know how it came along? It came along because a few people, the vocal minority complained how hard SP is to get. So the devs did CR differential. The devs have this nasty habit of conflating the vocal minority with a popular opinion because of all the noise. Mark my words, stat clamping is going to blow up in their face and I'm going to sit on the sidelines with the smuggest look I can possibly muster and watch the fireworks and say the 4 words I love saying...I told you so.

    On a more serious note, let me illustrate my point with an example of where the vocal minority can change everything and all it takes is the other 100% being wishy washy enough to go along because its easier to go along than it is to go against the prevailing winds. And this kind of thing is happening all over the world right now.

    You have a family; a mom, dad and 3 kids; joe, jane and spot. Jane is a 14yr old girl who decides that she is now a vegetarian and will only eat vegetarian. Now the mom has a 2 choices make 2 meals 1 vegetarian and 1 non or make 1 vegetarian meal and everyone will now eat vegetarian because its easier to make 1 meal vs 2. Of those 5 people only 1 was a vegetarian and now she changed the 100% and all it took was her being very committed and vocal and the other 80% being wishy washy and just went along so as to not create a problem. Now imagine that family has a get together with 2 other families and the original family says to the other 2 "we're only eating vegetarian because of our daughter" and now the host has 2 choices (The same 2 choices I said earlier). And since its easier to fix 1 vs 2 meals....the 1 person, the vocal minority changed how everyone ate. And this is happening right now in today's world and its happening in our little corner of the gaming world.

    At the end of the day, I'm right. Its only going to take time for people to realize how foolish stat clamping on a broad scale was. I only wish those people would realize it sooner.

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    The issue arises when we see for as long as I can recall, players have begged for relevancy to be removed...myself included. In the world we live in..there is no benefit that comes without a cost of some type.

    In this particular case, the "price" was having older content clamped. I use the phrase "price" loosely here. If you've put in the work..it still pays dividends. Your stats will be higher as someone with 600 sp and 200 arts at 341 then someone who is a 341 with 250 sp and 140 arts.

    On the flip side, we get full rewards for everything now.....literally everything. I understand that not everyone plays the same or has the same definition of fun. For me, one shotting things is fun for all of five minutes. I prefer to be challenged. Oh but wait. If you want to be challenged, take off some gear. Wellll that's a fine idea you have there. However, I prefer to be rewarded for overcoming my challenges. Is there satisfaction in just getting it done? Absolutely. I don't play to stroke my ego and that's essentially one of(not the only) reason people have to complain about.

    But I forgot, at the end of the day..you are right and everyone else is wrong. Got it. Lol.

    Anyway, that's the last you'll hear from me in the subject. Fun, rewards, progress..all subjective and people will never be 100% agreeable to what they mean.
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    i got close to 600sp (soon) and i think it shows when playing clamped stuff (the lower the CR, the more gain from it),
    also, i found artifacts make a huge difference now, compairing lvl80 to lvl200 (if the have a good effect for at lvl200).
    not sure about allies, since i only use the HOL bot for damage, calculator and oracle for theyr passives (not unlocked).

    note: i HATE the ally system and i am NOT GOING TO SPEND ANY MONEY on that, so... i take my time on it.
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  12. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Idk, I still feel like my 150sp 341 toon with 120 artis is just as strong as my 346 515sp 200 arti main while clamped. They both melt anything just as fast as ever and any of my toons has tripled damage out of the pugs I've run with. Basically, I feel like sp and artis aren't adding much to my clamped output.
  13. stärnbock Devoted Player

    to be honest, i havent run any char with low level artis and sp to compair with.
    it was just the feeling i got, when looking at the chart in the end of omnis lately.
    normally, i suck as dps, yet in omnies, it is hard to tell hwo i get grouped with.
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    Seeing as how the green and blue gear has been nothing but salvage for my main (since he has Elite gear from the last episode), and Purple gear does not drop often enough....so a shortened CR increase would suck big time.

    I get what your argument has been, but even if you feel that this current progress path is just an "illusion", the fact is that capping out at any number will leave an overwhelming majority of players wholly unsatisfied and unmotivated. Way more than the shock of the stat clamp.
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    Well, we wouldn't want that
  16. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Right now you have a small vocal minority that are voicing how pissed off they are, so much so that they aren't even trying to look at the big picture. Then you have the majority who may or may not be equally upset...but because they refuse (for whatever reason) to voice their feelings on things, so their thoughts barely count (except for the few speaking with their wallets). Amongst that majority are people who aren't as upset, and who might be curious to see how this all works out. As bad as things may seem to you, this pales in comparison to the crapstorm that would come if they did something as crazy as halting all further progression (even if it's just gear CR numbers). So yeah....no matter how salty you're feeling, we wouldn't want that.
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  17. stärnbock Devoted Player

    if stuff gets old, i often don´t feel like playing it anymore, for the reason that i have allready done everything in most cases. well, exept i get asked to help out others of course. the fact that i can feel at least a little bit more challenged now in old content is giving the game a fresh new breeze. and when devs actually make it to the point, that long instances are giving the rewards they should for the lenght an instance takes to complete, i am happy to play stuff like wayward souls for example... hell, even the paradox wave is a challenge again, and i think it should be... however: it is not as hard as it was once, because we now have artifacts, much more skillpoints etc. wich is a good thing to me. hopefully, they get it right this time, fixing the rewards as they planned. i have trust in the devs (for once). to the point of grinding gear in endgame: it doesn´t feel as if anything would have changed at all, when looking at the progression you get, making endgame much smoother when maxed out... at least for the last three episodes, i feel progression is making a difference. as i have said at the beginning: i dont realy play older content much, but when i do, it is way more interesting than how it was before... also noteworthy; each DLC is packed with new feats, raising stats further and they are making a difference, wich is the way to go IMO thats why this thread exists.