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  1. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Ok, two DLC's from now (ep.43) go in to ep.43 content with 340 CR, see how that works out for you. Note, you'll have to actually gear up to meet the minimum CR. But make sure you keep your 340CR gear in the bank so that you can put it on after queuing in and see just how ineffective you'd be.

    Edit: What am I saying, you don't have to wait. Just grind wonderverse for a bit and get gear from there so you can lower your CR to 315-320. Then go in to Flashpoint raids or the upscaled FOS. You'll see how CR matters.
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  2. Tiffany6223 Committed Player

    No no no, what I am saying Daybreak just caps off the max CR for gear now at whatever CR345, any stat gains going forward into the new future DLC would come from SP, Artifacts, Augments and maybe the Allies. Otherwise in a few years we will be what, CR500? I thought the stats clamp wanted to stop that from happening? Otherwise we are just chasing our own tails here.
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    from 2012
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    Huh? Max CR has always had a cap for every DLC. This DLC is a little different in that the progression has been halved. But that's a completely independent thing from that non-endgame stat clamp. We have no reason to believe that future DLC's won't go back to the same degree of CR progression every recent DLC before this one had.
  5. Tiffany6223 Committed Player

    Whatever I’ll enjoy my CR500 by this time next then for the 3 end game dcls at the time
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  7. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I think you misunderstood what the point of the stats clamp is.

    We get better gear each new episode because each new episode comes with more difficult content and also prepares us for the following episode. The stats on our gear account for the majority of our total combined stats. SP, Artifacts, Augments and everything else are just extra stats to chase. For what you're suggesting would require another balance pass and that isn't going to happen.

    The purpose of the stats clamp is to prevent over-geared characters from strong arming old content. The stats clamp doesn't apply to the whole game however so you can still over gear and go back to play the last few recent episodes.
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  8. stärnbock Devoted Player

    yes. according to that, we should get an increase in max sp of at least five... wich we didnt get... don´t you think?
  9. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    They originally weren't going to update the cap on augments until someone asked. No one asked about the SP cap.
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  10. stärnbock Devoted Player

    now, i did... here you go devs ^^´
  11. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    You're going to have to wait till next episode.
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  12. Doctor Nova Devoted Player


    Sorry to use gifs, it simply seems some users are illiterate and can't see boss attacks expressed in word in the text box with yellow text and in the middle of the screen. Probably not the DCUO user that could find his/her way to a game forum, but who knows. Maybe they can. Maybe they are the resourceful ones.

    If there is a lack of language translation going on, shame on SOE/Daybreak/Whatever
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  13. Shalayah Committed Player

    Considering you can severely outdps players with similar gear stats. This doesn’t really prove the point. I mean you’re definitely right that gear matters however your ability to outdps players isn’t really that dependent on gear. It’s moreso about everything else lol.

    There are probably some low level minimums outdpsing players that are overgeared now that they’re clamped. Wouldn’t even be surprised.
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  14. Lightnings Revenge Committed Player

    We need a reset on sp because from the first-ever content to current there is too much sp to earn. esp for new players and returning. I already have a thread of how sp boost should work. 300sp is what every lower person show be brought up to for a fresh start and for growth's sake.

    edit: Skill points are a pain! | DC Universe Online Forums (daybreakgames.com)
  15. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    This is basically what Tiffany is saying...

    Why even have gear at this point?...why even have stats at all?...why don't they just make everyone the same level...and everything you fight the same level...you'll just fight different looking enemies that's all...they'll never have to adjust any numbers

    For all intents and purposes that's what they're doing...if the whole game is clamped..you'll never be stronger in any tier of the game than the clamp allows...what miniscule stat gains from SP?.. Artifacts that max out?..c'mon...power growth is gone..might as well just make everyone the same level at this point

    can't see how that might piss people off that have been playing a game that's been the exact opposite for a decade? All the time and effort they've put in just to be forced to be clamped to same clamp/stats as everyone else..

    If the intent is to cater to new players..just remove it all..that's basically what this is anyway

    If you're for the clamp that's basically what you're saying anyways..so **** it..just get rid of stats altogether..play the entire game at the same level
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  16. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    For all intents and purposes, endgame is always clamped...you can only advance as far as the newest gear etc allows..

    When you clamp everything in the game below endgame..the whole game becomes clamped...you'll never really go further..you'll think you are..because you're getting new gear with green numbers..but once you have all of the highest gear, etc..that's it..you'll feel a little more powerful in the content from the 2 DLCs below the brand new content for a little while..but not more than the limit allows..then another piece of new content comes and one of those DLCs drops out of endgame.. and you'll actually be weaker in it than you were before..IT'S THE ILLUSION OF PROGRESSION..but in actuality you'll never be able to be more powerful in any content..those green numbers don't actually mean anything anymore..because you're not getting any more powerful in any content than what is allowed

    Endgame has a limit...it is the limit..you can't go any further..if everything else is clamped...the progress you think you are making is just an illusion..basically you're just playing everything in the game at the same level all the time...

    Might as well just remove gear and stats altogether...there is really no point...just an illusion to keep you playing but more importantly..paying..

    This is what the clamp is plain and simple..playing the entire game at the same level all the time
  17. Proxystar #Perception

    I understand entirely the premise of what you're trying to say, but there's no evidence, yet, that you'll feel weaker when something drops out of end game, the first instance of this is going to be Wonderverse and it will be at that time, we'll see exactly what sort of impact the clamp will have on the feel of content and "powerfulness" when something first becomes clamped.

    I appreciate your pessimism and despite being happy with where the older content sits within its clamps (I've not come across an outlier yet, personally) I do share some pessimism about it, but am just at this stage waiting to see where the cards fall first when it actually happens before getting any rage on :)
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  18. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    How DARE you be reasonable on an internet forum?!?!?! :eek:

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  19. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    This is never going to happen as people have paid real money for sp through time capsules

    They could change the way we receive sp going further could be removing sp gains through feats and moving it to how
    We gained sp before level 30 (hit a specified xp by playing the game some things reward more xp than others …. And you get a skill point for each level of xp

    And make feats now reward special visual aids for feat completion bragging rights

    I’ve mentioned it a few times I feel like the more time you spend in game fighting stuff is what should reward skill points rather the. Feats

    Elite raids would of course reward the most xp towards gaining sp

    And go down the line from there

    They can also to help speed new comers along have specific levels of sp gets you more xp

    Like say you are a fresh level 30 and only have like 80 sp (hypothetically) you would gain more xp than say someone who is at 280 sp running the same instance …to help build up new players faster but gradually the xp would have diminishing returns as you gain more

    The more time you put into the game more sp you have seems fair

    On top of this they could make it alt friendly and allow you to share your sp across alts

    That way people who want to use alts can and the only thing they would
    Have to build up is their augments and gear (art artifacts traceable from character to character after you’ve equipped them?) if not then that’s another thing you’d have to build up on an alt

    Make cash account shared across alts as well I say (off topic)

    Personally this is the way I think they should go with sp

    I know this won’t be a popular opinion to some but I feel it would be the most fair

    I’m not saying make feats useless they could easily attached really cool stuff to them to make people want to complete them….
    Rewards could be
    Unique styles:iconic styles

    Stuff to show off your greatness

    How this may effect them when it comes to replay badges

    Simple fix for losing replay sales fir sp, monetize the crap out of it if they want by selling xp boosters in market place (which I think they already have) sell a 2x/3x/4x boost (hypothetical) that lasts 30-60

    They can cap the amount of sp you use each dlc if they want yo sorta control the strength of characters

    Just an idea
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  20. Proxystar #Perception

    Yeah, honestly I'm as much surprised as you are. :p
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