In Progress Source marks not awarded at CR 276 in Event content

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by Reinheld, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Reinheld Loyal Player

    I have a premium account toon at CR 276 (both the actual and equipped CR) and was running the Metal 2 event content for some 2x source marks. I suppose I never notice because I don't check each run but I checked after the duo and alert and am not getting source marks. As the relevancy on the Even says "CR >276 Thangarian Marks and loot items", it would make sense that 276 would get source marks. So either the instance description is wrong(it's really >275), or the loot is wrong. Could be either issue I suppose, but obviously on 2x weekend it's a bummer if we are supposed to get source at 276.

  2. Proddy Active Player

    I ran content all day yesterday and didn't get double source marks from anything. I was only awarded the normal amount , which sucks since I burned through most everything trying to level up an alt !
  3. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    Normal amount only applies for everything not on-duty, did u run stuff that wasn’t on-duty? Like open worlds?
  4. Critical Massacre Well-Known Player

    I want to say my 220 guy got double for event content but my 290 got nothing not even the normal 10 for dm raid in event.
  5. Proddy Active Player

    Yes , open world . From Atlantis , all the way up to Thanagar.
  6. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

    Not a bug anyone above or at the entry lvl for regular doesnt get source from events
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  7. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Please read my post and the description in the 'on duty' menu. At CR 276 it shows you should get source in the event queue up stuff and would also get it on the open world (that part at least is working correctly). I'm not saying it's the way it should be, just that it says at ">276" is when it's loot and T-marks only. If it's supposed to be ">275", then change it to 275...done.

    BTW as of JLD they started having this 'sweet spot' CR where you would get source and the exobyte drops in the open world AND source marks in event. It was 253 in JLD and 264 in Metal 1. I run a bunch of premium toons that I get to that spot and leave there to milk the source during the event period. Maybe they are changing that this time around....if so, fine, but the on duty description shows different, so it is a the drops or the description, take your pick.

  8. Reinheld Loyal Player

    So I'm assuming this will just go un-looked at. Seems like a simple enough fix, either change the content description to >275 or add the 276 CR to the source loot. 2X source is over, so I guess it's not pressing, but it would be nice if someone with a Green name at least said "whatever" or something. I'll be running enough this weekend with 2x than marks that likely anyone I've got at 276 will go over anyway...just saying it's still listed wrong on the description or in the loot table.

  9. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the report. We'll be fixing the description for the content to match the intended behavior.
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