Sort of new Wanting to main healer.

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  1. II Phantom New Player

    Was wondering are all healers the same?

    But overall water so far looks the most interesting. I prefer to level as a healer even though I know it's going to be alot slower than dps. What's a water might battle healer loadout?
  2. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Any healing power can heal and dps just fine. You just need to find build that work for what you do. And I would not recommend getting into battle healing until you can get comfortable straight healing.

    For healing you generally have 3 basic abilities to use. These are abilities that all healer powers have access too.

    Priority Heal
    Group heal
    Group shield

    After your 3 primary abilities you have 3 slots to flex with.
  3. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I wouldn't level as a healer your just asking to waste your time
    I wouldn't start messing with a role at all until you start running group content after lvl 30
    your gear will be changing constantly from beginning all the way to end game and will generally be a mix of healer or dps gear dependent on what has the highest stats in your drops. at least if your trying to lvl in a reasonable time frame
  4. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Welcome to healing (and DCUO).

    All healing powers are good, and can be used in any content.
    Water is a very versatile power for healing, and as stated by another, you might want to wait to start "healing" until after you start doing group content. You'll always need a bit of a dps side to do solo missions (quicker).

    Battle healing requires a bit more of stat points, so if you're less then 362 stat points, I'd suggest not trying to battle heal just yet. You'll need/want:
    1 point in movement mode
    1 point in super powered
    20 points in critical healing
    40 points in critical healing magnitude
    100 points in resto
    100 points in might/power
    100 points in dominance
    For battle healing.

    There is another thread in this forum section about water healing, that has multiple great loadouts and artifact setups, I would suggest giving that a read, and it'll give you an idea of what to aim for.
  5. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    If you've got your heart set on leveling as a "healer" the whole way, here's my suggestion:
    Artifacts: transformation card, page of destiny, strategist card.
    The transformation and strategist will help with damage, as well as healing.

    For powers I would suggest:
    Tsunami strikes (damages and heals, is a combo power)
    Then hit shark frenzy after every tsunami combo.
    Mending wave (used when needed to heal others).
    Bubble (very good shield for you and 3 others).
    When with a group, solace of the sea will help keep everyone healed, when not with a group, you can replace it with Robot sidekick for extra damage.
    Lastly a Super Charge power (SC). Whirlpool is great for damage, but there are others that work good for healing. So it's a "pick your preference" when leveling and building your character up.
  6. Ergotth Committed Player

    Each Healer power is unique and their abilities can make or break your flow, I have no experience of Water or Nature, but here's what I can help with the others:

    Sorcery - Mildly versatile, the best skills would be Circle of Protection which is a MASSIVE Heal over Time glyph, Watcher which is a decent healing pet to help you with the Offering skill complementing it. SHard of Life can also deal a small, but helpful HoT too.

    Celestial - Definitely have the highest range, heals almost all the way across a room of large sizes but its also the hardest to master due it's Combo mechanics. Here's the hint: The combos are not like the weapon or Lantern where mashing the buttons will do, you have to go with the skill's timing. You use one skill, press one of the combos, and when your hero do a "charge up" animation, you press the second input of the combo. You will want to keep the HoT of Admonish+Blight running all the time, and using other important ones like Light of Saint and Divine Light as the biggest heals.

    Electricity - Potent but short-ranged, stay close to your team. Your bread and butter is keeping Electrogenesis running ALL the time, the HoT aura lasts as long as the cooldown, so keep an eye on it. Galvanize is a great HP filler but short-ranged, use it mingled with your team. Biocapacitor is pretty handy due its special ability, and for the caster only, the barrier will also repel enemies away from you so escape a tight situation.

    As for Artifacts, its also reccomended:
    Healing Purple Light
    Page of Destiny
    Orb of Arion
    Clarion (just tested it out, its pretty good!)
  7. Godtr0n Active Player

    Celestial is also apparently bugged with page of destiny which is always good to know before you pick it
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  8. Tilz Loyal Player

    Sorry, but I have to really disagree here. (I don't go here with my own opinion since it doesn't matter)

    All healing powers have the same range. There are certain skills that work a bit different (Galvanize and Cross Poll). Since stat revamp Electricity and Celestial have the same range. I can't believe ppl still don't know that.

    Sorcery: Yes it's versatile, but offering is actually not a good option. The Group Heal also powers up your Watcher (healing pet). other than that you can run a healing loadout with a pet, but without you have more control about your heals.

    Electricity: It has same range as the other healing powers. Electrogenesis is a bad heal. Its jsut not worth running in endgame content :D :D

    As for Orb Artifact: Ppl don't run it anymore. its often replaced by Trans Card / Scrap / EoG
    So for the OP here is my take:

    Take the healingpower you enjoy most.
    The "meta" for healing is kind of the same for every healingpower and you basically have 1 wildcard in your loadout. Rest is pretty much bread and butter.
    In alerts and normal raids you can play around more.

    Just play what you like :)
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  9. Ergotth Committed Player

    The only spells with same range in all healers are the priority, group heal and barrier, but take for example the Electrogenesis HoT, it will create a healing aura on you and the closest ally, in a raid with 7 players that means "short-ranged", same for Galvanize, it needs some sort of proximity to hit the targets of the healing wave. Same thing about Arc-lightning, the range is decent, but limited and requires an enemy target to kickstart it, but its so satisfying when it heals... As for Celestial, the Admo+blight or even Wrath+Consume HoTs go a LOOOONG way to heal allies. During the Survival Modes boom, this power was almost a meta since people used to split the two bosses to opposite ends of the map and Celestial was the only healer that could consistently heal everyone across the entire map.

    And yes, Sorcery's Group heal will restore some of the Watcher's power, but VERY LITTLE. Plus Offering will also boost the pet's heal and turn it from Priority into Group heal. Stll my Sorcery healer is trying out a build with or without a pet everytime, I've been eplacing Watcher and Offering with Invocation of Renewal, Shard of Life, etc and see what works depending on the situation.

    And why wouldn't Electrogenesis be good? Its the only HoT Elec have and it costs little to just keep it active on you and the closest ally, which will usualy be closer to the rest of the team as well.
  10. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Commenting about the watcher only being a group heal if buffed. Can’t say I’ve ever heard that before now. Is this something you’re sure of? At the moment, a buffed watcher would be doing like 18k heals buffed vs 13k unbuffed. Haven’t paid attention in awhile plus haven’t really been using it since I need the spot for EoGs. The group heal is a 3sec cooldown. You can run the back mod to cut that down and if you use purple healing ray, that resets your group heal on occasion. Your watcher should never be out of power since you should be spamming your group heal due to page of destiny. If you’re healing without page of destiny, then you should still be spamming your group heal to pop the HoT from phr. If you’re also not running that, then why are you healing??? Haha sorta joking but it’s pretty rare to see a healer not using both of those but using neither is like a unicorn sighting at this point. I know because I don’t use either on my water toon and every single person makes a comment.

    Edit: healer range. It’s still a thing but most powers line up now. Some are close range and some are long but prio and group should all be the exact same. As far as sorcery goes, was solo healing a group doing the superior simultaneous feat in fve. Took a bunch of tries to get them to die at all the same time but we kept getting to the end and screwing up so clearly heals weren’t an issue. I stood near the cut scene entrance. We had 3 tanks. 12o clock/3/9 and me at 6. I could barely see them we were so far apart. No issues with range. That’s a big big map. I mean we weren’t surrounding the middle circle. Two tanks were each near the statue sections, I was a few feet in front of the wall at 6 o clock and the last tank was 12 and kiting along that barrrier.
  11. Ergotth Committed Player

    Thats a small mistake of mine, the Watcher can cast Group heal ALL the time, its the default heal, I used to think the Watcher was casting a priority heal and only Group when under Offering. Also, you forget the Watcher takes only 10% of your restoration, so its heals are not gonna be grand, but still, 10% of your resto in continuous ticks for all 4 players as long as you recover some power to it is not a bad trade. Personaly I think they should buff the power regen when you use a group heal and make Offering something else, but on a grand loadout, its still viable to go Shield - Offering - Pet - Group - Prio - Circle. Not to mention all the buffs from Artifacts.

    I literaly can't see myself healing without those artifacts from now on, they are just lifesavers! I'm also enjoying Clarion on my Celestial Healer, on top of Admo+Blight HoT, popping the weapon enhancer and combing with Handblast is really helping keep the team filled up all the time. Plus I always had ONE spare skill slot so I didn't sacrifice any important heal skill to make room for the Weapon.

    (I run Shield - Admo combo for HoT - Weapon - Guardian Light - Prio heal - healing Glyph, alongside Page, Purple and now Clarion, replacing Starheart. Yes, I know Starheart is "lame" but for a class that workls by spamming group heals all the time, it won't do anything but give me SOMETHING extra xD)
  12. Nangaf Well-Known Player

    Why u use offering to get small tick from your pet, offering for sorcery healer is bad, go for soul well if you want small tick, better than offering pet tick

    and for art i change page for clario and it is good, page is good for rescue below 40% but if u never go below 40% page is bad, so i use clario now and never go below 40
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  13. LexxCorp Well-Known Player

    What's the frequency of using them? Do I have to use a priority heal and group heal consistently or mixed them with weapon moves. Sorry, noob question and thanks in advance!
  14. GermanM Committed Player

    What about Transformation Card for healing?
  15. GermanM Committed Player

    With Page of Destiny and Purple Ray i use priority and grup heals a lot, so i can gain the effects of the artifacts. So doit every time you can if you have enough power.

    I use my shields every time i can too.

    I use staff and only have one point here to do range attacks (dont have clarion yet) but i use it mostly because i like it xD.
  16. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    There’s no right way really. In a duo, if you’re healing, a shield and prio is all you’ll need. In an alert, group/ prio/ shield/ pancake or any for of HoT is usually plenty for regular. How often you hit them depends on what you’re doing. And what the team is doing. If you’re using page, you hit group heal as often as possible really. If you’re sorcery with watcher, you literally just keep hitting it especially if page is involved. If everyone’s alive then you’re hitting your powers enough. If there’s dead people everywhere, step up the timing.
  17. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Works well. Not my favorite but does work well. It makes your non crits weaker which is why I don’t love it but crits are great. So it really depends on your powerset. Nature has a lot of tiny heals. I’m sure you’ve seen it where it’s just a flood of green numbers coming off you. Electric also really loves it. I use it on my water healer and it goes great with double puddles. On my sorcery toon, I hate it. Orbs been my go to over it since I’m not giving up page or purple. Tanks health pools are now at least 300k. Fire tanks are in the 600k range. Orb lets me fill a fire tank from almost dead to halfway. My prio crit would be like 50k (?) with trans. That’s a drop in the bucket. It helps with other heals from that powerset tho so again, it works. And it dual roles so saving money is nice. Wouldn’t be my 1st pick for sorcery dps but does decent. Works well on other powersets for both roles. Again, use it on my water toon.

    The new clarion is my probable orb replacement. I’m up in the air but will keep orb till I’m sure. I spec hybrid and weapon tap constantly. If I was electric, I wouldn’t be considering it. And I’d also be specced superpowered. Water can go either way. I’m a dom heavy build that goes for shields and double EoG. So I have time to weapon tap with her. So that’s a possible replacement for her scrap. But only if the weapon taps regen as much super as scrap can and so far from my testing, it can’t. She runs the 5k reset super and blossom so she needs a good amount of super build up.
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  18. Ergotth Committed Player

    Never used it, but i'm not fond of the effect "Gain 20% critical chance and 30% critical magnitude on your attacks and heals. Reduce your total damage and healing done by (21/19/17/15)%."

    I personaly prefer thing to be CONSISTENT, to not rely on criticals and all and just give raw healing as much as I can, so things like Purple, Starheart and even Orion and Clarion are more my cup of tea. But its still something fun to try if you're up for it.
  19. Ergotth Committed Player

    Celestial works great with Clarion. My loadout is now Shield - Admonish+Blight - Weapon Buff - Guardian Light - Prio Heal - Light of Saint. While the Guardian and Saint are the "things went south" emergency heals, you can keep some pretty good healing by just keeping the Admo+Blight HoT going and then Weapon Buff and Hand Blast combos.
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  20. Wallachia Loyal Player

    I strongly recommend not worrying about battlehealing, but, better, healtanking. Every solo content is doable regardless of what you do anyways. I do that myself and it works wonders. So, here's my advice for healtanking:

    1. For weapon, use Hand Blasters, and spec into the combo Tap Range + Tap Range + Hold Range. This combo is extremely power friendly, it will deal acceptable damage, albeit very little, and it will fill around 25% of your power bar. Combo it with a shield for a good refreshment on your power.

    2. Equip 1 priority healing, 1 group healing, 1 allies healing (basically, a power that heals every ally, even npcs and those who are not from your group), 1 group healing, 1 group shield and 1 supercharge, preferentially inclined towards either shield or power regeneration. You will be able to sacrifice most of your power to keep the group alive in clutch situations, which is good, as you will make even the frailest DPS become a minitank.

    I don't know much about water healing, as I prefer celestial, but I think this will help you a lot. Which is ironic, since Celestial is the most battle healing powerset of them all.