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  1. ALB Dedicated Player

    The hardest hitting pet with shard is Brick. I ran with a couple of tanks earlier and they were nice. One tank did high damage and stayed alive. The other was getting mollywapped by adds because he was a full pet build.
    I would still give fury the most potential, because you can do 2 big hits while the shard us up, but just in pure damage, brick is it.
    I will soon be leveling another Shard up for my battle tanking(esrth)
    I already have 2.
    One each for my earth and sorcery pet build dps.

    Not to turn this into a complaint post, but damn, Artifacts and allies need to be account bound.
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    I wouldn't say Brick is a hard hitting pet and remember all Source Shard really does is amplify the damage output, the damage output from Crystal and RSK are going to be higher and therefore higher again as a result of Source Shard, the reason however people Battle tank with Brick is because you obviously can't battle tank with Crystal - certainly not with the same level of effectiveness.

    Brick is there to supplement your Battle Tank build in a way that is similar to using him to pure Brick tank and I run a Battle tank build with Brick, it could be considered a full pet build, however being mollywapped by adds would certainly not the objective, I'd hazard a guess if you've seen that, the person was either having a 'moment' or it's probably because the balance between survival and damage isn't right.

    In terms of artifacts I was running Grim, Quislet, Source Shard, although I've dropped Grim and replaced it with Clarion recently.

    In Omnibus content I can basically get away with having no shield at all with Clarion and in most content I might only need Gemstone if one is needed. The Clarion has perfectly supplemented my battle tank build, especially being precision based in my opinion, because you're motivated to run the weapon buff in any case.

    Occasionally I might switch an artifact to something like the manacles it just really depends how much damage I'm expecting to encounter, but generally speaking I'm gearing towards pets, because my pets are where I'm gaining a lot of damage back where I've otherwise set stats into defensive requirements.

    In saying that I have seen numerous Battle tanks also fail, so it does take a bit of experimentation, you have to want to do it. :)
  3. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Never tried it with brick. My fury hits just under 200k ST for a buffed offering. Should be 200k+ shortly with cr climbing. Ran with my usuals in the new raid without a buff troll and it’s impressive. Ran with a buff troll and it’s plenty viable. That’s basically the difference. Pet builds are great without a buff troll so pug runs/ solos/duos/alerts, it’s super strong. Running with a great buff troll, it starts to fall behind. Plus it splits pretty terribly once there’s more than 3 targets so some fights are worse than others.
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  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Yeah, it's not like a pet build is "particularly meta". Despite the fact it certainly has some pros in certain circumstances, even take for example the fact your pets are going to continue when you stop, it definitely can and does fall away in other scenarios and aspects.

    There's definitely some fun to be had with a pet build, it's definitely increasingly more viable than it once was, but is it absolutely the best way to be doing damage in the game, debatable maybe, but probably, in fact almost certainly not.

    Edit; also I find Fury to be Stronger than its earth counter part (being Crystal) just saying :p, Earth also lacks some decent spam moves that Sorcery can benefit from in a pet type build
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  5. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Pretty much. I will say, as I always do, if a player is low sp then they should be rockin a pet build till they get their stats up. Just chase cr and use pets and do pretty dang well. Buff trolls do help pet players with plenty of the toons regular attacks so personally, I’ll just lay back on focusing on my pets and do more of my own attacking if running with one. But yea, viable but not meta by any means.
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  6. Proxystar #Perception

    in that same vein I have to say, it's also possibly a good call for a low SP, new player, to also make their pet build precision. despite getting the power penalty, which can eventually be removed if you go Grim, will still be easier than dealing with trying to pull off an optimal might rotation when you lack the sufficient power.

    There's nothing worse than being a might based damage dealer suffering from a lack of power, then being effectively unable to do damage as a result of having no power, not only is it ineffective, it's entirely deflating when you realise there's nothing you can do and then worse yet, blame your controller if its group content or struggle to finish something solo or a duo.

    If you go precision you can focus on powering your pet and it costs nothing to throw your weapon.

    If you're new I really do recommend this type of build until you have more SP, you have artifacts up and more stats because if you're going might, the difference between the high SP, high gen mods, high artifacts is truly night and day in terms of performance, feel and subsequently player satisfaction.
  7. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Brick is not the hardest hitting pet with shard lol. All source shard does is amplify the damage they do. Crystal, fury, and robot sidekick all do more damage than brick
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  8. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I'm going to assume he meant to say Crystal and not Brick.
  9. ALB Dedicated Player

    It's a statement that could cure 75% of the problems of the world. That world charging statement contains 3 words.
    "I Don't know".
    That's it.
  10. ALB Dedicated Player

    Have you tested brick? Brick does more damage than Crystal.
    Before you take it anywhere else, I mean Brick while the earth is in tank.
    Anyway, follow my other post to the other person who don't know
  11. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Yes I did test it. It does not do more damage
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  12. Trexlight Devoted Player

    If Brick is doing more damage than Crystal, even in Tank Role. Im calling a bug and I'm gonna need to see some footage of this. An OBChill video would do as well as I remember he messed with Pet stuff before. Source Shard being a Damage increase only, it sounds like the Earth tank is surviving because its killing faster, not because of anything Tank related since Shard only increases damage.
  13. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Brick and Crystal have different attacks depending on whether you are a Tank or a DPS... Brick damage as a DPS is very weak compared to Crystal...but as a Tank, Brick is much stronger than as a DPS (as a DPS he uses taunt attack, as a tank he uses Jackhammer ). Each individual tick of Jackhammer is definitely weaker than Crystal's main attack (Striking Stones) but in total Jackhammer does more damage....
  14. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    If you use Brick in the DPS role, then he will be much weaker than Crystal, but in the role of a tank it will be the other way around, and this is not a Bug, just Crystal and Brick (as well as the sorcerer's pets, they also use different attacks depending on the role) use different attacks depending on the role...
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  15. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Oh for sure thats the obvious thing and how it should work but I'll stil la bit argue if Brick does more damage in Tank role than Crystal does in DPS. Thats where I was going. And this is on a damage thing as Shard is involved, not really the utilization of the Pet in its Role.
  16. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Jackhammer is a continuous attack that replaces Brick's regular attacks, each Jackhammer hit is on average stronger than normal attacks and there is no break in them, so Brick is able to better utilize the buff from Shard, Crystal does his big attack, then moves on to normal attacks ...
    I wouldn't say that Brick is stronger than Crystal, it's just that it utilizes the buff better in an ideal situation (very often he is dumb and unable to fully use the buff from the shard)...(between the buffs from the Shard, Crystal does more damage than Brick).. .
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  17. Leonite Well-Known Player

    I would just like to echo what the others have said already -- godwave strength just buffs the normal damage from pets. So if a pet does more damage against another without shard, it would be the same with the shard - the artifact won't change that.

    This is why I avoid comparisons on artifacts that has some randomness in it. Godwave has two: one is obviously the chance to refresh its own cooldown and the other being the "chance" that the pet would do its high damage attack while godwave is active.
  18. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    That's what I whisper to myself when I read your posts.
  19. ALB Dedicated Player

    Funny, I never read yours
  20. ALB Dedicated Player

    Brick in Earth tank role does more damage than Crystal. Use to be the same with Guardian in all roles ve Fury. Guardian dis more without offering.
    I have a PS4. If I knew how to record, I would ahow it.
    Allowing Brick and Crystal ti perform their bid attack with Godwave Strength;
    Crystal did- 21007/s - 210069 total
    Brick did- 25643/s - 256426 total.